Sleeper State Park
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If you are driving across Michigan and looking for a decent park to enjoy nature, Sleeper State Park is a stop you won’t regret making. The park has 723 acres of forest, wetlands, sandy beach and dunes, offering its visitors opportunities for abundant wildlife watching and observing nature in its various forms across the different habitats available at the park.

The park is located on the Saginaw Bay of Lake Huron. This makes it an ideal spot for visitors to observe both sunrises and sunsets on the bay peacefully. The park visitors can also relax in the shade and seclusion of the campground or roam the trails of the ancient dune forests.

If you would like to fish, the park has a seven-state boating access sites, one state dock, and several public fishing piers that are located within a short drive from the park.

When the park first opened in 1925, it was a county park. The park was renamed Huron State Park due to its proximity to the Huron lake when the state acquired the property in 1927. In 1944, the park was renamed again in honor of Albert E. Sleeper, the governor of Michigan (1917-1920) and a resident of Huron County, who signed into law the statute that created the state park system.

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From Bay City, exit I-75 at M-25, go E. 55 miles to park entrance (5 miles E. of Caseville). From Bad Axe, N. on M-53 10 miles, W. on Kinde Rd. 10 miles, N. on State Park Rd. 3.5 miles, and W. on M-25 short distance to park entrance.


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Campgrounds and parking in Sleeper State Park

Campsites in Sleeper State Park

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Sleeper State Park Campground

The campground is located near the lake, offering excellent access to boating, fishing, and paddling opportunities to the park visitors. There are 226 sites, 223 of which are electric. All the campgrounds possess vault toilets and potable water from hand pumps. The maximum number of individuals allowed per campsite is 6. Some sites are electrical sites with 50 amps. Each site contains a fire pit and picnic table.

No more than two vehicles in the primary camping shelter are allowed. Only one trailer, RV or truck camper and one tent are allowed per site. However, children are allowed to occupy up to two tents on the same site as their parents or guardians. In tent-only camps, as many tents as necessary to accommodate a single camping party is permitted within the boundaries of the site.

Seasonal activities in Sleeper State Park


Ice Track Quad and Snow Mobile Races

If you visit the park during the winter season, you don’t want to miss out on one of the Ice Breaker Sports Series Ice Races at the MPX Raceway in Sebewaing! These events are fun for the entire family or even if you have come along with friends. Stretch, get ready for some adrenaline-packed adventure, grab a cup of hot cocoa from one of the many vendors at the track, and be part of the community bonfire or bring your own refreshments and watch from your vehicle. Either way, you are destined to have fun at one of these action packed events!

Ice Fishing

If you haven’t tried ice fishing, give it a try at this park. The park holds a Free Fishing Day. Therefore, no license is needed. A limited quantity of equipment is available to be used for people who don’t have their own, so you might want to come prepared just in case. Prizes are awarded at the end of the day for the winners and refreshments are available throughout the day. Overall, it is a fun environment and a challenging atmosphere that you don’t want to miss out on.

Dog Mushing

Dogs can enjoy the snow too! The park offers its visitors a chance to do winter activities along with their pets so that every one gets a slice of the fun. The Sleeper State park will provide an introduction to all the outdoor winter activities that visitors can enjoy with their dogs, including dog mushing among others. If you have got pet dogs, bring them along with their skis or sledges and join in the fun with other dog mushers and skiers, for unforgettable winter based fun.

Cross Country Skiing

Winter in Sleeper State Park brings along scenic, snowy landscapes and crisp, fresh air. It’s a wonderful place for cross-country skiing with its groomed and challenging ski trails. This recreational activity could be a peaceful way to explore the park during winter while obtaining a good, low-impact workout.

The park has three trail options over eighty miles of slicked cross-country ski trails at various locations for the park visitors to enjoy. Trails cater to skiers of all skill levels, so if you have never tried this before, there is always a first time for everything.


Motor Biking

Sleeper State Park has rightfully gained the title of being one of the most important and best mountain biking destinations. The park is home to ample motor biking facilities and entertainment options, together with three downhill tracks with uplift service, twin slalom tracks, and a 4X track, as well as indoor and outdoor dirt jumps. This combination provides an unforgettable biking experience and lots of challenge opportunities for the park visitors. The trail features are designed to cater to a range of skills and visitors at different skill levels, so there really is something for every one to enjoy.


The beauty of the park, the variety of natural habitats and the park’s attention to hiking trails makes the Sleeper State Park home to one of the best classic hiking trails. The hiking trails are well marked and signed for easy navigation. The safety of the trails has been maintained by the park administration for the comfort of the park visitors. There are lots of hiking options as well as biking and cross skiing trails along a variety of habitats. For example:

Sleeper Candlestick Trail 0.63 (Miles), Hiking, Mountain Biking, Cross Country Ski

Sleeper-Huron Trail 0.2 (Miles), Hiking, Mountain Biking, Cross Country Ski

Sleeper-Deer Run Trail - 2 (Miles), Hiking, Mountain Biking, Cross Country Ski

Sleeper-Old Dunes - 0.65 (Miles), Hiking, Mountain Biking, Cross Country Ski


The park hosts half a mile of sandy beach, stretching along the Saginaw Bay of Lake Huron. The park visitors can enjoy lots of water-based activities. You can decide to dip into the refreshing water for an afternoon swim or you can team up with friends to play beach volleyball. If you would like something on the calmer side, you can lie in the warm sand and sunbathe as the soft sun rays kiss your skin. Alternatively, you simply observe the majestic waterway as it reflects the sunlight and moves with the wind.