Snake River Stampede Rodeo

Breakout your cowboy boots, pack your RV, and add Idaho's Snake River Stampede Rodeo to your summer plans. It's a camping adventure to remember.

Event information

The Snake River Stampede Rodeo, located in Nampa, Idaho, is one of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association's top ten rodeos. The Snake River Stampede Rodeo earned is standing within the association for its longevity and its massive payout. Rodeo contestants and spectators come from all over the United States to take part in a weekend of rodeo events, music, entertainment, and spectator fun, and it is one of the area's favorite summertime events. 

If you haven't planned a vacation around an event like a rodeo, why not give the Snake River Stampede a try? Going on vacation doesn't mean that you should have to stay in a hotel each night along your journey. Idaho is warm and beautiful during the summer, so why not plan an extended trip to see the rodeo as well as some of Idaho's most scenic places? Idaho is known for its state parks and its fishing.

Many of the state parks with camping areas are close to Idaho's rushing waterways like the Snake River and the Salmon River. If you haven't had the chance to park your RV next to a river and sleep with your windows down, it's an experience you will never forget. Pack up your RV loaded with your best western wear, and take the family on an Idaho adventure that everyone will love.


In the past, ticket prices have ranged between $15 to $42 at the door. Snake River Stampede Rodeo prices vary by time, date, as well as by which event you'd like to attend. Reduced pricing for babies and seniors may be available when you purchase your tickets. Tickets are available online before the rodeo for people who want to ensure they snag the best seat in the arena.

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The Snake River Stampede Rodeo takes place on the grounds of the Ford Idaho Center, located at 16200 N. Idaho Center Boulevard in Nampa, Idaho. Drivers heading to the rodeo will most likely arrive via I-84 east or westbound, and take side streets to the event. Drivers coming from the south on Highway 45 or Business Route 84 may encounter several low clearance areas. If you have a taller rig, adjust your route accordingly. Road conditions can be monitored via 511 services online or by phone for your route through Idaho.

Parking areas

Snake River Stampede Rodeo adheres to the same parking fees and parking rules as the Ford Idaho Center. In some previous years, the rodeo has waived the cash-only parking fee, but the parking waivers vary from year to year, so it's best to have cash on hand. RV parking is only available for rodeo contestants, so please leave your rig at your campground. Rodeo patrons who require ADA parking accommodations may call the venue for more information on accessible parking areas.

Public Transportation

Getting from one place to the next is considerably easy because of Nampa's well-planned transportation system. If you want to head to the rodeo and need to leave a motorhome or larger rig at your campsite, the city has numerous bus routes with the closest stop to the stadium only a half-mile away. Nampa also has taxis, private transportation companies, as well as several rideshare services to help you get to where you need to go.

Where to stay


Even though you may see that the Ford Idaho Center shows RV parking with hookups, this feature is not offered to visitors and guests during the rodeo. Since the RV spots are reserved for the rodeo's contestants, your best bet is to find a camping spot at one of the nearby RV parks.


RVers who want to turn a trip to the rodeo into an RV vacation won't have to worry about lengthy drives to and from the Ford Idaho Center because there are several RV parks within an eight-mile radius of the venue. The RV parks offer both pull-through sites and back-in sites and accommodate small travel trailers up to large big rigs. If full hookup camping is your style, then you are in luck because many of the camping spots nearby offer resort-style camping. 

If you prefer off-the-grid camping on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) or dispersed camping land, there are several areas on the outskirts of Nampa. Most of those camping areas are more than fifty miles away, so it may be difficult to stay that far and attend the rodeo. One way to make your RV trip memorable is to plan stops along your route to or from the rodeo. Choose from free camping areas or more modern campgrounds in one of the Idaho state parks.

Getting around

During some events, such as the rodeo, volunteers help provide golf cart transportation from the parking lot to the rodeo area, but the use of shuttles varies from year to year. ADA seating, parking, and assistance are available. Guests who need information on ADA accessibility for the event are encouraged to call ahead and speak to a member of the staff for details.

What to pack


Nampa, Idaho is usually hot in July with only a slight chance for rain. When you are packing your clothes for the rodeo, consider the weather, but also bring your best boot cut jeans, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, and your biggest belt buckle. Part of the fun when you attend a rodeo is dressing in your best western gear. Even in the hottest months, western-wear fashion can include long-sleeved shirts and jeans.


Taking your RV to Idaho in the summer means preparing for time sitting outside once you've returned to your RV from the rodeo. Pack folding chairs and an outdoor rug and bring a citronella candle. The only gear you will need for the rodeo is your western wear and something to carry a few necessary items like sunscreen, lip balm, and some cash. Before packing a bag, be sure you check the rules on the size of the bag permitted at the venue.

Health & Safety

When you pack your suitcases or your RV, one thing you don't ever want to forget is a small first aid kit. Even though many camping areas are close to a medical facility or a store, it's easier to bring a first aid kit filled with commonly needed supplies like bandages, antibiotic ointment, pain killers, and stomach remedies. If you get a blister from wearing your new boots to the rodeo, you won't have to worry about putting those boots back on the next day because you've got bandages on hand.

Where to eat


After a long day at the rodeo snacking on popcorn and other concession-style food, you might get back to the rig and want to put your feet up and not worry about cooking. Plan on bringing some easy to heat items or premade food or snacks in case you want food, but you don't feel like cooking. Since the rodeo is an afternoon event, maybe you want to cook up a breakfast filled with protein. Most RVs have propane stoves, so one way to get a quick meal is to warm premixed egg whites and already cooked bacon over the stove. Starting the day off with a good breakfast is always a good idea.


If you aren't feeling like cooking after the rodeo, you don't have to worry about limited food and beverage options nearby. Nampa has several chain restaurants and coffee shops to choose from if you want a taste you are familiar with already. If you prefer local fare, ask around for which cafés and coffee shops are the best places to try for your interests. There are several locally owned businesses within six miles of the venue.


One of the great things about the Snake River Stampede is that the event provides local charities a way to raise money by taking part in the rodeo through volunteer efforts and fundraising. Generally, local organizations raise money by providing food and beverages to rodeo patrons. During the rodeo, several food and merchandise vendors set up tents, and they sell their goods. Not all of the vendors are charitable organizations, but those who are raising money will appreciate your patronage.



The Snake River Stampede is a large rodeo that attracts thousands of rodeo fans. The security staff wants everyone to feel safe during the event, so the staff adheres to venue rules that ensure everyone's safety. All rodeo patrons are subject to search before entering the event, and all bags will be searched as well. If you have questions on the items you may bring with you, check the website for a current list of prohibited items.


The weather in Idaho during July is usually hot and dry. Temperatures average between 57° and 92°. July's average rainfall is only one day, but you can never rule out a stray rain shower. Because the nights cool off, if you choose an RV site without electrical hookups, you still may not need to worry about getting hot while you are sleeping. The cooler temperatures can make excellent conditions for sleeping with your windows open.


Everyone hopes for a healthy vacation and doesn't plan on getting sick during a trip. Illnesses happen, and if you need to visit a medical care facility while you are in Nampa, you won't have to travel far. Nampa has several free-standing pharmacies and pharmacies located inside of grocery stores. If you require a doctor or emergency services, Nampa has urgent care centers and medical facilities located within several miles of the Snake River Stampede Rodeo venue.