Snake River Vista Recreation Site
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There are few recreation sites that offer a riverfront camping experience with almost complete solitude. However, the Bureau of Land Management’s Snake River Vista Recreation Site in Idaho manages to do just that.

This recreation site is an amazing river input location offering dispersed camping, trout fishing, and boating opportunities to visitors who venture into its borders. This semi-developed recreation site is an ideal place to head to for the weekend, and allow yourself distance from all the chaos of bustling city life.

Spend your days in the water, letting your boat whisk you away, or enjoy the remarkable scenery from the shore. This region beside the Snake River Vista Recreation Site is all grassland and basalt cliffs that make for quite a landscape.

The Snake River Vista Recreation Site is a gorgeous place to visit where one can find isolation and solitude, as well as enjoy fishing and other recreational activities. Accompanying you at the campsite are seagulls and pelicans, as well as plenty of other wildlife.

The city of American Falls is also nearby, allowing campers to enjoy some fun activities and comforts in the nearby town.

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Snake River Vista Recreation Site is nearly three miles southwest of American Falls, ID, towards the north end of the Snake River, and almost a four-hour drive from Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation.

To reach the Recreation Site, go past the American Falls Dam and take a left on the first road you’ll find on the northwest side of the dam. Follow this road for nearly two miles towards the Silver River Vista Recreation Site.

Road conditions are good, paved all the way up until the last bit of road that leads towards the campground. This last bit of road is dirt with deep ruts that will require you to drive slowly and carefully.

The road that leads down to the river is a well-packed gravel road. Only small RVs and camper vans can make it down to the campground via this road. Do not bring large campers and big RVs here.


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Campgrounds and parking in Snake River Vista Recreation Site

Campsites in Snake River Vista Recreation Site

First-come first-served

Snake River Vista Recreation Site Campground

Snake River Vista Recreation Site’s campground is situated right on the snake river at an elevation of 4,300 feet. This BLM campground offers dispersed camping sites only. The campground boasts two campsites with privacy and solitude. The campground offers one vault toilet for the campers.

The campground provides access to a boat ramp and a small dock. Each campsite provides lakeside access to the lucky campers staying here and also welcomes their pets. The maximum length of RV accommodated on this campground is 18 feet. Also found at each campsite is a fire pit with a grill and a huge picnic table. There isn’t any drinking water at the campground so make sure to pack your own before coming here.

The campground is open year-round and provided on a first-come, first-served basis, but you still need to call the BLM office for site availability. Reservations cannot be made. One of the campsites is slightly smaller and located off the trails to the left; the other campsite is on the right, closer to the vault bathroom.

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Camping at Snake River Vista Recreation Site means you probably get to have the small fishing dock all to yourself. You can also launch your boat and fish from there. During both warm and cold weather, fishing conditions are rewarding here. Brown trout, black crappie, yellow perch, chinook salmon, kokanee salmon, walleye, smallmouth bass, and channel catfish are some of the fish species found here. Trout, however, remains the most popular fish species that brings in keen anglers to these remote river waters.

Water Sports

Campers at Snake River Vista Recreation Site enjoy a vast body of water to themselves as the site offers access to a wide boat ramp. The boat ride along the length of the river is mesmerizing as you enjoy the beautiful grasslands expanding for miles along the shores. While there aren’t any designated swimming areas in the river, one can still swim in the calm river waters, while keeping an eye on each other.


There is numerous wildlife by Snake River and many of the animals and birds venture into the Snake River Vista Recreation Site. Permanent locals include pelicans and seagulls. However, if you decide to go exploring, you might come across mallards, mule deer, and teal during the winters and yellow warbler, brown-headed cowbird, belted kingfisher, American goldfinch, and northern flicker from May onwards.



With the spectacular Snake River meandering before you, shorebirds flying above, and the rolling grasslands of the region cradling you, there’s plenty to capture here for nature photographers. Head out into the city or walk along the river towards some more BLM recreation areas and onwards to the rock-walled canyon along Rock Creek to get some even more amazing shots.


Snake River Vista Recreation Site is a place of Zen, with water gently gurgling in the background, birds calling in melodious songs, and solitude, peace, and calm surrounding you. It’s a perfect place to enjoy a secluded and fun picnic with your family and friends. There are picnic tables at each campsite, but you can also lay down your blankets and bask in the mesmerizing sight of sunsets and wildlife by the river waters.

Cross-country Skiing

If you end up visiting the lovely Snake River Vista Recreation Site in the winters, then you can enjoy cross-country skiing opportunities at the Magic Mountain area. The region has several skiing trails and hosts an enthusiastic crowd every winter looking to enjoy the winter scenery. You might also end up running into winter wildlife such a porcupine, Steller’s jay, or a long-tailed weasel on your cross-country skiing adventure.