Are you ready to hit the festival circuit this year? Head to Soundset to get your fill of the best in hip-hop and entertainment.

Event information

Soundset is an annual music festival that is a must-attend for lovers of hip-hop. It is organized by Rhymesayers Entertainment and takes place every year in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area.

The music festival was first held in a Minneapolis parking lot and then moved to First Avenue where it became Soundset Wednesdays. The inaugural event featured local underground emcees, b-boys, and DJs. It was then moved to the Metrodome parking lot in 2008. Since then, it has grown substantially with fans from all over the country and the world traveling to the venue to experience its incredible vibe.

Each year artists from Rhymesayers Entertainment, the American hip hop record label based in Minneapolis, are part of the music performances. Chart-topping artists like Snoop Dogg, Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Action Bronson, Dizzy Wright, Mixed Blood Majority and Big Boi have all performed at this Minneapolis music fest.

Over 400 artists have played at the festival since its inception. You can also expect to see some incredible dance acts, skateboarding and live painting. There is even a custom car show, with featured vehicles lining the streets of the venue. Head to Soundset if you’re looking for a day filled with high-energy, world-class music, delicious food, and great entertainment.


There are General Admission as well as VIP passes available which go on sale a couple of months before the event. Within these categories there are different options like Loyalty passes, Announce passes, and various tiers. Ticket prices for Soundset range from $90 for General Admission Loyalty Passes to $250 for VIP tickets.

General Admission will gain you entry to all the music stages as well as the other live performances and entertainment options. VIP passes give you access to an exclusive parking area and a separate entrance and will land you closer to the stage.

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Driving to and around Minneapolis is a delight, thanks to the intuitively designed grid system. Most of the streets are numbered which makes navigation a breeze. Please keep in mind that it’s illegal to text and drive in Minneapolis, even at a stoplight. Also, the city’s light rail tracks are off limits for other vehicles, unlike many other cities. Officials remind guests that their entrance is not the same as the State Fair entrance.

Parking areas

It’s better to take public transportation rather than drive since parking can be a hassle. However, you can save time and money by reserving a parking space near the festival ahead of time. There is also a VIP parking area which will give you quick access to the VIP check-in space. Accessible parking will be provided to attendees with valid ADA permits, plates, or placards.

Public Transportation

There are tons of public transport options that make it easy to get to the festival venue. Festival organizers work with Metro Transit to offer free rides to people attending Soundset. You can simply download a pass and take a Metro transit bus or hop on the light rail for free.

Where to stay


Soundset is a one-day festival, so you cannot camp or park your RV on the festival grounds. But there are plenty of camping and RV park options in and around the city.


You won’t need to travel too far from the metro area to find several campgrounds and RV parks. You can safely park your RV in one of the fully equipped campsites. Minneapolis is called the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” for a good reason. Many of the camps will give you the opportunity to enjoy water activities like fishing and boating.

Getting around

It’s a good idea to pick an RV park that’s close to the festival venue to cut down on travel time. Public transport options are aplenty, and you can even look into ridesharing or biking to a pickup point. Remember that you will need to lock your bike outside of the venue. Also, check if a shuttle service is available to take you there free of cost. Once at the festival, walking will be your primary mode of transportation. Infant and toddler strollers are permitted.

What to pack


Soundset is a hip-hop festival, so you’re bound to see plenty of attire inspired by the music genre. Casual and comfortable clothing is the norm, so you’ll feel right at home in shorts and a t-shirt. You can also expect to see plenty of plaid, denim, bright colors and tie-dye. It’s a good idea to carry a jacket in case the weather gets chilly.


Medium sized backpacks are allowed and so are small beach towels. Be sure to carry a hat, a portable cell phone charger, and non-aerosol sunblock. Non-professional cameras can be taken into the venue. Plastic bottles of water are allowed, but they must be empty or sealed upon entry.

Health & Safety

The most important thing is to stay hydrated since you’re probably going to be on your feet all day. Free filtered water is available at hydration stations, so keep your bottles topped off and ready to enjoy. Restroom pods can be found all over the venue. Weapons of any kind are not allowed, and drugs are strictly prohibited.

Where to eat


If you’d like to prepare your own meals at your campsite, it’s a good idea to check on any restrictions in advance. Wood or charcoal fires are not allowed on many campgrounds, but portable stoves usually are. Cooking on the festival grounds is not allowed, and you cannot carry food into the concert site.


There are some incredible restaurants in Minneapolis and eating at one of these should be part of your itinerary. You can treat yourself to many different types of food and a myriad of cuisines. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it in or close to the festival venue.


Local food trucks and food vendors will be making the rounds at the festival. They will be serving up delicious food and drinks. If you’re looking for vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free food, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from at Soundset. If you’re over 21, you can also indulge in the wine and beer that’s available for purchase. Cash and card are accepted at most places in the festival.



Security is taken very seriously at Soundset, and illegal drugs and weapons are prohibited. All bags will be checked thoroughly upon entry. It is an all-ages festival so any inappropriate behavior can get you escorted out of the venue. Re-entry is strictly not allowed, so be sure to carry everything you need with you before you arrive.


The festival is typically held in the summer months. While the weather is usually pleasant, it’s best to be prepared for all eventualities. You’ll need some warm clothing after the sun sets, so be sure to carry a jacket. Soundset is a rain or shine event and will go on no matter how the weather turns.


Soundset organizers have arrangements in place to ensure the safety and well being of attendees. Clearly marked medical tends will be present throughout the festival area. You will be able to spot these from a distance. Trained EMTs will be available at the tents and will also be making the rounds. Some medications will be allowed into the venue, but you’ll need to get these cleared at the security gate.