Southern Illinois 100

Summer will come to an end eventually, so why not say goodbye in style with an RV trip to the Southern Illinois 100 during Labor Weekend in DuQuoin, Illinois?

Event information

It’s always hard to say goodbye to the warm summer weather, which is why it’s a good idea to do it in a way you won’t forget. Why not gather your nearest and dearest and hit the road for DuQuoin, Illinois, for the Southern Illinois 100? This two-day event over Labor Weekend is an excellent opportunity to go camping, bask in the last remaining rays of summer sun, and enjoy wheel to wheel racing action.

The Southern Illinois 100 is an annual event at the DuQuoin State Fairgrounds Race Track, a one-mile clay oval track about 90 miles southeast of St. Louis, Missouri. Not only is it a highly anticipated event by the professional drivers who come from all over the United States, but avid fans as well.

You can enjoy some of the closest stock car racing in history, camp overnight, and celebrate Labor Day in style. The DuQuoin State Fair even aligns with the Southern Illinois 100 as the icing on the cake. What more could you want?

The Southern Illinois 100 continues to attract considerable talent to the dirt, such as Frank Kimmel, Dean Roper, and Billy Thomas. Dean Roper even holds the race record with exhilarating speeds of 90.101 miles per hour.

While the automotive action is sure to get your heart racing, so too will the myriad of other things to see, do, and experience in DuQuoin, Illinois. While you’re in the area, you can pay a visit to New Cherry Lake, the Pyramid State Recreation Area, or even do a spot of shopping along the main streets. The world’s your oyster. Start loading your RV for an RV trip to DuQuoin, Illinois.


Tickets go on sale for the Southern Illinois 100 in the weeks leading up to the big event. If you purchase them online, you can enjoy early bird specials. However, you can also purchase tickets for adults and children on the day of racing. Traditionally, Southern Illinois 100 tickets have cost between $10 and $30. Grandstand seating is reserved, but the bleachers are general admission.

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DuQuoin is a beautiful city in Perry County on US Route 51, around an hour and a half southeast of St. Louis, Missouri. It acts as a primary north and south artery and links to I-57, I-24, and I-64.

This city is also just 20 minutes from Carbondale, Illinois, and 20 minutes in the opposite direction to the northern edge of Shawnee National Forest. While attending Southern Illinois 100 is going to be a memorable experience, it’s clear to see that the drive will be equally as so.

Upon arriving in DuQuoin, which is made more comfortable with travel updates via Getting Around Illinois, you can find the DuQuoin State Fairgrounds Race Track at 655 Executive Drive along US Route 51.

Parking areas

Where and how you park your RV can depend on whether you are camping on site for the Southern Illinois 100, or you’re merely attending for the day. Campers can enter through Gate 3 and make their way to the camp office before securing their camping spot. Day parkers can enter through Gate 2, where parking attendants will lead you to the best place to park your RV for the day’s events.

Public Transportation

Given the conservative size of DuQuoin, public transportation options can be limited. Fortunately, you won’t strike all too many problems navigating the township in your motorhome. Whether you are camping at the race track or off site, you will likely be able to enter and exit the venue and explore the city without all too much hassle at all.

Where to stay


Not only is the Southern Illinois 100 a reason to visit DuQuoin, but so is the exciting prospect of being able to enjoy primitive RV camping. At the north end of the fairgrounds, there are ample off-the-grid and serviced areas to camp over the two days of the racing and state fair. There are water and electric hookups if you need them, dump stations, showers and toilets, and even a picnic pavilion.

Campers can enjoy paved areas for walking and biking, fishing lake access, peace of mind that your furry friends are welcome on a leash, and that you can use your generators and above-ground fire pits. If you haven’t yet experienced the joy of camping in your RV for an event, then the Southern Illinois 100 will be an excellent first.


If you would prefer to stay somewhere a little quieter, or you wish to be more centrally located to other things to do in Illinois, then why not expand your search for RV campgrounds near DuQuoin State Fairgrounds Race Track?

You would be surprised at both the primitive RV camping opportunities, as well as resorts, campgrounds, and more. Within a 40-mile radius of DuQuoin, there are a whole host of places that are accessible with a large RV for convenience, including Benton KOA near Rend Lake. Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park also offers campers a place to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Getting around

The DuQuoin State Fairgrounds Race Track is quite an expansive venue, which means that tired legs are bound to stop you from getting to your destination comfortably or in a timely fashion. Why not jump aboard the tram? Trams run the length of the fairgrounds venue with various stops along the way for convenience.

What to pack


Even though you’ll be attending an event at the tail end of summer, that doesn’t mean you need to put on your snow mittens just yet. August weather in DuQuoin is quite reasonable, meaning you can get away with shorts, t-shirts, and your driver supporter’s gear comfortably during the day. However, nighttime temperatures in Illinois can drop quite considerably, so don’t forget some warmer layers as well.


When you’re planning for the Southern Illinois 100, there are plenty of things you’re not going to want to forget. From your camping and cooking equipment for an enjoyable after-racing experience to convenience items for at the track, there’s a lot to think about when packing.

Don’t forget payment cards and cash to take advantage of vendor treats, as well as your tickets and display passes for camping. Much of what you need to get through the day is also available for sale at the race track.

Health & Safety

With summer temperatures still reasonably high at the end of August, it’s a good idea to think about what sun safety products you might need. Sunscreen, a sun hat, lip balm, and sunglasses are must-have items.

There are also family refreshment stations throughout the fairgrounds, as well as shady areas with seats for you to take a break. Don’t forget to bring any prescription medication you might need, drinking water, toiletries, and even bug spray for a comfortable camping experience.

Where to eat


The DuQuoin State Fairgrounds allows you to use your above-ground fire pits, RV appliances, and generators for the most authentic camp experience possible. However, if you are camping off site, check the RV camping rules as these can differ from one RV campground to the next. Don’t forget to stock up on supplies in DuQuoin before you head to the race track for convenience.


A quick visit into DuQuoin along East Main Street will put you in the proximity of some standout eateries. You won’t be able to help but pay a visit. From bakery goods and pizza, through to ice cream, Italian, and more, you’re spoiled for choice. Remember to allow extra time for service during dinner hours.


You can’t attend the Southern Illinois 100 without purchasing something delicious or memorable from some of the many vendors. Make sure you bring both payment cards and cash and indulge in hearty tucker and sweet treats during your stay. You can also pick up merchandise so that you will always remember your trip to DuQuoin, Illinois.



Several gates surround the DuQuoin State Fairgrounds Race Track to provide access, and all of these are manned by security personnel to check your tickets and possibly your possessions as well. As you travel from your campsite to the grandstands and bleachers, pack light to cut down on screening time. Anything bulky, distracting, dangerous, or inconvenient may be turned away.

If you require assistance at any time, consult a security officer for advice, or make your way to the nearest police station in DuQuoin just two and a half miles from the race track.


Even though summer will blend into fall, that doesn’t mean the weather won’t put on a show during the Southern Illinois 100. Visitors can expect average highs of up to 88 degrees Fahrenheit, and lows of a balmy 65. While rainfall is expected during August as well, it’s unlikely to intrude on your viewing experience.


Those who find themselves in need of medical assistance can find help at the first aid station at the north end of the grandstand. For anything more serious, dial 911 or travel to the hospital within three and a half miles of the race track. You’ll never be too far from the care you require.