Southern New Mexico State Fair

Don’t miss an opportunity to be a part of the action at the Southern New Mexico State Fair and Rodeo. It’s time to load the RV and hit the road!

Event information

Adjacent to State Highway 10 on the edge of Las Cruces lies the Southern New Mexico State Fairgrounds. Every year, this event site at 12125 Robert Larson Boulevard comes alive, hosting the highly anticipated Southern New Mexico State Fair and Rodeo.

This fair has been on the calendars of many locals and visitors since 1966, with thousands traveling from far and wide to attend. If it’s not the hundreds of commercial sales booths that brings them to the area, then it’s the dozens of amusement rides, food booths, and entertainment. If you want to welcome fall in style, then this fair is most certainly not one to miss.

In past years, the rodeo has been one of the significant drawcards, highlighting the many talented athletes of New Mexico. However, headline singers and bands are also another of the many reasons why people continue to come back year after year.

If you decide to load your RV and set your GPS in the direction of New Mexico, then you’re also in for a treat. The City of Las Cruces plays host to many RV travelers over the five-day event. While the fairgrounds do not offer RV camping, you won’t have any problem finding a site to lay down roots while you’re in the area.

When you’re not navigating the many fun attractions at the fair, you can be exploring Las Cruces. National Parks and many different tourist attractions are bound to capture your attention in this neck of the woods. There’s no better time than now than to start planning your Southern New Mexico trip.


You don’t have to wait until you get to the fairgrounds to secure your tickets. If you head to the Southern New Mexico State Fair and Rodeo website, you can buy them in advance. Ticket pricing varies for adults and children, and you may be able to access early bird specials to save a few dollars. Otherwise, save up your pennies and purchase your tickets upon your arrival in New Mexico.

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Making your way to New Mexico from surrounding cities may turn out to be a breeze. The long, straight roads are perfect for an RV, and two main highways of 10 and 25 lead you almost directly to the fairgrounds. In fact, the fairgrounds sit parallel to State Highway 10, central to many National Parks, forests, and wildlife refuges. Given the wide, open spaces of New Mexico, there’s little chance of missing your exit into the Southern New Mexico State Fairgrounds parking lot.

Parking areas

Given the lack of buildings and businesses nearby, there is no shortage of day parking options for vehicles of any size. While you won’t be able to camp overnight, you can enjoy not having to worry about the length of your RV. You are sure to find the parking lot officials will lead you to the best spot each day.

Public Transportation

While there are no shuttle services to and from the fairgrounds, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck in Las Cruces. Once you park at your RV accommodation for the week, you can utilize private rideshare services or a public bus. However, you may find it’s more convenient to use your house on wheels as your transportation option as well.

Where to stay


The Southern New Mexico State Fairgrounds are not large enough to accommodate RV-goers overnight, especially with the sheer number of visitors to the area. While onsite camping is not an option, nearby facilities are ready to accept campers. Start looking for campgrounds proximate to the fairgrounds weeks before you hit the road.


Las Cruces borders onto many different national parks. Therefore, you will find self-contained camping options galore in a beautiful part of the country. Alternatively, RV-goers can make their way to RV parks and campgrounds within a 10 to 30-minute drive of the fairgrounds. Service hookups can vary from one facility to the next.

Getting around

Once you get to the fairgrounds, either in your RV or by way of public transportation, then you’ll find all the hard work is done. You can wander around the expansive fairgrounds on foot without a care in the world. Most exhibits and entertainment options are close together as well, which means you’ll never be too far from something fun and exciting to watch.

What to pack


Even with the changing of seasons from summer to fall, fair-goers are generally not in any hurry to swap their singlets for sweaters. Historical weather data in Las Cruces show that temperatures do not stray too far from the high 80s to the low 90s. You’ll need plenty of light, breathable layers, but perhaps nothing that easily shows dirt, such as white. Comfortable footwear with thick soles will also reduce the discomfort from walking on the hard, compacted dirt surfaces.


The Southern New Mexico State Fairgrounds are not within a convenient walking distance of any businesses. As a result, you may want to bring as many small, essential items with you as possible. Pack a small backpack with your phone, wallet, cash, credit, and a sealed, clear water bottle. You won’t need to pack any food, however, as there are vendors galore. Fair-goers should also leave any weapons or firearms back in their RVs, as these will be taken by security at the gate.

Health & Safety

While fair officials will do everything they can to make you as safe and as comfortable as possible, fair-goers are also responsible for self-care as well. Expect the best but prepare for the worst by bringing a personal first aid kit.

Don’t forget to pack any prescription medication or medical supplies you require for the five days you’re away from home as well. Remain hydrated, rest often, and make sure you lather on the sunscreen at regular intervals throughout the day.

Where to eat


Opportunities for RV travelers to cook can differ from one accommodation provider to the next. Some RV parks offer communal cooking areas, while others prohibit outdoor fires. Most, however, let you make use of your onboard gas cookers. If you need to pop to the shops for supplies, there are plenty of grocery stores in the center of Las Cruces, including a few within a mere 20 miles of the fairgrounds.


The City of Las Cruces retains no shortage of dining establishments. Whether you feel like a light bite to eat at a café or a hearty bistro meal, you won’t be disappointed. The restaurants, while not within walking distance of the fairgrounds, are a short drive away. You’ll have no problems navigating your way offsite with your RV GPS.


If you’ve worked up a hunger from all those amusement rides and entertainment, then dozens of vendors can help. The food and vendor area is adjacent to the main entrance, but you’ll smell it before you see it. Make sure you bring both cash and credit to ensure you have the correct payment method for your favorite vendors. You can then tantalize your taste buds with any of the delicious treats on offer.



Thousands of people descend on the Southern New Mexico State Fairgrounds every year, which means there will be security on site to keep everyone as safe as possible. The Sheriff’s base will be adjacent to the fair office near the main gate. You can visit this area at any time if you require any assistance.


With the lack of grass and plant life in New Mexico, it's clear to see the sun shines more often than not. Fair-goers can expect the same weather patterns throughout the five days of the fair. While temperatures can drop to the low 40s overnight, they remain around 80 to 90 degrees-Fahrenheit during the day. Ventilate your RV well during the day, but shut it up tight at night to stay warm and comfortable.


A stubbed toe, burn, scrape, or another minor injury could require a trip to the first aid area near the fair office. Why cut your visit short because of an injury if you don’t have to? For anything more serious, there is a medical center less than 20 miles from the fairgrounds, and a pharmacy a short 20-minute drive away as well.