Spring Recreation Site


Spring Recreation Site lies near Huntington, Oregon, and is located in a high desert waterfront area that offers the perfect chance for adventurers and travelers alike to experience primitive camping in a desert environment− even if for just a few days.

Spring Recreation Site, endearingly called Spring Rec by locals, is an excellent camping and fishing destination. The recreation site is located off the beaten path, with no sounds of traffic or general human population disturbing you from your beautiful reveries.

Spring Recreation Site is situated right on the banks of the 53-mile long Brownlee Reservoir on Snake River. This reservoir is popular for its great angling opportunities and Spring Recreation Site provides an ideal spot to set up camp for fishing expeditions.

This recreation site is a perfect weekend getaway to take your mind off worldly matters and almost have a therapeutic experience as you throw a line into the calm waters in the hopes of landing something. The site provides visitors with a boarding dock, picnic areas, boat launches, camping sites for RVs and tents, and even a fish cleaning station.

Additionally, the recreation site has dense vegetation and the reservoir itself to provide scenic sights for sore eyes. Remember, Spring Rec is located within Hells Canyon, and the latter is named primarily because of its scorching summers, so plan your trip accordingly.

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Spring Recreation Area is located in Hells Canyon, just south of the well-known Hells Canyon Wilderness. Get to the small town of Huntington via Interstate 84 east or west. When you reach the east end of the town, look for signs and you’ll find one saying “Spring Rec Site”. Follow this sign as you leave the town and it will direct you to Snake River Road. This road is narrow and paved for nearly three miles of the drive before you reach your destination.

Once you are inside the recreation area, the road is slightly narrow and winding but it is still paved. The view of Snake River that you’ll likely get a glimpse of as you drive along is magnificent, and it is extremely quiet in here, both during the day and night. There are no guardrails on the road, so drive carefully and try your best to drive during the day.


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Campgrounds and parking in Spring Recreation Site

Campsites in Spring Recreation Site

First-come first-served

Spring Recreation Site - BLM Campground

Spring Recreation Site has its own camping area that accommodates group, RV, and tent camping. There aren’t any hookup services available for recreational vehicles so camping here is still largely primitive. There are a total of 35 campsites on this campground and two additional campsites designated for tent camping only. The campground provides various amenities such as drinking water spigots, fire rings, picnic tables, portable toilets, garbage dumpsters, and shaded sites under the thick canopies of trees. The host of the campground is present on site at all times to guide and help out campers.

Remember to bring your own firewood as this is a desert canyon environment and very little firewood can be found. Campsites are provided on a first-come, first-served basis and limited to 14 days. Make sure to display a stub from your fee envelope on the windshield of your vehicles. Pets are allowed on the campground as long as they are leashed and behaved.

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Fishing is one of the most popular activities here, and anglers are one of the most frequent visitors to Spring Recreation Site. Brownlee Reservoir is notorious for its large channel catfish, good bass fishing, and plentiful crappie. As a matter of fact, it is considered the best fishing ground in all of Idaho and Oregon. T

he recreation site provides anglers with fishing docks and fish cleaning stations. Boat fishing is also encouraged and all the amenities are provided, including a boat launch ramp and campsites. Fly fishing, bait fishing, and lure fishing are all practiced here.


The recreation site has a boat ramp for all those who’d love to take a trip down the winding Snake River. Spring Rec also has large parking lots for boat trailers to accommodate boating enthusiasts.

Brownlee Reservoir is a favorite amongst boaters because regardless of how low the water level is, you can still launch your boat from here. Boating is one of the best ways to explore the reservoir. Both motorized and non-motorized boating is allowed and water-skiing is also permitted.


To enjoy nature, all you need to do is take a walk around Spring Recreation Area. The surroundings of the reservoir are alive and vivid with colorful wildflowers during the spring season.

You can also take the nearby national historic Oregon interpretive trail managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Enjoy the dramatic retelling of the fears, dreams, successes, and joys of the Oregon Trail-era pioneers as you hike along those very trails.



Spring Recreation Area provides a picnicking destination that simply won’t disappoint. Whether you are here with your significant other, friends, family, or all by yourself, the magnificent views of Snake River from your picnic table will make for an unforgettable experience.

Relax and enjoy the many recreational activities offered here. The picnic area comes equipped with picnic tables, restrooms, and potable water. It is comfortably quiet here too, even in the day time, so one can have all the peace and privacy they seek when enjoying nature.


Spring Rec is located within a canyon environment; hence it attracts multitudes of wildlife species, both large and small. Mule deer often like to venture closer to the campgrounds, whereas elk, antelopes, and bighorn sheep can be spotted from afar. Coyotes do not shy away from making their presence known either.


Birdwatchers will love to visit here as this beautiful retreat is a favored destination for many migratory birds seeking asylum, as well as being home to many others. Chukar, American Robin, orioles, Gray Partridge, ruffed grouse and scores of migrating songbirds can be seen soaring above or actively hunting in the teeming river waters. You can also spot exotic bird species perched on the branches of trees in and around Spring Recreation Site.