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Springbrook State Park


Located near the city of Yale, just west of Des Moines, you’ll find Springbrook State Park in Iowa. Alongside the Middle Racoon River, Springbrook rests on a massive 930 acre plot of land filled with rolling hills, a lake, tons of wildlife and lots of trees.

Whether you’re planning on camping in an RV, crashing in a tent, going for a family fishing trip or are just stopping by to do a little daytime hiking, Springbrook has it all. Peak season for this midwest state park is May until September but you can experience all that it has to offer, year round.

The park is near brick-and-mortar dining and shopping areas if you need a break from the scenery. If going into town is not on your to-do list, take a breath, sit back and relax as the sights and sounds of nature and wildlife surround you. Lastly, if you’re a bicyclist, this may be the perfect park for you. There is access to a 160-mile long biking trail loop that is relatively flat and will take you through 14 of Iowa’s most charming little towns.

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Located almost directly in the center of Iowa, people from all over the state have nearly the same distance to travel to get to the park. A few of the most popular ways to get to Springbrook State Park are below.

If you’re coming from Highway 25, go east on county road F25. Go about a mile and a half to the park entrance. Springbrook State Park is roughly nine miles north of Guthrie Center in Iowa.

If you’re coming from Highway 4, start by turning west onto county road F25. After about five miles, you will come to the park entrance.

From whatever direction you’re coming from, it could be useful to note that the park is six miles west of the city Yale, eight miles north of Guthrie Center, Iowa and lastly 12 miles northeast of Panora.

The roads that lead to Springbrook are paved and easy to use, thought once you get to the entrance is does turn to dirt. When you’re inside the park you can easily drive to campgrounds, the Education center and the boat launch areas. Since it is in the Midwest, keep in mind that the winters can be pretty brutal. If you’re visiting from out of state, consider bringing snow chains for your tires or sandbags in case you get stuck in the snow.


Public Transportation

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RV Camping

With 118 campsites in total, there are 95 are RV-friendly. Out of those 95 campsites, 18 of them are not equipped with electric hookups, while the other 77 have standard electric hookups. With so many RV-friendly campsites, you’ll be near anything you need be it restrooms, water hookups or the beach.

RV camping at Springbrook is along the outside border surrounding the tent campsites. They have a allowance of six to 12 people, depending on the specific campsite. You’re able to reserve campsites online or over the phone anytime of year. If you’re considering camping in the summer, book well in advance to avoid missing out on a great campsite.

Seasonal activities in Springbrook State Park



There are roughly 12 miles of trails for your hiking pleasure at Springbrook. You can test your agility or take a nice walk after dinner through the woods. If you’re visiting in the colder months, you can snowmobile on four of the trails.

The trails are nestled between a park and a Conservation Education Center. You’ll be able to take a nice walk through the trees and wilderness and learn about the area once you reach the Education Center. No matter where you are in this park, you’re bound to see some of the wildlife. With several species of birds that fly in the Midwest, it just may be worth packing your binoculars for.

If you prefer to explore on two wheels, attached to Springbrook State Park and two others is the Central State Park Bike route. While most of the 91 mile route is easy to coast on, there are a few hills to climb on your bicycle once you cross the valley but overall the trails are great for folks that are on the novice side of biking.


Other than hiking, fishing is probably one of the most popular activities at Springbrook State Park. If fishing is your game, there are plenty of fish to catch, including the following:

● Bluegill

● Sunfish

● Catfish

● Crappie

● Largemouth Bass

You’ll be able to get on the water by using the boat ramp or there are a couple fishing docks available along with a few fishing jetties. It’s important to know before heading out to Springbrook State Park to fish that gas-powered motors are not approved for use on the lake but electric trolling motors are okay. You’ll find an additional boat ramp that allows you to fish on Raccoon River instead of the lake if that’s more your style.

There is a small bait shop available on grounds if you need to load up your tackle box before hitting the water. There are also small items for sale along with firewood bundles.


Springbrook is a great place to take a dip on a hot summer day. The swimming area is on a massive 17-acre lake. Feel free to bring your own water games or flotation devices. You can even bring your own kayaks or paddle boards if you have them. It is important to note that there is no lifeguard on duty at this state park.



Believe it or not, you’re actually able to hunt for game at this state park. During hunting season there are specific areas in the Northeast and the Southwest of Springbrook Park that are available for hunters. There is also a controlled deer hunt occasionally to maintain the deer herd in the area.

Cross-country Skiing

If you plan your visit in the winter months, you’re able to use those 12 miles of trails to get in all the skiing you can handle. Perfect for lovers of cross country skiing! This is also another great opportunity to spot some great wildlife.


Springbrook State Park is a beautiful spot to get in some snowshoeing. With plenty of trails available and a lot of acreage to practice on, this area is great whether you’re an expert or haven’t even tried on snowshoes before.