Stampede Recreation Site


Ready to head out on your next great RV adventure? Consider a trip to Nevada's Stampede Recreation Site. It's an amazing place to enjoy a relaxing camping holiday.

Stampede Recreation Site, a Bureau of Land Management property, is located near Truckee, California. Nestled near to the borders of both Nevada and California, this beloved recreation area is a destination hotspot for camping and picnicking and offers many amenities for families to enjoy during their RV stay.

Stampede Recreation Site is home to the Stampede Reservoir and rests along the edge of the Little Truckee River in the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. This region offers some of the finest fishing in the state with its reservoirs stocked with both kokanee and sockeye salmon as well as brown trout, rainbow trout, and mackinaw.

Water sports are incredibly popular at Stampede Recreation Area. Among the most beloved activities found here are powerboating, canoeing, kayaking, and waterskiing. When the water is calm, swimming is also a favorite activity for those visiting the region. In the winter months, many angling aficionados like to try their hand at ice fishing.

For a great vacation at an idyllic outdoor haven, plan to enjoy your next RV getaway at Stampede Recreation Site. It's a wonderful place to spend a holiday!

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To reach Stampede Recreation Site, travelers should follow Highway 93, proceeding in a westerly direction until they discover Montgomery Cabin Road. From this stretch of highway, travelers should continue onto a dirt path of two lanes which leads to the camping facility found at Stampede Recreation Site.

For travelers looking for boat access, there is a paved path to the right of this road which leads directly to the boat launch.

The dirt highway becomes extremely slick and dense when wet, making it extremely difficult to travel on during rainy conditions.


Parking can be found at the entrance to Stampede Recreation Site in a dirt-lined parking section which can accommodate several cars, RVs, and trailers.

Public Transportation

Due to its remote location, there is no public transportation to Stampede Recreation Site.

Campgrounds and parking in Stampede Recreation Site

Campsites in Stampede Recreation Site

Reservations camping

Logger Campground

Logger Campground is a substantially sized camping facility with over 200 campsites to its credit. Each of the sites is available for RV and tent camping between the months of May and September each year. Reservations are required.

This large campground is divided into six different lanes. Each of the sites found here is equipped with a picnic table and a barbecue. Other amenities include vault toilets and drinking water. No power hookups are provided.

Dogs are permitted to join their owners on the grounds but must remain leashed at all times.

There is a boat launch on the premises which provides access to the reservoir. Other attractions include an amphitheater and a hiking trail.

A waste disposal station can be found just outside the entrance to the campground.

Prosser Campground

Prosser Campground is a much-loved camping facility located within Prosser, California. This recreational site offers 29 campsites for reservation for year-round camping for RV and tent campers to enjoy.

The on-site amenities include drinking water and vault toilets. Each of the campsites is complete with a picnic table and a fire pit for public use.

There are several attractions at Prosser Campground which include a boat ramp and close proximity to both the Donner Camp Historic Site and the Prosser Pits Motorcycle Area.

Dogs are welcomed on the grounds but must remain leashed.

First-come first-served

Boca Rest Campground

Boca Rest Campground is located just outside Truckee, California. This property offers 29 campsites for RV and tent camping on a year-round basis. Each of the sites is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

This camping facility is heavily wooded, affording families lots of privacy. The on-site amenities include drinking water, vault toilets, and stakes for boat moorings.
Each campsite is furnished with a picnic table.

This campground is situated near to Boca Townsite Trail and the Stampede Reservoir.

Dogs may join their families on their camping adventure but must remain leashed.

Seasonal activities in Stampede Recreation Site


Donner Lake

Donner Lake is a must-visit destination for those that enjoy outdoor recreation. This popular recreational area offers many attractions for the outdoor enthusiast to enjoy. The lake waters are crisp and refreshing for those that enjoy taking a swim. Other popular water activities here include boating, swimming, paddle boarding, and kayaking.

But water activities are not the only fun things to do at Donner Lake. There are plenty of interesting activities to do on the land as well such as picnicking and rock climbing.

With over 37 piers to its credit, families will not want for places to dive headfirst into the lake, to do some fishing, or simply to sunbathe from the dock.

Historic Downtown Truckee

No trip to Stampede Recreation Site would be complete without a day spent exploring Historic Downtown Truckee. Truckee is a town with a vast history. Today, this small town is home to a bustling city square that is chock full of delightful boutiques and popular restaurants.

Truckee's immense charm comes from its dedication to its history with many buildings maintaining the appearance and architecture of the day they were first built.

This town was recently added to the National Register of Historic Places. It takes its handle from a prominent leader of the Paiute Indians, a tribe that once made this region their home.

Castle Peak

A hike through Castle Peak is an exhilarating way to spend the day. The trail begins near the pinnacle of a section of property known as Donner Pass. The path is relatively easy with gentle inclines for the first mile of terrain. Following this, the trail becomes decidedly steep and travels through extremely rugged land.

For those seeking a longer hiking adventure, hikers can travel to a trail located along Castle Valley Road which is renowned for its scenic beauty. This area can also be accessed via a vehicle equipped with four-wheel-drive to provide the opportunity to view the property without such a lengthy hike.


Emigrant Trail

The Emigrant Trail was once a popular route for those seeking to reach the California coast to take part in the gold rush of 1849. It is estimated that up to a million people traversed this route in their wagons in search of opportunity and fortune.

Though the trail is largely quiet now, the air is still heavily laden with the history of those who traveled this popular route in the mid 19th century. Along the route, families will discover the impressive Sierra Nevada mountain range in the distance, some rich and naturally landscaped hiking trails, and dense tree cover.

In the early years, those traveling this path experienced great hardship, often succumbing to illness, accidents, or simply the lack of strength to continue. Many lost their lives before reaching the California coast.

Boca Reservoir

Located near to Stampede Recreation Site, Boca Reservoir, a popular recreational area and campground, is well worth a visit. This body of water sits along the banks of the Little Truckee River and is located just a short drive from Reno, Nevada.

Among the most popular activities at Boca Reservoir are fishing, boating, swimming, hiking, horseback riding, and picnicking.

Fishing remains popular throughout all four seasons. The reservoir is well-stocked with such fish species as kokanee salmon, rainbow trout, brook trout, and brown trout.

Check with the local municipal office to see if a license is required to fish in California waters.

Truckee River Regional Park

Truckee River Regional Park is a popular public facility that spans 62 acres of naturally landscaped grounds in total. This recreational area is only 1/2 mile from Historic Downtown Truckee, affording families the opportunity to visit two places for the price of one.

Many activities take place on the grounds year-round for families to enjoy. During the summer months, Truckee River Regional Park hosts a popular farmer's market that lasts well into the fall. Concert series are also hosted on the premises throughout the year.