State Fair of West Virginia

Take a walk along Blue Ribbon Drive at the State Fair of West Virginia. Branch out to see Agriculture Alley, sleep in your camper, and more.

Event information

Is seeing livestock your favorite part of a fair? Or is it the lights of the midway? Perhaps the marketplace and fried fair food are your preferred destinations once through the gates. No matter what you and the family like to do, you will find it here at the State Fair of West Virginia.

Puppet shows, amazing dog performances, and racing pigs will thrill the kids. The draft horse pull is a sight to see, as is the speed of the harness racing events. There is a dairy birthing center for those who want to see how nature works in real-time, and for more educational entertainment, take the family through the farm food pavilion.

Choose an evening concert from the extensive line-up and clap your hands along to the beat. The Grandstand stage has a variety of acts to choose from, so don’t miss out on this highlight. Support local youth by attending demonstrations of how to handle farm animals with skill and pride.

While in the Lewisburg area, take a drive to see the tranquility of rural life, visit historical sites to learn about the Civil War, attend a free movie night in town, and take the family tubing along the Greenbrier River. After a full day of fun, retreat to the RV for a relaxing evening under the clear West Virginia skies.


Buy a general admission ticket for between $10 and $40, depending on how much of the State Fair of West Virginia you wish to explore. Grandstand concerts are extra; check to decide which one you will attend. Advance, online purchases will save you a few dollars per person. Youth 12 and under are free every day, and there are “special” days with significant savings. Check them out as you peruse the site.

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Nestled in between the north and south routes of US-219, the fair is easily approached. Enjoy the beautiful scenic drive of Greenbrier Valley. The Greenbrier River flows prettily along and has multiple access points to stop for a picnic or a short hike. Being a valley, there may be some rolling hills to drive up and down as you meander along. Tune in to the local radio station to listen for weather or road closure advisories.

Parking areas

Parking is plentiful at the State Fair of West Virginia. Arrive early if you do not have a tow vehicle and want to bring your rig. Choose the North, South, or West lot, and if you need ADA-accessible parking, it is conveniently located close to the gate. Have your placard visible as you approach so that parking attendants can direct you. There is a free shuttle running from the lots to the gates within certain hours.

Public Transportation

The Mountain Transit Authority does run a bus service in Lewisburg, but you will have to check the website to verify whether the running times coincide with your travels during the fair and to see if the bus runs close enough for your needs. Taxi services are available. Take a ridesharing option to the fairgrounds or the parking lot and then shuttle in if desired.

Where to stay


There are accommodations for tents in the dry camping area, and for RVs in the amenities area but spaces are limited, and there is no guarantee of a spot. Inquire to reserve in advance and choose electric only, electric and water, or a full hookup site. Two vehicles are allowed per RV space. There is no generator use during quiet hours. Pets can be with you in the camping area but cannot come to the fair. If you must bring your pet along on the trip, plan for someone to stay behind with the pet when everyone else is at the fairgrounds.


RVers love the West Virginia area for camping. If you like wilderness campgrounds, you are in luck. If you prefer full hookups and all the amenities, you are in luck there, too. National forest areas and public campgrounds both have everything the RVing family could want to make for an amazing vacation. Take a trek through the woods, go mountain biking, fish to your heart’s content, or relax by a babbling brook. Explore the museums, parks, and natural wonders of the state.

Getting around

The campground is a high traffic area, so bicycles are not allowed. If you need a golf cart to get to the main fair gate, you can use one if you show proof of insurance. Once inside the gates, you can rent a wheelchair, electric scooter, stroller, or wagon. The State Fair of West Virginia is a big venue that calls for walking from one section to another which branch out from Blue Ribbon Alley. Wear comfy shoes so that you can enjoy every attraction.

What to pack


Top the clothing packing list with jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and your favorite sweatshirt. These items will take you from campground to fair and back again. It’s a relaxing atmosphere where comfort is the number one priority. From experiencing your favorite ride on the carnival midway to a hike through a tranquil forest, easy wash and wear clothes make the grade. Bring along running shoes, hiking boots and sandals, and throw in some rain gear in case inclement weather makes an appearance.


A well-stocked rig is key to a stress-free holiday. Pack toiletries, flashlights, extra towels, games, water toys and rain gear for a fun-filled getaway. Don’t forget the camera and lawn chairs for sitting around the fire. If you have older kids, who will be off on their own exploring the fair, have them pack their cell phones for ease of communication.

Health & Safety

Sunscreen and bug spray are two components for camping in the woods and spending lots of time in the sun. Keep cold drinks in a cooler on the picnic table for easy access, and when at the State Fair of West Virginia, remind the kids to drink plenty of water in between carnival rides. If you are camping on the grounds, remember that no open fires are allowed. Grills and fire pits are allowed, but practice the utmost safety by never leaving hot coals unattended.

Where to eat


Cook healthy meals so that the family keeps their energy up all day, moving from event to event. Start the day with bacon and eggs on the camp stove. Take a break for lunch and sample entries for the New Fair Food Contest, and then vote on your favorite.

Back at camp for supper, prepare grilled brussel sprouts on skewers, skillet mushrooms, and foil pack chicken. Make camp cooking a breeze by bringing along a cast iron frying pan and dutch oven. Purchase charcoal briquets and top up the RV propane before hitting the road.


You have to try Southern biscuits while in town and match them with your favorite fillings and toppings. Fish tacos or a chicken salad are tasty options, too. The kids’ hearty appetites will be quickly satisfied with dishes like pizza, burgers, and fries. Lighter choices could be fish and vegetables. No matter the desire or taste, Lewisburg has an excellent variety of restaurants.


A highlight of the State Fair of West Virginia is the marketplace. Clothing, artisan crafts, vegetables and fruit, commercial goods and souvenirs are available. Be prepared to shop, because the wares displayed in the vendor booths are exceptional and too good to pass up. There are ATMs on site if you need extra cash. Save room for fabulous fair food, like fried donuts and apple dumplings.



Security staff and the West Virginia State Police will patrol the fairgrounds and surroundings to ensure a family-oriented time is the priority. Alcohol is not permitted in the camping area or at the fairgrounds, except at a few of the concert events. Your pets cannot come to the fair with you and when at camp, must be on their leash. Quiet time at the campground must be observed by all guests.


West Virginia is no stranger to weather extremes; however, they are not the norm. Be prepared for rain or shine by having rain gear and umbrellas on hand in the camper. Keep your shade cover open as well for a place to cool off with a tasty drink on a hot afternoon. The nights can be pleasantly cool in Lewisburg in the evening. Enjoy the sounds of the forest and stream while keeping the RV windows open at night. Pack extra blankets and enjoy the night’s sleep.


Emergency Medical Services have a booth at the fair, and it is good practice to familiarize yourself with the location upon entering the fairgrounds. If you are bringing a service animal, dress them in their identifiable gear and have certification papers on hand. Pharmacy services are accessible within 15 minutes by vehicle.