Stockton Lake


If an RV adventure sounds like just what the doctor ordered, hit the open road on a quest to visit Stockton Lake. It's an excellent place for a relaxing getaway.
Stockton Lake is a man-made body of water that spans three counties in Missouri: Cedar County, Dade County, and Polk County. It has a distinctive V-shaped appearance and covers 39 square miles of ground, revealing 298 miles of beautiful coastline for families to explore at their leisure.
The property is home to many attractions, including three marinas and ten public parks. Much of the shoreline is under a "non-development policy," meaning it remains pristine and untouched. Visitors to the grounds of Stockton Lake are amazed by its vast rolling hills and rich tree cover.
Stockton Lake is one of seven artificial lakes in Missouri. It was formed by creating a dam at the Sac River in 1969. Today, Stockton Lake is traversed by three major highways and several bridges. Its waters also flow through a pipeline to provide a potable water supply for the city of Springfield.

The region is home a wide variety of wildlife including deer, turkeys, and even geese. Bald eagles have also been seen soaring through the skies. Water sports are another popular attraction for families. Among the water recreation enjoyed at Stockton Lake is water skiing, wakeboarding, fishing, and sailing. With such picturesque grounds to enjoy, hiking and picnicking also top the charts of fun things to do on your RV vacation.
For a great time at an idyllic camping haven, bring your RV for a stay at Stockton Lake. You'll have a fabulous time.

RV Rentals in Stockton Lake



The journey to Stockton Lake travels along two lane highways that are mostly country roads. These stretches of highway are kept in good condition and free from snow to permit travelers to visit year-round. Construction occurs on occasion, but rarely slows down the flow of traffic. Occasionally, wildlife makes its way into the road. Motorists are advised to remain alert to avoid accidents.


There are several parking lots at Stockton Lake where you can safely leave your car including at beaches and in the campgrounds.

Public Transportation

There is no public transportation available to Stockton Lake.

Campgrounds and parking in Stockton Lake

Campsites in Stockton Lake

Reservations camping

Stockton State Park Campground

Stockton State Park Campground is divided into two camping facilities within the same recreational area. Both offer year-round camping by reservation only. Showers and tap water are available from April through October only.
Most of the sites offer power hookups. Other amenities shared by these two campgrounds include vault toilets, a waste disposal station, an amphitheater, and a playground.
Primitive style campsites are also available.

Crabtree Cove Campground

Crabtree Cove Campground offers 58 campsites for RV and tent camping year-round. Reservations are recommended. Most of the campsites have power hookups. Other amenities include showers, toilets, basketball, courts, boat ramps, a playground, picnic areas, and a waste disposal station.

Seasonal activities in Stockton Lake



With 298 miles of shoreline, Stockton Lake has lots of beautiful beach property where families can come to enjoy a dip in the crisp, clear waters. Take the plunge and work on perfecting your breaststroke or simply float your cares away under the warm rays of the sun.

Swimming is unsupervised at Stockton Lake, so proceed with caution and avoid entering the lake when the waters are rough.

The sandy shore makes an excellent place to take long leisurely walks, enjoying the sweet smells and sounds of summer.

Water sports

Stockton Lake is home to several boat launches, making it the perfect spot to get your boat out on the water. Bring along your motorboat, canoe, or kayak, and head out into the water for a day of fun in the sun. While you're at it, pack your tackle box and bait in case the fish are biting. Other popular water-based activities in the area include waterskiing, wakeboarding, and even scuba diving. The transparency of the water makes it a great place to see all of the underwater treasures, including the region's many species of fish.


Stockton Lake's abundant rolling hills and pristine tree cover make it a stunning place to enjoy a picnic lunch. There are several areas found on the grounds that contain picnic tables, but you could even lay down a blanket and enjoy your meal directly from the beach with the lake providing an incredible view for you to feast your eyes on.

Along with your picnic lunch, you will want to be sure you have your camera to record the memories you and your family will make and the beautiful sights you will discover.



Stockton Lake's undeveloped grounds are the ideal spot for doing some exploring. Since most the shoreline is under a strict mandate to remain unspoiled, it is a treasure trove of natural landscape just ripe for discovery.
Plenty of hiking trails are there for you to navigate, or you can chart a course all your own. Since the terrain at Stockton Lake can be very hilly, you will definitely need good hiking shoes to protect your feet and prevent injury.


Fishing is a very popular attraction at Stockton Lake, with many flocking from all across the county to enjoy the bounty found within its waters. Though walleye is one of the most commonly caught fish here, you may also be lucky enough to snag one or two of the following fish species: crappie, black bass, white bass, bluegill, and channel catfish.
You will need a fishing license to enjoy participating in this sport at Stockton Lake. These can typically be purchased at any local marina.

Wildlife viewing

Wildlife flourishes at Stockton Lake, making it an excellent place for you to spot some unusual and rare species of both birds and animals. Bald eagles have frequently been seen soaring above the premises, and the area is also a haven for turkeys, fox, deer, rabbits, and more.

Bring along your camera, some binoculars, and naturalist's guide to be sure you are able to identify and record all of your findings. You will need good walking shoes for this adventure as well.