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Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation Area


If you're ready to head out on the open road in search of your next great RV adventure, consider a trip to Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation Area. It's a wonderful place for a relaxing holiday.

Alberta's Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation Area is situated near to the rural town of Grand Cache. One of three gateways to nearby Wilmore Wilderness Park, this recreational area and camping facility is one of the province's best kept secrets and is a haven for RV campers in search of a rural retreat from the busyness of city life. The property sits at the confluence of two rivers: the Sulphur River and Smoky River, two spots that are popular for canoeing and fishing.

Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation Area is extremely picturesque with its swiftly flowing, clear rivers, lush green forests, and abundance of sandstone cliffs which provide a wonderful vantage point from which to view the surrounding Rocky Mountains and rolling terrain found below. There is a trail on the grounds that is suitable for hiking or horseback riding, and there is a vast amount of back country woods for families to explore.

If you've got vacation on your mind, plan to take your next RV holiday at Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation Area. It's a holiday retreat you'll not soon forget.

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Travel from Grande Cache, AB, to Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation Area consists of 13 km (8 miles). The route is quite simple and direct and traverses over well-maintained highways of two lanes. To follow this path, start on AB-40 N toward Hoppe Ave. Continue along this highway until you reach the sign for Sulphur Gates Road. Make a left hand turn here. Shortly up the road, you will see the park on your left hand side. The journey to this recreational area and camping facility travels through extremely scenic areas of the province. Allow extra time to stop and take some photos of the magnificent landscape. Due to its remote nature, wildlife sometimes enters the roadways, so do remain alert to their presence to avoid an accident. Traffic moves exceptionally well, and road construction is very infrequent.


Parking is available via a small lot at the entrance to the park.

Public Transportation

Due to its extremely remote location, there is no public transportation available to Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation Area.

Campgrounds and parking in Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation Area

Campsites in Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation Area

First-come first-served

Sulphur Gates Campground

Sulphur Gates Campground offers year-round camping on a first come, first served basis. There are four equestrian campsites and 15 RV or tent campsites that are completely unserviced. Water is available via an on-site pump, but it is not suitable for drinking, so please be sure to bring some with you for your personal consumption.

Generator use is permitted, and dogs may join their families at this campground so long as they remain leashed and mannerly.

A true rural retreat, there are very few amenities at Sulphur Gates Campground. Among them are hitching rails, corrals, loading ramps, firepits, and pit toilets.

The most popular activities at this park include fishing, hiking, picnicking, and photography.

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For families who enjoy getting out on the water, the Sulphur River and the Smoky River at Sulphur Gates Recreation Area are the ideal spots to do some paddling in your canoe or kayak. Along your journey through the river, you will be treated to breathtaking sights of the lush forest-lined shore and surrounding Rocky Mountain range. Bring along your camera to capture some of the idyllic scenery.

You'll want to be sure you have drinking water and snacks with you on your journey on the river. Bring along some bait and your fishing pole to try your hand at reeling in the catch of the day while you're at it.

Horseback riding

Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation Area is home to both front country and back country trails that are popular with families looking to do some horseback riding. The park itself offers 4 equestrian campsites, making it an extremely friendly facility for families looking to enjoy some outdoor recreation with their favorite pony pal. The camping areas are equipped with hitching posts and corrals as well.

The trails lead through abundant forest and offer incredibly scenic views of the banks of the Sulphur and Smoky Rivers as well as the Rocky Mountains.

Be sure to carry drinking water for you and your horse to ensure you both remain properly hydrated.


The picturesque grounds of Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation Area make it the ideal spot for enjoying a picnic lunch. Nestle along the banks of the river, recline in a lounge chair at your campsite, or lay out a picnic blanket in the grass in the forest, and you've got the perfect backdrop to enjoy a delicious meal surrounded by beauty.

Bring a packed lunch and some drinking water from home for all to enjoy. Your dog may join you on your picnic adventure but be sure to keep them leashed and to clean up after them.



For avid fishermen, Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation Area is a great place to be. The Sulphur and Smoky Rivers are well-stocked with abundant species of fish just waiting to be caught. You can fish from the banks of the rivers or paddle out into the center of the water in your canoe to cast your line out on the water.

Be sure to wear sunscreen and dress appropriately for the weather conditions. You will want to bring along drinking water and some snacks to enjoy.

In accordance with Alberta law, a fishing license is required to participate in the sport.


Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation Area offers both front county and back country hiking opportunities. There are some cleared hiking paths which run along the banks of the two rivers and through areas of light forest. For the more adventurous sort, there is lush woods and rolling terrain to navigate with care.

Be sure to wear appropriate footwear to prevent injuries. Carry some drinking water with you and be sure to have a snack or two to keep your energy levels up.

Please feel free to bring your dog along for your hike, but you must take care to keep them leashed.


For those who fancy a little adventure, geocaching offers families the opportunity to explore the park's innermost parts in search of hidden treasure. The geocaching course at Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation Area is challenging but lots of fun. It's a great way to spend a day out in the spring or fall.

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