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Sundance Provincial Park


If you've got an RV adventure on your mind, consider a trip to Alberta's Sundance Provincial Park. It's the perfect spot for an outdoor camping getaway.

Sundance Provincial Park is located only 100 km (62 miles) away from the well-renowned Jasper National Park. This recreational area is divided into two distinct regions. One section is known as the Sundance Valley which runs along the length of Sundance Creek. The other is Emerson Lakes, a network of five bodies of water that are interconnected to one another. It is on this property that the campground is found.
There are many interesting geographical features to be discovered at Sundance Provincial Park. The terrain is quite diverse and includes such scenic viewpoints as rich cliffs comprised of sandstone, high valley plateaus, and distinctive wetland regions. Sundance Provincial Park is extremely picturesque, making it a worthy subject for photographers to capture on film.

Sundance Provincial Park is quite remote with the nearest town being Hinton, AB. There are 7 km (4 miles) of recreational trails for families to explore on foot or by bike. One of the most popular activities is a hike along the Wild Sculpture Trail to glimpse the hoodoos in their natural habitat. Along the route, several species of wild orchids may be seen.

With 9,000 acres of property to explore, families will not want for things to do. The lakes are home to many rare and unusual fish species including the unique Marl Fen. Situated within the Northern Rockies District, this park has a majestic and tranquil air that makes it well conducive to reflection and relaxation.

If you're hankering to hit the open road on your next RV adventure, plan a trip to Sundance Provincial Park. It is a haven for those who want to sample outdoor living in the heart of rural Alberta.

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The trip from Hinton, AB to Sundance Provincial Park is quite direct and covers 70 km (44 miles) in total. To reach the park, follow AB-16 to Medicine Lodge Rd/Range Rd 210 C in Yellowhead County. Turn onto Medicine Lodge Road and continue on this highway until you spot the park. The roads in this route consist of two lanes with each of the highways kept in good condition. Traffic moves along well. Road construction occurs infrequently.

Jasper, AB is 146 km (91 miles) from Sundance Provincial Park. To get to your destination, begin by following Connaught Dr/AB-16A to AB-16. Make a left hand turn onto AB-16 towards Edmonton. Turn onto Medicine Lodge Road and continue along this path until you see the park. This route travels over roads of both two and four lanes. The highways are in good condition, and traffic moves at a consistent pace. Construction does occur occasionally during the summer months.


Parking can be found at the lot at the entrance to Sundance Provincial Park as well as outside the Emerson Lakes Campground.

Public Transportation

There is no public transportation available to this park and camping facility.

Campgrounds and parking in Sundance Provincial Park

Campsites in Sundance Provincial Park

Reservations camping

Emerson Lakes Campground

Emerson Lakes Campground is a popular spot for RV and tent camping from May 1st through October 31st each year. There are 15 campsites available for reservation. There are no power or water hookups provided; however, generator use is acceptable.

Though dogs are welcomed at this campground, they must remain on a leash and are prohibited from entering public buildings or visiting the beach.

A campground that prides itself on rustic camping, the amenities at Emerson Lakes Campground are as follows: firepits, a water pump, a boat launch, a fish cleaning station, firewood, and pit toilets. Though water is available on the grounds, it is not recommended for drinking. Campground officials advise bringing drinking water for your consumption.

Among the most popular activities at this camping facility are boating, hiking, cycling, fishing, and picnicking.

Seasonal activities in Sundance Provincial Park



The five bodies of water that comprise Emerson Lakes are popular spots for doing some boating. The property houses a boat launch which is the perfect locale for propelling electric-powered boats, canoes, and kayaks into the water.

It is important to note that boating is limited to craft which contain electric motors or those that can be paddled on any of the Emerson Lakes.

Bring along drinking water and snacks to enjoy. If the mood strikes you, you can even try your hand at fishing as these bodies of water are rich in different species of fish.

Wildlife viewing

Sundance Provincial Park is a haven for many different species of wildlife. Meander along the trails or through the forest and you will be treated to the sight of such animals as moose, deer, elk, bears, and cougars.

The property is also home to many unique varieties of plants including up to a dozen different types of wild orchids.

You'll want to have a camera on hand to capture the abundance of plant and animal life you will glimpse along your travels. Be sure to carry drinking water with you as well and to wear comfortable footwear to prevent possible injury.


Sundance Provincial Park is a beautiful spot for families to enjoy a picnic lunch. You can choose from one of the property's picnic areas or spread out a blanket directly on banks of one of the Emerson Lakes where you can feast on your packed meal with the sounds of the waves crashing gently in your ears.

Be sure to bring along some drinking water and a packed lunch from home. Your dog may join you on your picnic, but they must remain leashed. Park laws also require you to clean up after your pets.



Hiking is a much-loved activity at Sundance Provincial Park. With 7 km (4 miles) of trails to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice as to where to start. Most of the trails are self-guided but do contain interpretive signs.

Take the Wild Sculpture Trail to view the hoodoos in their natural habitat. Once you reach your destination, you can travel through the dense woods to find several of Emerson Lakes, an area renowned for its peacefulness and tranquil air.


With such a picturesque landscape and diverse wildlife in the area, Sundance Provincial Park is an excellent spot for photographers to work on building up their portfolio. Take a hike through the woods to find the sandstone cliffs or meander into the valleys for awe-inspiring shots of the Sundance Valley plateaus.

The rare wild orchids that line the grounds are a lovely sight to behold and are picture perfect in season. If you're especially lucky, you may even catch sight of such creatures as cougars or bears.

Ice fishing

Though the fishing is excellent year-round at Sundance Provincial Park, many fishermen love to gather at the Emerson Lakes when the snow begins to fly. Ice fishing is a popular off-season activity enjoyed by both locals and visitors alike in the winter months.

Be sure to bundle up against the cold by dressing in layers. A thermos full of coffee will help keep the chill at bay, but be sure you also bring along some drinking water to prevent dehydration.