Music is the name of the game at SunFest, in West Palm Beach, Florida along a beautiful waterfront. Put this destination on your list of summer stops.

Event information

It’s all about the music, and what a lineup to behold every year at SunFest. Top-performing artists grace the stages at this well-established and multi-genre event. From hip hop to R&B, from rock to soul, music aficionados will get their fix over four days of incredible shows.

Set course for West Palm Beach and sink your feet into the sand and sounds of Southern Florida. SunFest will satisfy all of your festival cravings. Sing along to the music, fuel your body with delicious food and drink, take in a little shopping, and then dance the night away.

Watch an artist’s informative demonstration and have a cocktail on one of the floating bars. Be sure to rest in between events and save a little energy for the festival 5K race at the end of the weekend. And of course, the finale fireworks over the bay cannot be missed.

West Palm Beach has lots for the family to do once the festival is done. Visit a conservation zoo, have a blast at a water park, or cool down in the air-conditioned comfort of a museum while learning at the same time. In the evening, head back to your personal oasis for rest or play at your RV site, whatever the gang has energy for after a day of SunFestivities.


Kids under 5 are usually cost-free for SunFest, and they will enjoy the Chillzone as a place to take the shade in between activities. Admission tickets range from $40 to $120, and there are VIP options as well. See and decide on your weekend vibe. Once you enter the festival, plan to stay for the day as there is a one-time entrance policy.

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West Palm Beach, Florida is a happening place, so check the website for detailed directions to the Intercoastal Waterway from your location. The festival sites are situated in the downtown area along several public roads. Before heading out, tune into the 511 Travel Information System, and you will be kept up to date on road conditions and delays. Have a skilled navigator at your side, and you will be all set for a road trip to the sun.

Parking areas

When you purchase your SunFest ticket, buy a parking pass at the same time if you plan to use one. Some of the options are in parking garages, so be sure to obtain a spot in a lot to avoid problems with height or maneuverability. You must purchase your parking pass ahead of time, not on the day of attendance. There are no ins and outs when parking in festival spots.

Public Transportation

Part of the excitement of SunFest is the uniqueness of it, and the local public transportation is no exception. You can bike there and get free valet parking close to the entrance. Consider this an Earth-friendly way to attend and get in shape at the same time. Trolleys, trains, and buses are in service for a convenient mode of travel. You may see people arriving by water taxi; that option is for boaters who are anchored in the area.

Where to stay


You cannot camp at SunFest, but you can take a siesta on the grass on your blanket in the afternoon. Otherwise, choose one of the many picturesque campgrounds within proximity to the music and celebration.


RVers will not be short on choices to camp in West Palm Beach. Camp on a lake or beachside, or choose a spot that offers a canopy of trees to shade your rig. Whatever your favorite type of spot, you will never be far from a body of water for fishing, boating, or swimming. Campgrounds in the area have full amenities for the camper who likes the outdoor life but also wants the comfort of home.

Getting around

For the kids, a stroller may be the best way to get around the venue area. The music festival can get pretty crowded, and there is a bit of walking between the food booths, artisan displays, and the three music stages. Save tired feet and let the little ones ride along part of the time. Wheelchairs and medical scooters can navigate the pathways easily without fear of a collision; roller blades, inline skates, skateboards, bicycles, and non-medical scooters must be left at home.

What to pack


The sun will be hot, and therefore, the clothing must be lightweight. Shorts and t-shirts are recommended, along with a light coverup to protect the shoulders. A colorful, wide-brimmed hat will round out your festival outfit. Have the kids bring along their favorite hat, too. Comfortable sandals will keep the feet cool and ready for walking.


Small backpacks are permitted to carry refillable non-glass water bottles, simple cameras, and blankets. Foldable lawn chairs can be set up, but be mindful and do not block the view of other music lovers in front of the stage. No laser or glow products are allowed. Leave the selfie sticks, frisbees, and water guns at home, too.

Health & Safety

The hot Florida sun calls for attention to hydration. The kiddos may not want to slow down long enough for a drink, but insist on a break in the Chillzone for sunscreen reapplication and a cold refreshment. At the campground, keep a cooler full of ice and cold drinks on the picnic table. Stock the fridge with washed fruit for a healthy treat.

Where to eat


Florida temperatures sometimes lessen the appetite, so plan your menu to be full of green salads, cold chicken, washed and sliced veggies with dip, and tasty wraps made with hummus, shredded carrots, and cheese. Dishes like these will allow for a light meal if that is the choice, or return trips to the table for refills for hungry campers.


Visit the patio of a Parisian-style bistro or rest in the air-conditioned comfort of an Asian or Mediterranean eatery. If the kids want mac and cheese or pizza, order that for them and choose steak, pad thai, or seafood for yourself. If a quick meal is in store, stop by a local deli for tasty sandwiches, soup, or pancakes.


The Art District is the place for shopping, watching artisan demonstrations, or spoiling yourself with a henna tattoo. Grab a tasty bite at a SunFest food booth and then meander through the art installations. Credit and debit cards are accepted at the festival, and if paying cash is your preference, there are ATMs if you need to top up your wallet.



Security staff will enforce the festival rules and be available if there is a question or concern. Expect your bag to be checked as you enter the gates so check the not-allowed list and leave forbidden items at home. Guests cannot bring alcohol to the event but can enjoy a drink in designated areas.


Enjoy the beautiful, tropical weather of West Palm Beach. Dress for the heat and consider a full electric hookup for the RV because the AC will be a welcomed amenity. Prepare for inclement weather also. Bring rain gear along to the festival. The fun continues rain or shine at SunFest.


Accessibility over the festival is made easier by the terrain. Asphalt, concrete, and curbs are part of the walkways, so consider an assistant or an electric wheelchair as making your way around can be a strenuous endeavor. Keep hydrated and take a break in the shade often. If a service animal is accompanying you, be aware of the heat of the asphalt on their paws. Stick to grassy areas as a precaution. Festival-goers who require first aid can find the booth centrally located along the waterfront.