Sunset Music Festival

Start your summer adventures by attending Sunset Music Festival in Tampa Florida, a two-day party at Raymond James Stadium.

Event information

Sunset Music Festival is an annual event held on the weekend before Memorial Day at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. If you like electronic dance music Sunset Music Festival is the perfect way to kick-off your summer holiday.

SMF is not a camping festival, but luckily there are RV campsites you can book nearby and be close to the stadium. The event is 18+ so have that in mind if you are traveling with kids.

SMF features some of the most prestigious video and audio production, and it is one of the best electronic spectacles in Florida. The lineup usually consists of house, bass, techno, and trance performers and utilizes multiple stages. You can also apply for the Ambassador Program, which is a perfect opportunity for die-hard fans to score free access, express entrance, and more.

To stay up to date with all of the major details, in terms of ticket sales, lineup, and schedule, you can download the official app for the festival or visit the festival’s website.


Much like other similar festivals, you can expect to have a choice between general and VIP admission tickets. Make sure you know exactly what a particular ticket includes, in addition to access to the festival (e.g., spot, entrance gate, collectibles) before you buy. Tickets options include entry for the duration of the festival.

Once you purchase your ticket, the festival staff will inform you when your wristband has shipped. Wristbands will only be shipped within the United States. If you suspect that the delivery is running late, you can contact their help desk. Also, the first week of May is the latest when wristbands can be shipped. If you miss that opportunity or if you cannot receive the wristband due to your location, you can redeem them at the festival entrance.

Tickets have upgrade options for perks like a parking space, locker storage, water bottle, etc. For tickets pricing and availability details, you should either install the official app or visit the Sunset Music Festival website.

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The festival is held at the Raymond James Stadium, and the physical address is 4201 N. Dale Mabry Hwy., Tampa, FL 33607. However, since there are no RV parking spots, it may be best to continue to your chosen RV camp and set up camp first. Multiple options are available in terms of RV parks, and all of them are twenty to thirty-five minutes away from the stadium. Your route may bring you on Tampa Bay Blvd., W. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., W. Hillsborough Ave. or I-275 to reach N. Dale Mabry Hwy. and arrive at the stadium.

Parking areas

Parking spots are available on site, and they are usually purchased as an upgrade to your tickets. Remember that RV parking is not allowed at the stadium, so you may not need this upgrade, as you will be parked in a nearby RV resort. Day parking options are cash only.

Public Transportation

Luckily, you do not need to worry since Raymond James Stadium is a popular location and many different events take place there. It is easy to find a cab online or a shuttle service that has regular routes to the stadium. The Tampa, Florida area offers plenty of options for public transportation.

Where to stay


Camping is not allowed on the festival grounds; however, that should not prevent you from having a great camping experience at one of the nearby resorts. The festival takes place in Florida at the end of May, and the weather conditions are likely to be camper-friendly. You will be here for two days or more, so consider a campsite that looks fun for extra excursions.


Multiple RV resorts are located near the stadium. You will have no trouble finding a resort at a convenient location in proximity to the festival grounds. Some campgrounds will offer plenty of outdoor activities. You may choose a resort close to the beach, or with a golf course, or with a lot of places for sightseeing and shopping. Book your stay in advance, so you know you have a spot and for ease of planning for arrival at the festival. In general, RV parks in the area tend to be pet-friendly, have full hookups, and offer plenty of amenities for guest campers.

Getting around

Once you are at the festival, you can go from one stage to another based on which performers you wish to see. You will have to move on foot as you cannot bring a bike or any other means of transportation. Since the festival is big, it would be for the best to have a map and a schedule nearby (either on your phone by using the official app, or print it out, if you plan to leave the phone in the locker).

There will be vendors, ATMs, bars, refill water stations, and other points of interests. Additionally, if you are traveling with your friends it will be quite easy to lose one another in the crowd, so agree on meeting points in case you get scattered. If needed, you can also ask the security staff to give you directions.

What to pack


Concert activities are held late into the evening, so you can expect the temperature to change as the sun goes down. Dress light for a sunny day, and remember to apply sunscreen. It would be really handy to bring an extra layer with you, and leave it in your locker in case you get cold. Bring some rain gear as well to help with surprise showers, and always remember to check the weather forecast to know what to expect.


A few things to be sure to remember to take the festival are your ticket or wristband, your ID, and comfortable clothing and footwear. Organizers also ask that guests bring a smile and good vibes, and it is highly encouraged to wear a festival costume. Bring a hat, sunscreen, a plastic bottle for water, and anything else you can throw in your backpack that adheres to the festival’s prohibited items list. Sunset Music Festival retains a detailed list of items that are allowed and those that are strictly prohibited. Visit the official website and run through that list to avoid confusion upon entry to the stadium.

Health & Safety

Drink responsibly if you are of age. Be prepared to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. If you are not feeling well for any reason, feel free to ask for help at the first aid station, as there is one next to each stage. You can also ask the security staff to help you find the first-aid tent, or you might see the medical team roaming the festival. Lastly, Sunset Music Festival organizers request that if you notice anything that needs attention, please inform the staff.

Where to eat


The festival rules pretty much prevent you from cooking on the festival grounds, so your culinary activities will be restricted to your RV campsite. If you are hungry at the festival, do not worry, there will be vendors that sell food. If you plan to cook at your campsite, make sure you bring sufficient supplies, like a propane stove, or grill, as well as raw meat, veggies, and spices. Remember to check fuel regulations at your campground, and fill your tanks in case hookups are not offered at your site.


Several restaurants surround the Raymond James Stadium. The festival code of conduct prohibits you from going in and out as you please, so if you want to go to a nearby restaurant during the festival, bear in mind that you won’t be able to re-enter. So, when you get hungry, you may want to rely on food vendors at the festival. On the other hand, maybe you will not stay until the very end each day and would like to treat yourself with a nice meal. In that case, you’ll be glad to hear there are a lot of options to choose in Tampa. Grill food, seafood, Mexican food, Italian food, Pizza, Pasta and lots of other types of restaurants are within five to twenty minutes away from the event. You may also choose to eat at a local establishment in the morning before the festival activities begin.


Food and beverage stands will be located throughout the festival grounds. Additionally, you will see roaming vendors carrying water as well as other beverages. You may want to purchase some thirst-quenching fruit or juice to beat the heat. There will also be bars that serve alcohol to anyone who is over 21 with a valid ID. You can also find ATMs and a General Store where you can purchase any essentials you might require.



Every guest will be searched before entering the festival. You will be asked to empty your pockets and bag, and you might also be asked to remove your shoes. A TSA-style security check should be expected, as well as an examination of items you are bringing into the venue with you.

It is important to mention that drug use and possession will not be tolerated. Diligent police officers, along with K9 units, will be patrolling outside of the stadium and within festival grounds. Local and federal laws will be enforced. If you believe someone is breaking the code of conduct and presents a potential danger for other guests, organizers ask that you express your concerns to security staff members.


Remember to check the weather forecast before you decide what you’ll wear that week. The event takes place rain or shine, but in the case of inclement weather, the festival staff will instruct guests at that time. Having the official app will come in handy to monitor these types of updates. Generally speaking, you can expect lots of heat throughout the day but a bit chilly at night, so always prepare clothes for varying temperatures.


Sunset Music Festival will have first-aid stations marked with a red cross near each stage. It would be wise to note their location in case you or your friend need assistance. If you need to bring prescription medications or have particular medical concerns, it may be wise to contact the organizers prior to arrival. Since you are not spending the night behind festival gates, you may be able to care for specific medical needs while at your campsite. In case of a more serious problem, there are clinics and hospitals just five minutes away from the stadium.