Table Rock State Park

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Table Rock State Park is home to the famous land formation- that’s right, you guessed it- Table Rock. It’s simply part of a mountain that is shaped just like a table, and it can be seen for miles and miles. Many people can easily identify this uniquely shaped formation just by looking out over the mountains, but this park has been dedicated solely to Table Rock and is a beautiful place to visit. Surrounded by shady, wooded mountains, it’s the perfect spot for any RV camper.

There’s lots to do here as well, and it can make for the perfect summer vacation. Enjoy a hike through the woods, go for a dip in the water, catch a few fish, or enjoy the company of friends and family over a nice picnic. When you visit in the summertime, you can expect temperatures in the high 80s, and during the coldest parts of winter, temperatures can drop to just below freezing. Whenever you decide to bring your RV, you’ll be guaranteed to have plenty of fun and exciting activities to keep yourself entertained, and you’ll be able to finally find some peace of mind in all the serene nature that surrounds you when you visit Table Rock State Park.

RV Rentals in Table Rock State Park

Transportation in Table Rock State Park


No matter which direction you’re coming from, you can easily get to the park by taking Highway 11. When driving inside and outside the park, keep in mind that this is a mountainous area, so be aware of sharp curves on the road and be sure to take them gently. However, there are local roads that make it easy to navigate inside the park from the campground to the Nature Center.


There is parking located all throughout the park, but it might be easier for you to set your RV up at a campsite first, then venture out using your smaller vehicle. This will make navigating the park easier and help guarantee that you’ll be able to find a suitable parking spot during the busier times of the year. You can also find parking near Lake Oolenoy, Pinnacle Lake, and the Pinnacle Pavilion.

Public Transport

Campgrounds and parking in Table Rock State Park

Campsites in Table Rock State Park

Reservations camping

Campgrounds at Table Rock State Park

There is a campground located at the park entrance that has 69 total campsites, and another campground near the White Oaks Picnic Area that has 25 campsites. Each of these sites at both campgrounds has water and electric hookups, which is perfect for any RV camper. Keep in mind though that there are no sewer hookups, but there is a dump station. Laundry facilities are also nearby. Some sites require that you have a smaller RV, while others can hold RVs up to 40 feet in length.

There are shower and restroom facilities located at both campgrounds for your convenience, so you can stay feeling clean even after all the sweaty hiking and adventures that the days bring. Reservations must be made a day in advance and for a minimum of a two-night stay. On holidays and times when the campgrounds are in high demand, reservations might have to be made for three or more days.

First-come first-served

First-Come, First-Served

There are no first-come, first-served campgrounds at this state park.

Alternate camping

Cabin Camping

There are 14 cabins in the park that have everything you need. They’re fully furnished with heat and air conditioning. You won’t even need to worry about bringing your own linens, as they are provided in the cabin. There is also a refrigerator, microwave, utensils, and even a coffee pot available for your convenience. You’ll get to choose from one-, two-, and three-bedroom cabins, so you’ll be sure to get a cabin that’s just right for your group. Cabin camping is the perfect option if you’re looking for a nice place to go for a family vacation and don’t want to stay in an RV camper. You'll need to stay for a minimum of two nights in the cabins. Unfortunately, pets aren't allowed in the cabins.

Seasonal activities in Table Rock State Park



There is lots of wildlife in the park, but there are especially lots of birds. When you visit here, you’ll see many of them, and if you’re up for it, you can try identifying all the ones you see. There are even specific areas that are popular for bird watching near the visitor center and the White Oak Shelter.


Hiking is the way to go if you’re looking for an adventure and want to get up close and personal with this park’s namesake. That’s right, you can hike to Table Rock. On the way, you’ll also get to discover the Pinnacle Mountains and see beautiful waterfalls and streams. It’s a wonderful experience.


While you shouldn’t swim from the boats, there are still swimming opportunities here in the park. There is a designated swimming area at Pinnacle Lake that you are welcome to explore. It’s set up to be like a sandy beach, and there are even two diving boards you can jump from. So make sure you pack your swimsuit in your camper.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Lake Pinnacle is perfect for canoeing, kayaking, and even paddle boating. You can rent these and take them out whenever you like. It’s the perfect summer activity if you wish to go out and enjoy the calming atmosphere on the water while getting a little bit of exercise at the same time.


At Table Rock State Park, you have lots of options when it comes to boating. You can bring your own boat for the day or rent one from the park. There are two lakes you can boat on as well: Lake Oolenoy and Pinnacle Lake. If you wish to bring your own boat, you’ll need to head over to Lake Oolenoy, as Pinnacle Lake is for rentals only.



The off-season is the best time to come fishing here because you won’t have as many people to deal with, further allowing you to enjoy the fresh air without any distractions. You can fish at both lakes in the park, but just make sure you have a South Carolina Fishing License. Some popular fish catches are bass, bream, and catfish.


Geocaching is the modern-day version of a scavenger hunt. You’ll need to download coordinates onto your phone, then head out into the park to find the geocaches. This is a great way to get the whole family moving outside of the camper. There are definitely some geocaches located in the park, but will you be able to find them all?

Playing on the Playground

The kids will appreciate the playground, and we’re sure you will too when you see their smiles. It’s the perfect place to let the kids loose and run off some energy. Be sure to get lots of pictures, because they won’t stay this young and energetic forever. This is where memories are made.


There is no better way for relaxing during an RV road trip than enjoying a picnic in a serene setting. There are many picnic shelters and tables scattered throughout the park, and with all the natural scenery, they make for the perfect spots to hold a beautiful picnic. Pick the table that works best for you, invite your family and friends, and share some good food with some great company right here.

Visiting the Country Store

At the entrance of the campground, you’ll find a country store. This little store has everything you need for your trip. You can shop for groceries, get a few drinks and snacks, and even any items you may have accidentally left behind for your trip. This is also the perfect place to pick up souvenirs before heading back home.

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