Tabouleh Fest

The small city of Bristow is host to the Tabouleh Festival, which offers RVers the opportunity to experience great vendors, food, and entertainment.

Event information

The Tabouleh Festival has been going for many years and celebrates the rich Lebanese heritage of the City of Bristow, Oklahoma. Organized by the Bristow Historical Society, this event brings together a cross-section of the best the surrounding area has to offer. At the event, visitors will be able to participate in family-friendly activities like the 5K Wildflower Run, along with plenty of other competitions. What really drives people to this great festival though is the plethora of vendors available. Delicious food, unique handcrafted jewelry, and vibrant plants are just a few things you'll see when you visit the Tabouleh Fest.

RVers will find plenty of great campgrounds in the area making the Tabouleh Fest a great place to visit. Taking place during the second Saturday of May, visitors can enjoy the mild weather in Oklahoma and visit the surrounding city and countryside to their heart's content. Recently, the Bristow Historical Society has expanded the purview of the festival to include a range of wine tasting vendors that allow people of drinking age to get a sip of some of the great wine in the region.


Admission into the Tabouleh Festival is free as they want everyone to take advantage of all the fun happening. Both local and national sponsors make this possible. There are several dozen vendors located throughout the long stretch of the festival that will require payment for their offerings.

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Finding the Tabouleh Fest is fairly straightforward as it is located in the center of the City of Bristow on Main Street. There are several ways to get there with most out of state visitors taking Interstate 44, also known as the Turner Turnpike, from the northeast or southwest. Less used, but just as valid routes are along Highway 16 from the northwest or southeast or Highway 48 from the north or south.

Motorists can expect tolls in this area that only accept cash payments. Road and storm alerts for Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Bristow, and Creek County, Oklahoma can help travelers monitor what to expect while in the area.

Parking areas

As expected, most of Main Street will be blocked for the festival. Multiple parking spots are usually located off the adjoining streets, with lots located all along 5th through 8th streets. Guests with disabilities will probably find the end of 7th street, right before it gets to Main Street with restrooms often nearby, the best spot to park as it is closest to the festival.

Public Transportation

Tabouleh Fest does not have an official transportation service as it is located in the heart of Bristow. Public bus options in the area may be limited. Other options include private shuttling through online services, with drop off anywhere around the festival grounds.

Where to stay


Because of the limited space of the event, there are no RV spots available. There is no need to worry though as there are plenty of great options in the area.


There are a few nearby campgrounds for RVers located in Bristow and the surrounding area, often within a 10 to 40-minute drive. Hookups will vary but usually include water, power, and sewage. Slightly to the north and just west of the City of Tulsa you will find a collection of RV campgrounds. Keystone State Park and nearby camping options offer guests choices along the Arkansas River and Keystone Lake waterways.

Getting around

The majority of the festival is located on Main Street and is, therefore, fairly linear, with vendors on either side of the road. On the side streets, guests usually find entertainment options such as pony and camel rides, along with a kid's zone. ADA permitted vehicles like motor scooters and wheelchairs are permitted.

What to pack


Weather in the Oklahoma area is mild during the month of May but may include a storm or two. Rain is a possibility, so pack accordingly. This means your typical jeans, shorts, t-shirt, and hat, along with a raincoat and shoes you don't mind getting wet. If you plan on visiting any of the parks in the area, make sure you have a good pair of sneakers handy. You may end up leaving a few of these items in your RV for part of the time, or you may end up using them every day.


Consider how long you're going to stay in the area and then think of what you will need for that amount of time. For your campsite, bring fold-up chairs, cooking implements, and your favorite game or book to keep you entertained on your off time. When visiting the festival, you'll need a little more than the shirt on your back, but it is recommended you have some cash in your pocket for quick transactions.

Health & Safety

Even though the weather is fairly mild, you will want to protect yourself against the sun and elements. A hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, and a bottle of water should be close on hand. Furthermore, remember that the Tabouleh Festival is loaded with food vendors, so if you have a food allergy make sure you have your medication on hand just in case.

Where to eat


Most RV campsites allow for grills to be used, but make sure you check with them ahead of time to know what their limits include. Any source of heat will require users to watch it all times and have it located a minimum of several feet away from any building, tree, or vehicle. The City of Bristow has a couple of spots to get extra groceries with a locally owned store off of Main Street and another near the Turner Turnpike.


Restaurants near Main Street, Bristow may only be a few steps from where you find yourself at almost any point during the Tabouleh Festival. Meal choices are plentiful and varied, with options often including country steak and eggs, big plates of Mexican food, or just a quick bite of pizza.


One of the main pulls for the Tabouleh Festival is the variety of vendor options all along Main Street. Past events have brought in over 80 vendors, with over 20 of them serving food. Guests can expect to taste culinary delights from several cultures including Mediterranean, Mexican, and of course, Lebanese. This is just the tip of the iceberg for what you might find here as you'll also encounter other vendors that sell crafts, clothing, jewelry, books, and knives.



Typically the local police force helps with security and safety for the festival. Being a public event, things like bags, purses, and backpacks are allowed. Typical campsite rules dictate that the management is not responsible for any lost or stolen items, so make sure to properly lock up before you leave your campsite for the festival.


Temperatures during May usually don't exceed 80 and can get just a little below 60 during the night. Because of this mildness, many visitors often don't take the right precautions when visiting. Exposure from the sun is still a significant issue, and you will want to make sure you are adequately protected against it. Late spring is a common time for Oklahoma to experience severe storms; keep an eye on local weather alerts for Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Creek County before and during your stay.


Small first aid stations are available and medical professionals are usually present in the area. If there is an emergency for any reason, the medical center located west of Main Street is just a few minutes drive away or within a 15-minute walk. Pharmacy needs can be settled just off of the Turner Turnpike or near the middle of Main Street in Bristow.