Tallahassee to Rolla Road Trip Guide


Tallahassee is the capital of the state of Florida and also one of the state’s most popular cities. Often overshadowed by the coastal nature of Central Florida, this city holds its own with its distinct attractions.

The city boasts top-notch restaurants, museums with fascinating exhibits, outdoor retreats, and a lively nightlife. When in Tallahassee, make sure you treat your eyes and your soul with the views at Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park, Tallahassee Museum, Mission San Luis, Florida State Capitol and much more.

Jumping from coast to coast is fun, but not when you spend an entire week in crowded coastal towns. This is why we suggest heading northwest instead of going east or west in order to see some of the more exotic and lesser-known attractions of the country.

We would also recommend this route if you are a music lover and want to brush up on your music history while taking a trip down memory lane.

Your end destination Rolla, Missouri, will allow you to take an exotic vacation in the great wild, without stepping foot on a plane. With its close proximity to the Ozark Forests, Currant and Jack's Fork Rivers, Rolla is a haven for all types of nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

For some indoor sightseeing and other fun activities head to the Historic Phelps County jail, the Zone, Forum Cinemas, and St James Sports Club.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 3-5 days
Recommend rig: any
audience: all

Point of Interest

DeFuniak Springs

DeFuniak Springs is one of the prettiest Florida cities and one that has a lot of character and charm about it. The town seems to be fixed in time, and that time is the 19th century.

It’s not every day you get a chance to see what houses and streets in the 19th century used to look like, so this stop along the way is unmissable.

The town boasts a number of homes and mansions from the Victorian era, especially around Lake DeFuniak. A number of houses were built in more recent times but have kept true to Colonial Revival and Queen Anne Styles of architecture.

The job is done so well, that it often becomes difficult to differentiate homes that are historical from those that were recently built.

DeFuniak Springs once used to be a gated community of an elite and heroic group of people including presidents, famous poets, abolitionists, astronauts, and popular national heroes. Visting this place first will certainly set the tone for the rest of the journey!

Oak Mountains State Park

Oak Mountains State Park in Pelham, Alabama is situated just a few miles from Birmingham's city center. The park allows a great countryside getaway for locals as well as road trippers.

This state park also happens to be the largest one in Alabama and there’s plenty to do here. You can even plan a night stay in the beautiful natural surroundings, right under the stars.

During the day time, you can explore the park and make use of the biking trails, walking trails, and some great swimming holes with clear and fresh water. The Double Oak Lake beach at the state park might be small, but it’s perfect for road trippers who need a quick water escapade during their trip.

The state park also features the Alabama Wildlife Center. The dedicated staff members of this wildlife center do a phenomenal job of taking care of sick and injured animals when found in the wild. After they are fully recovered they are once again let loose into the wilderness.


Oxford in Mississippi is a lively college town where the hustle and bustle continue late into the evenings and the weekends come with excitement and vibrant nightlife. The town is always alive with football games and top-class restaurants. When in Oxford, be sure to dine at Saint Leo, Bouré, Big Bad Breakfast, and the Ajax Diner.

The town pampers everyone. From extroverts to introverts, everyone can find something of interest in this town-like city. The End of All Music and Square Books are for people who’d rather spend their weekends surrounded by the smell of old books or in a record store.

Do not forget to visit the former home of the Nobel Prize-winning author William Faulkner. The house is famously known by the name of Rowan Oak. To look at the creativity and art of the local artists, head over to Oxford Treehouse Gallery. For outdoor adventures, embark on a hike or bike ride through Lamar Park’s trails that lead straight to the Square and is quite the trek.

Alabama Music Hall of Fame

Alabama Music Hall of Fame in Tuscumbia, Alabama, is one for the music lovers. You get a show as soon as you enter the museum’s lobby, by a music-controlled chandelier that changes light with the beat of the music and shines directly against the floor’s embedded bronze stars that are engraved with the names of numerous musical artists.

The Alabama Music Hall of Fame celebrates all genres of music and has divided the exhibits into Popular Music, Country Music, Music Shoals, R&B, and the songwriter’s section. The museum also boasts some amazing music artifacts including a 12-foot jukebox, a tour bus, and quite a few wax figures.

You can also have your one-time shot at the recording studio in the museum where you can record your own song from a catalog of tunes available. The museum has inducted over 50 Alabamians music artists and has paid tribute to more than 1000 artists with various distinctions.


When in Memphis, Graceland is the first stop you make, no questions asked. In fact, saying you visited Memphis and did not see Graceland would be equivalent to not visiting the city at all.

Graceland was home to Elvis Presley – the King of Rock and Roll. This colonial-style mansion was bought by him at the age of 22 years old for $100,000. Prior to that, this legendary artist had been raised in the Lauderdale Courts public-housing projects.

Elvis had the house redecorated in 1974. Hence, his home has been forever preserved in its 70’s style of yellow vinyl walls, fake waterfall, a 15-ft couch, and a shag-carpet ceiling.

Graceland was opened for public tours by Priscilla Presley, Elvis’ wife who divorced him in 1973. Elvis Presley also took his last breaths in the same house, in the upstairs bathroom. It is a great place to visit, especially for long-time Elvis Presley fans.


Rolla, MO, is all about a trip down the memory lane. This delightful city has a colorful way of providing history lessons and reminding us of how things used to be.

The city has preserved the days of younger America forever and you can experience it on the historic highway known by the name of” Mother Road” or simple Route 66.

Ozark Actor’s Theatre is also a great way to spend an evening in Rolla and enjoy a taste of Broadway talent and fine dining to mark the end of your journey.

If you have an extra day we would recommend setting camp in any one of the RV campgrounds found in the city and explore the many natural parks and scenic views this place has to offer.

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