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Tar Hollow State Park is part of Tar Hollow State Forest that spreads over 16,000 acres and features many kinds of hardwoods, wildflowers, animals, reptiles and birds along with a mixture of vast open expanses of greenery and thick woodlands. Tar Hollow State Park is about 600 acres with the park's main attraction being Pine Lake which attracts anglers, boaters and picnickers alike. Located in Laurelville, Ohio, this state park offers spectacular wildlife and scenic views of landscape stretching out for as far as the eye can see. Visitors can choose from many outdoor recreation activities in this unique woodland landscape. These include fishing, hiking, hunting, boating, picnicking, horseback riding, and much more.

Tar Hollow State Park has a rich history and the land has seen considerable topographic changes over millenniums. Recent developments have seen the addition of the man-made 15-acre Pine Lake and group camp. The rest of the region remains pretty much untouched with the forest teaming with wildlife and beautiful flora that his its own unique wild appeal. The fresh air, gorgeous views and endless acres of nature offers everything an outdoor enthusiast craves and loves.

Camping at Tar Hollow State Park is a unique experience with several hiking, biking and bridle trails to choose from. The park also features picnic areas, a general store, shelter houses, beach front and boat launch along with several other amenities which make it an ideal location for an RV or camping adventure. Tar Hollow State Park is open all year-round no matter what time of year you visit, with beautiful sunny summers and mild winters. The peak season starts in April and lasts until October with the park hosting guests from all over the world.

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The drive to Tar Hollow State Park from Cleveland, Columbus or Toledo is a pleasant journey with many scenic views on the way. Once you get off the Interstate (depending on what route you take) and get on to Tar Hollow Rd. simply follow the signs and you should be at Tar Hollow State Park in no time. The road is wide enough for trailers and RVs and once inside the park local roads connect to the different campgrounds, picnic areas, beach and boat launch area along with the group camp, general store and park office.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Tar Hollow State Park

Campsites in Tar Hollow State Park

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Tar Hollow State Park Campground

Tar Hollow State Park has over 90 pet-friendly campsites available for tents and RVs all year-round. 68 of the campsites offer electric hook-ups and all campgrounds have nearby showers, dump stations and laundry facilities. Each campsite has paved pad for parking and comes equipped with a picnic table, and fire ring. The campsites are close to the general store and many trails lead straight out of the campsites so you are never too far from an adventure in the woods. Generator use is permitted from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm and guests can stay for up to 14 days at a time.

Seasonal activities in Tar Hollow State Park


Fishing & Boating

Perhaps Tar Hollow State Park's most popular attraction is fishing on the shores of Pine Lake. Anglers can test there fishing skills by catching bluegill and the other scores of panfish that dwell in the lake waters. Keener anglers can boat on the lake itself using their own boats or ones that can be rented from the General Store inside the park. The lake is ideal for canoes, rowboats and electric motor boats that can be set off from the launch ramp located near the beach.


The adjoining Tar Hollow State Forest provides the ideal hunting and trapping grounds with dense woodlands and running springs. It is home to many species of wildlife including; deer, squirrel, grouse and wild turkey. Hunting season begins in accordance with state rules and regulations and a valid hunting license is required so don't forget to bring yours along.

General Store

The general store at Tar Hollow State Park offers many recreational activities from the months of April to October including a mini-golf course and an arcade or game room that has a ping pong table, air hockey and fooseball. The store also rents out sporting and boating equipment so you are never short of things to do even if you didn't bring along any gear of your own. The general store is also close by to the playground and basketball courts and easily accessible by road.



Tar Hollow State Park has many snaking trails for hikers to choose from that are pleasant walks through forest and rolling hills. Hikers can enjoy the many natural beauties and even spot wildlife on the longer trails like Logan Boy Scout Trail that is a challenging 21-mile hike. The Ross Hollow trail is also quite scenic and starts close to camp. Being only around five miles this trail leads to hills of Tar Hollow. A portion of Ohio's famous Buck Eye trail also runs through the park and these trails are accessible to hikers and trekkers all year-round.


Tar Hollow State Park's weather, natural beauty and peaceful ecosystem makes for the perfect place to enjoy a picnic. The four designated picnic areas offer scenic views and are secluded offering privacy to guests. Seven shelter houses are also available for reservation at the park that our ideal for small families and groups of up to eight people. These shelters offer refuge from the weather and modern amenities such as air conditioning, heating, kitchen amenities, washroom amenities, beds, furniture and much more.


Tar Hollow State Park also has a two-mile mountain bike trail that starts by the general store. The two mile Pine Run trail is a fast and scenic route through the dense woodlands and offers bikers the ability to test there skills and get a real workout. If you forget to bring your bike or can't take it with you don't worry as the General Store rents them out to guests.