Taste of Country

Three days of amazing music, mouth-watering food, and refreshing natural scenery for the whole family to enjoy–this is the Taste of Country Festival!

Event information

The Taste of Country Festival brings you a world-class line-up of country music’s finest artists, and they’re tossing in amazing food and a comfortable RV camping experience to boot! Every year since 2013, Taste of Country manages to wow its crowds with expertly organized events that showcase incredible talent and bring families together from all over the world to enjoy the many different sights, sounds, and spellbinding flavors they make available at their event.

The festival finds its home in Hunter, New York and offers festival-goers beautiful views of nature at its mountain ski resort venue. The expansive location provides generous space for guests to move around and explore and is neatly designated to help you find the perfect spot to park your RV–whether right smack in the middle of festival fun or a little farther away in the peaceful mountaintops. You’ll be sure to find a comfortable place to call home for the next three days.


Taste of Country is a summer event, so tickets usually go on sale early in the year. Of course, as with any other music festival, prices tend to be much lower if you’re purchasing them way before the event. Prices for all three days range from around $200 for General Admission to over $500 for the VIP tier. As the festival date approaches, ticket prices may increase as availability becomes scarce.

Guests who plan to attend the event in an RV have the option to choose their specific campsite, but prices do vary. Taste of Country sells admissions tickets and campsite tickets separately, so it’s necessary to purchase both if you’re planning to bring your camper for the event.

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The Taste of Country event is held at 64 Klein Avenue, Hunter, New York. As you are closing in on the venue, there will be ushers and traffic personnel to direct you to the appropriate entrance designated for the specific tickets you purchased. All guests are to enter the venue from county road 23A from either the west or the east. Entrance ‘toll booths’ are different for each campsite, so it is advisable to know which camping option you have chosen before arriving. Your vehicle decal should be available and readily viewable for event security to inspect.

Parking areas

Motorists are required to come prepared with their ID at all times before entering any designated parking site. The vehicle decal should be within view at all times prior to entry and while on the festival grounds. For the Mountain Top Companion Car lot, it’s important that guests arrive with their companion to verify that they’re staying at the Mountain Top campsite. Any hitched vehicles attached to your RV will require a separate parking space.

Public Transportation

There are bus rides that travel the route from 23A all the way to Taste of Country during the festival season. You can find them online and book your bus ride beforehand to get first dibs on a comfortable ride to the venue.

Where to stay


Taste of Country has a variety of designated camping pockets throughout their venue. These all differ in cost, and more expensive sites offer clear views of the concert grounds and stages, so guests have the option to enjoy the show from the comfort of their RV. Camping options include tent camping, car camping, and RV camping, with 20’x40’ spots set aside for RVs.

Those who choose to bring a big rig to the event can enjoy electrical and sewer hook-ups. The use of generators is also allowed within certain parameters. While water hookups are not available, guests do have the option to have water delivered to your site for an extra fee.


The town of Hunter, New York is a popular camping hotspot among families and individuals, especially in the summer. There are a number of hiking and skiing resorts in the area, and they do offer a selection of exciting activities you can enjoy to extend the fun when the festival has ended. With lots of wide open spaces and equipped with RV amenities, many of the campsites in the area can be a suitable alternative if you’re looking to camp away from the venue.

Getting around

Shuttle buses transport guests from campsites to the main concert grounds daily. The free shuttle travels a specific route to take guests to designated drop-offs. For uniquely abled guests, free festival-operated golf carts are available to provide exclusive transportation within the festival grounds. Personal transportation devices, such as bikes, ATVs, and the like are not allowed in the venue.

What to pack


Remember that Taste of Country is a rain or shine event, so you need to come prepared with the right clothes. Light, airy fabrics are recommended as they can become hot and cumbersome, especially if you’re in the middle of tight crowds. The organizers encourage guests to bring small towels to pat themselves dry, a hat or two, and even rain gear. While it might be tempting to break out the boots to match the country vibe, you might be better off with a pair of comfortable sneakers or athletic shoes. Just keep in mind–it’s a summer event, so dress accordingly!


Taste of Country understands that you might need quite a few things with you while you’re enjoying the fun and music, but limiting the stuff you have on you during the festivities helps make the venue safer for everyone–including yourself! Bags allowed in the concert venue should be small and fit the festival's listed regulations, fanny packs should be single-pocket, and camelbacks need to be empty upon entering the concert grounds. The organizers also allow guests to bring a variety of other gear items, such as low back lawn chairs that may used in some areas, cameras without detachable lenses, and selfie sticks. Umbrellas are not permitted.

Health & Safety

The sun might be a little extra hot at the venue since there are limited shaded areas, so be ready with enough sunscreen to see you through each day. Organizers also recommend that you have bug spray ready for use since tiny, flying friends aren’t strangers to the forested areas around the venue. Lip balm can also be a great way to keep away windburn. Physician prescribed medications are allowed at the venue as long as the name matches the holder’s ID, and the medicines aren’t expired.

Where to eat


Personal grills are prohibited in tent areas, but the organizers do provide communal grilling areas for tent campers to prepare their meals. Guests staying in car camping areas can use small propane grills no larger than 450 square inches with propane tanks that are 16.4 ounces or smaller. In the designated RV camping areas, there are no restrictions on the allowable size for propane tanks and grills.


There are over a handful of unique dining hotspots along 23A, but keep in mind that the organizers do not allow vehicle re-entry. So the only time that you can exit is if you’re leaving the event for good. Because many of these restaurants aren’t within walking distance, you may have to wait for the festival to end before you can pay them a visit.


Food vendors can be found throughout the festival venue, and many of these offer a wide range of cuisine selections that are sure to appeal to most country music fans. Choices are often varied, but you can expect to find some hearty southern cooking at the venue, as well as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free selections. Beer and other drinks can also be purchased through registered vendors on site.



Safety and security personnel will be present throughout the venue at all times. For everyone’s safety, guests and their vehicles will be inspected upon entry to the venue. Single-day ticket holders are not allowed to re-enter the venue; however, weekend guests can exit and enter the venue as they please. Of course, they will be reinspected each time they enter. The organizers prohibit firearms, illegal narcotics, glass, hammers, fireworks and a variety of other potentially dangerous items listed on their website. The organizers also remind guests that this area of New York is bear country. While there haven’t been any incidents of bears in campsites, the outdoor setting makes it a possibility–so be sure not to leave any food out in the open and secure your campsite at all times!


It’s going to get hot, so be ready with the appropriate items for your convenience. Aside from comfortable summer clothes, sunscreen, and protective headgear, you may want to be prepared with a refillable water bottle or camelback. There will be lots of vendors selling refreshments, so stock up on drinks (especially water) to stay aptly hydrated.


Designated medic booths will be available throughout the venue. Trained medical professionals will provide first aid to anyone who might need it, and will have basic items on hand for emergencies. The organizers also have a list of services exclusive for uniquely abled guests to improve their festival experience at the concert grounds and around camping sites.