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Taylorsville Lake State Park encompasses 1,200 beautiful acres of Kentucky lakefront landscape. Fishing enthusiasts flock here due to its location on Taylorsville Lake, the most heavily stocked lake in the state. When your RV adventures take you through northern Kentucky, you won’t want to miss the 24-miles of forest trails at this park, or the fishing and boating opportunities on the 3,050-acre Taylorsville Lake.

Taylorsville Lake was built in the 1970s to control local floodwaters by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The lake is named after early pioneer Richard Taylor, who donated 60 acres of land for civic use. Interestingly, there is a large number of still standing trees and timber at the bottom of the lake due to the way it was created. These trees serve as a natural habitat for local fish populations and waterfowl such as blue heron are often seen fishing the waters. The nearby Taylorsville Lake Visitor Center details the construction of the lake and dam system, and features interesting historic structures that were moved to make way for the project. The lake is now a popular spot for visitors with its boating, fishing, trail system, and watersports.

Taylorsville Lake State Park is open year-round, though the campgrounds are closed during the off-season of mid-December to mid-March. This area of Kentucky enjoys temperate seasonal weather with mild winters and humid summers, making Taylorsville Lake a great escape any time of year.

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Located in Spencer County, Northern Kentucky, Taylorsville Lake State Park is located between the cities of Louisville and Lexington. Easily reachable by major routes between these cities, the single entrance to the park lies along Route 248. The RV campground is easily accessible by the paved Park Road, and detailed maps are available on the park website will make it easy to navigate within the park.

There is a day use parking available near the Park Office and park entrance. This parking area is also near several trailheads, making it a great place to park for day visitors and overnight campers alike.

There is additional parking available at the Possum Ridge Boat Ramp, located towards the end of the park. At the farthest edge of the park, there is a gravel road leading to a scenic overlook spot, though hikers may prefer to access this point via the nearby Lakeview Vista hiking trail.


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The Taylorsville Lake State Park campground has 45 RV campsites with electric and water hookups. There is a bathhouse dedicated to the RV campground loop with laundry facilities inside and an easily accessible RV dump station. Families with children will enjoy the two playgrounds located within the park. Visitors report that most sites are back-in, spacious, and well-shaded. There is a central trailhead located directly off the campground, making it convenient for campers to outdoors and access the many trails this park has to offer.

The campground is open most of the year, from April 1st to December 15th. Reservations may be made up to 12 months in advance and there is a maximum number of eight people per campsite. There are several storm shelters in the park, including one in the center of the campgrounds, and occasional fire bans, so be aware of park safety alerts and inclement weather warnings especially during the summer months.

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Put your survivalist and navigation skills to the test with a unique orienteering experience! Orienteering is a woods navigation sport that uses a map and compass to complete a course. Taylorsville Lake State Park has a 2.1-mile permanent orienteering course with 13 forest checkpoints, making it a great way to explore the park. Whether adventuring solo or with a group, orienteering is a great way to experience a woods adventure in a fun and challenging way.

Visiting the Taylorsville Lake Visitor Center

The Taylorsville Lake Visitor Center is a unique pyramid-shaped building maintained by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Interesting displays inside educate visitors about the local ecosystem, history of the lake’s construction, and on-going dam management. Don’t miss the overlook behind the visitor center which offers sweeping views of the dam and lake. A short interpretive trail nearby displays a historic schoolhouse and log cabin that were moved from the areas flooded to create the lake.


Don’t leave the camper or trailer without bringing binoculars, or you’ll miss out on the excellent birding opportunities at Taylorsville Lake State Park. Old-growth forests, abundant park trails including the Wildlife Viewing Trail, and lake ecosystems put a unique combination of bird populations on view. Common sightings include hawks, hummingbirds, grouse, cardinals and other seasonally migrating species. The lake area is home to Bald Eagle nesting sites, as well as waterfowl such as mallards, herons, and geese.


Boating and Watersports

Taylorsville Lake has 3,050 acres of inviting waters and everything you need to get out of the camper and onto the water. There are several full-service marinas in the area offering boat rentals, fishing gear, gas pumps, and watersport and fishing equipment. Popular watersports on the lake include tubing and waterskiing. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a sun-soaked day on the Kentucky waters before heading back to the campground.


Taylorsville Lake State Park offers a 24-mile trail system is shared between hikers, bikers and horseback riders. Multiple loops of varying distance wind through wild country and lakefront scenic overlooks. The picnic shelter near the center of the park is a great stopping point at the crossroads of several trails. A detailed trail map can be obtained at the Visitor Center, and with clearly marked distances it will be easy for visitors of all abilities to strike out of the motorhome and enjoy hiking in the Kentucky countryside.


If you’ve got fishing gear in your rig, now’s the time to break it out. Taylorsville Lake's fish populations are abundant, as this is the most heavily stocked lake in the state of Kentucky. The lake is known for its bluegill, crappie, and bass catches. There is a minimum size required in order to keep your catch, so check with the park office on the fishing regulations and then cast away. Don’t be surprised if you see locals fishing for catfish with jugs!