Telluride Blues and Brews

Attend a three-day outdoor spectacle with Telluride Blues & Brews Festival in Colorado. RV camp and enjoy quality brews as you experience awesome music.

Event information

Telluride Blues & Brews Festival is a three-day outdoor festival held in the Colorado town of Telluride. With 13,000-foot mountains in the background, this is regarded as one of the most scenic music festivals in the country.

It is a multi-stage music event that features performers of different genres such as blues, indie, rock, funk, gospel, soul, and jam, but fans also get a chance to enjoy various types of ale. The festival takes place in September, and it welcomes all age groups.

It is worth noting that the event is very kid-friendly, as it features lots of recreational amenities like trampolines, a climbing wall, and bounce houses. Therefore, bring your little ones along; they will appreciate it. Telluride Blues & Brews Festival offers onsite RV camping, inviting since guests to enjoy the show and the local camping experience with friends and family.

Be ready to participate in some or all of the activities that the organizers have put together, like yoga sessions, a 5K fundraiser, or group hiking, and anything else that your fellow fans dream of doing together. RV camp your way to Telluride, and explore all that Colorado summers give to travelers.


Tickets tend to go on sale as early as March and are purchased online. There are multiple tiers of passes to choose from depending on how long you want to be at the festival and what kind of guest perks you would like. Telluride Blues & Brews Festival tickets can also be purchased locally at the box office but may be sold out if you wait until the festival arrives.

Once tickets are purchased a wristband will be shipped to you and when it arrives, you will have to activate it. Do not tamper with your wristband, and do not remove it once you put it on, as any tampering or irregular removal can easily make it void. If you have any issues or concerns with purchased tickets, you can reach out to the festival staff by phone or email.

In the past, it has been possible to return tickets through an official ticket exchange program if you cannot make it to the festival, so make sure you read the guidelines. To effectively exchange a ticket with another fan, you must use the official exchange gateway designated by the festival organizers.

RV campers need to purchase an RV Camping Pass as well as a Festival Pass which are sold separately. Camping passes do not grant you access to the festival; they are just for parking your rig in the camping area. Take note that Vehicle Camping and RV Camping have different size regulations. This means that some smaller rigs may be able to utilize a Vehicle Camping Pass.

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Telluride is a small mountain community in Southwestern Colorado, and it is centrally located near the beautiful natural scenery of the San Juan Skyway. You can get there from a variety of different locations, but you will most likely use CO-145 Highway. Gorgeous mountain scenery also means twisting roads and often a few sharp curves; be mindful of other motorists and give yourself space and time on the roadways. RVers can go to Telluride Town Park Campground to park the camper for this blues and brews event.

Parking areas

RV parking is just a three-minute walk away from the festival, and your RV pass grants you access for four days of parking in the Telluride Town Park Campground. RV parking is not allowed in residential areas in the Town of Telluride. Once you get there make sure you park your vehicle and explore the town on foot, as the surroundings are truly majestic and pedestrian-friendly.

Public Transportation

There are both free and paid transit options in Telluride; however, bear in mind that pretty much everything is within walking distance. Give the gondola system a try and travel between Telluride and Mountain Village for a spectacular view, as it is the best way to enjoy the surrounding landscape.

Where to stay


For RV vehicles, you will likely want to look for the Telluride Town Park Campground; however, bear in mind there is a designated area for RV camping and separate areas for walk-in or tent camping. You can enjoy a wide array of different activities like hiking, playing tennis or volleyball, swimming in the pool, etc. Wood fires are forbidden, but you can use charcoal or propane if you wish to prepare food in most of the campground areas. It is important to note that this is a bear country, so do not leave your food out in the open, as it can attract animals. A small number of food lockers offer a place to keep food when needed.


Nearby campgrounds can be found within twenty to sixty minutes of Telluride in several directions. Camping is big in Colorado, especially at this time of year, and some areas are more labeled than others, so be sure to note if the size of your rig will be allowed in the area you would like to camp. RV accessibility may depend on the size of your rig in camping areas that are less established and likely do not have any services; be prepared to dry camp.

While most of the camping options near Telluride are only first-come, first-serve, a few may be reserved in advance. Even if your camping area does state bear safety regulations, it is wise to store food and scented items in a hard-sided, locking storage manner. Ridgway State Park and dozens of national forest lands encompass Telluride and its surrounding mountains.

Getting around

Campgrounds, showers, and festival areas are ADA-accessible. The best way to enjoy your surroundings is to move on foot. There are different Camping Sessions that you can participate in during the day. You will need to follow the schedule if you wish to know where you need to be for specific performance. Visitors are allowed to bring a bicycle, but in the past, there has not been a designated area to lock it, so be prepared to keep it in your vehicle or otherwise locked. Bikes may not be ridden within festival grounds.

What to pack


Colorado mornings and evenings can be chilly, but the afternoons are usually pretty warm in September, so pack items for layering as the temperatures change. If you plan to run, hike, or play sports, remember to bring your favorite comfortable footwear, shorts, and a few T-shirts. Don’t forget your shades and sunscreen. As always check the weather forecast the week of your trip and pack accordingly.


You can bring a tent, sleeping bags, blankets, bike, strollers, plastic water bottles, rain gear, warm clothes, coolers, and lawn chairs. Guests are not allowed to bring glass, drugs, alcohol, pets, weapons, shelled nuts, and professional photography equipment. While most vendors and community locations accept cards, having some cash on hand is also a good idea due to the remote nature of the Telluride and Mountain Village areas.

Health & Safety

Stay active, get a lot of fresh air, and remain hydrated during the festival. Be responsible if you decide to consume alcohol, and respect the rules of the camp. Do not leave your food in the open, as it can attract bears. Remember to apply sunscreen even if it is a cloudy day; the sun can be intense if you are not accustomed to it at 8750 feet.

Where to eat


Cooking is allowed in the campgrounds on site. You may also use a generator or a metal grill, but open-flamed fires are not allowed. Telluride does have a small local grocery store, but options may be limited during the festival due to the crowds. It may be preferable to purchase food in Montrose, Cortez, or Durango and bring it in your RV rental if possible. Storing your food in a hard-sided bear-proof locker or properly in an RV kitchen is necessary for the safety of the bears and your meal supply.


Guests will have the option to attend a fundraiser dinner, where they will have an exclusive overview of the entire recording process. Telluride also boasts a variety of different cuisine restaurants so you will have a chance to eat Italian, French, Modern American, Mexican, and Thai food, depending on where you opt to eat out while in the area.


Food vendors at the festival will serve all sorts of yummy delights, which include vegetarian and gluten-free food options. Since this is also a brew fest, guests can try specialties from different brewery houses. Telluride Blues and Brews Festival will usually post brewery names on their website as the event nears each year.



The main campground will have a host and a dedicated security team that will enforce camp rules during the festival. Festival officials request that guests respect each other in the social camping setting. Also, remember to go over the list of prohibited items to ensure that your packing list remains Blues and Brews ready.


September in Colorado usually means that campers will enjoy warm afternoons and cool mornings and evenings. Pack lightweight clothes for the daytime and something cozy and warm for when the sun goes down. Before going to the festival, be sure to check the weather forecast for the next four days.


In case you are not feeling well, or if you get hurt while in the area, you can seek medical help from the Telluride Medical Center or ask for assistance through the event staff. While pharmacy options are typically available within the community of Telluride, it is still advisable to bring prescription medications with you in advance. The remote region may make it difficult to receive specific medications quickly.