Tennessee Valley Fair

The Tennessee Valley Fair has beauty competitions, family activities, concerts, and tasty fair food. Come and enjoy the fun in the heart of Knoxville! RV camp nearby and be ready to explore the outdoor setting Tennessee has waiting for you.

Event information

The Tennessee Valley Fair offers a family-friendly environment for fun and learning all in one location. Whether you are in a beauty competition or participating in the rodeo, there are so many activities to participate in at this fair. There are scavenger hunts, livestock shows, a carnival, concerts, a rodeo, and a circus.

This barely scratches the surface on what activities are available for every age. How many places can you visit that have in iconic mascot named Jasper the Rooster? Tennessee Valley Fair welcomes guests to come and meet Jasper and its myriad of animals.

The fair is located next to the Knoxville Zoo, so there will be lots of shade from all the tents and barns. Though it may be warm in Knoxville, there will be plenty of areas to cool off as well and enjoy a refreshing treat. Guests will find plenty of kid-friendly activities as well including a LEGO world and a petting zoo.

Campground locations sit all around Knoxville welcoming guests. Area campgrounds offer a different kind of experiences to add to your trip. So, no matter what kind of activity you are interested in, this fair is sure to give you something new to try. Guests will also find plenty of performances and yummy foods to enjoy. Tennessee Valley Fair offers something for everyone.

Load up the RV rental in Knoxville and be ready to enjoy your time on the road in Tennessee and its neighboring states.


Tennessee Valley Fair tickets usually go on sale several months before the fair opens. Guests can purchase tickets in advance or upon arrival at the fair. The prices range from $8 to $10, with the youngest of attendees often free. Ride prices run separately from admission and have been known to be around $30 for a day.

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Tennessee Valley Fair is located right off Interstate 40. So, it is easily accessed by bigger campers. Knoxville is always working to improve its roads, so make sure to review your route as your departure nears. The city also has lots of potholes on the interstate so stay alert as you drive through the area. TN 511 and SmartWay are helpful resources for checking on road closures and daily alerts within Tennessee.

Parking areas

At the fair, guests typically find plenty of parking. You will have to pay for a parking pass to park at the fair, and larger rigs may run a bit more than standard vehicles. Some of the parking may be in grassy areas, so make sure you plan accordingly. It may be preferable to park larger motorhomes at a Knoxville campground and take public transportation or a tow vehicle to the fair.

Public Transportation

There is a bus system in Knoxville called KAT, Knoxville Area Transit. There are stops all around the city, and there is one located close to the fair. So, if you stay in the city check out the stops and the bus routes, and there will likely be a route that can take you to where you want to go.

Where to stay


At the fair there is no onsite camping; however, there are many campgrounds located a few miles away for you to enjoy. Many of these local and nearby Tennessee campsites have full hookups and amenities for every camping style. Knoxville RV campgrounds welcome guests of all interests to stay overnight.


Numerous campgrounds are located all around Knoxville and are often under 20 miles away, including Southlake RV Park. Some of the campgrounds are located near lakes and in National Parks. Some relatively close have full hookups, pull-through sites up to 80 feet, a pool, and are pet-friendly. Campsites in the surrounding area like Clinton / Knoxville North KOA have something for everyone.

Getting around

Public transportation in Knoxville is reasonably accessible for fair-goers. KAT bus stops are located in many places around Knoxville. While stops may not always be near campgrounds in the city, there is a KAT stop close to the fairgrounds. Places like House Mountain State Natural Area will be better suited for scooters and bikes than the Tennessee Valley Fairgrounds.

What to pack


Knoxville in September is pretty warm, so you will want to wear lightweight clothing, sunglasses, and a hat. There will be plenty of shade at this event. It is a bit cooler when the sun goes down so you will need a light jacket. You should also wear some comfortable shoes.


Guests may find navigating the fair is easier with as few items as possible, especially if rides are of interest. However, you will need a jacket, a small bag filled with sunscreen, your wallet and whatever you need for a few hours. That way you can enjoy your time at the concerts, fair rides, livestock shows, eating fun foods, or the beer garden.

Health & Safety

Guests are allowed to bring in medicine if needed. Drinks and water fountains will be available to help keep you stay hydrated. Be sure to bring bug spray and sunscreen as it will be hot in September. If you do have a medical issue, there will be people there to help you. Consider how your crew will best find one another in the event that someone gets separated while at the fair.

Where to eat


Since you may be planning to cook at your campsite, you will want to decide if you prefer to bring food with you or plan to purchase grocery items in the Knoxville area. Some of the campgrounds have grills, so come prepared with charcoal if that is what you prefer, but keep in mind that fire regulations may apply. If you need anything, there are stores at most RV parks where you can buy anything that you may have forgotten.


Around the fair location, there are quite a few restaurants within a short drive. Guests will have plenty of meal options. From burgers, Chinese, barbecue, deli, Philippine, Mexican, soul food, fried chicken, and pizza, there is something for everyone. Whether you choose to eat at the fair or a local Knoxville restaurant, you are sure to find a few new favorites.


Guests will find many excellent choices for food at this fair. Whether you prefer something sweet or savory, the Tennessee Valley Fair has anything and everything hungry guests could want: tacos, corn dogs, sandwiches, popcorn, chicken, deep-fried Oreos, hamburgers, and barbecue. If you get too hot in the sun, there will also be ice cream, snow cones, and lemonade.



There will be multiple Knox County Police officers stationed all around the fair site. For the safety of your belongings, be sure to lock your car and lock any valuables in your vehicle where they are not visible. Bags will be searched going into the event, and it is best to bring very little with you for simplicity. Fair officials welcome attendees to keep an eye out for anything that may need the attention of a fair official.


The weather in Knoxville is typically warm in the daytime and a little cooler at night. Be sure to wear sunscreen and bug spray. There will be shade throughout the fair to shield you from the sun a bit. Make sure and bring a jacket for evenings by the campfire or while at the fair.


At the fair, there will be medical personnel if you happen to need it. Water fountains and shade will aid in getting away from the sun for a bit. In Knoxville, there are a couple of hospitals located about ten to fifteen miles away. Pharmacies are plentiful as well for whatever need you may have during your trip.