Teton Bike Fest

Visit the Teton Valley and experience the best of RV camping and mountain biking at the Wydaho Rendezvous Teton Bike Rest.

Event information

What do you get when you combine all things mountain biking with one of the most scenic and mountainous locations between Wyoming and Idaho? You get the Wydaho Rendezvous Teton Bike Fest, a weekend full of downhill trails, skills clinics, bike demos, and group rides. 

The Wydaho Rendezvous Teton Bike Fest is a four-day festival that gives mountain bike riders the opportunity to try the latest bike equipment with no commitment. Unlike some mountain bike festivals, the Wydaho Rendezvous demos bikes free of charge, so everyone gets a chance to see the latest gear with the cost of admission. Ticket tiers vary depending on age, time of purchase, and what kind of experience the attendee desires. Flexible ticket options give riders of all levels and abilities a path to experience the mountain biking community, affordably.  

The festival offers more than just demos and riding. Mountain biking families may sign up for family-friendly clinics, and advanced riders who need specialized instruction on certain maneuvers or the parts of a bike have clinics suited for them. Women, beginner riders, and riders with adapted needs have clinics geared for them as well. The Wydaho Rendezvous is an inclusive event that aims to accommodate every type of rider.

The best part about the weekend, aside from the bikes and the fun, is that it takes place in one of the most scenic locations in the Western United States. People who love outdoor experiences, like RV or van camping, have the opportunity to combine two adventurous activities, all within the shadows of the Rocky Mountains.


The Wydaho Rendezvous Teton Bike Festival is an event that caters to mountain bikers of all ages and abilities. The purpose of the festival is to bring together people who love mountain biking and provide an opportunity for bike demos, bike clinics, and group rides. Ticket options vary depending on the age of the rider or attendee, the package purchased, and the date of purchase. Prices for the packages don't include a lift ticket for the weekend, but add on lift passes are available. Historically, ticket prices cost between $40 to $200. Lift passes and clinics are not included in the cost of admission.

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The western portions of Wyoming and the eastern sections of Idaho are scenic, providing drivers with views of the Northern Rocky Mountains. Because the region is mountainous, drivers should expect curvy roads and portions of the roadway where lower gears may be needed for steeply-graded downhill descents. Part of the beauty of the region is the thickly wooded forests and high elevations. Animals like moose, elk, and deer live in the vicinity and cross the roadways, so all drivers should exercise caution in animal crossing areas. 

The weather may impact roadways. For up to date weather and road conditions in Wyoming, visit the WYDOT website. For weather and road conditions in Idaho, visit the Idaho Transportation Department website or dial 511. The Grand Targhee Resort is located in Wyoming near the border of Idaho, and the resort is accessible from Idaho Highway 33.

Parking areas

Where you park will depend on what part of the festival you are attending. The primary location for many of the events, including registration, is the Grand Targhee Resort. The main parking lot is large, with spaces that accommodate RVs. The RV spaces are first-come, first-served, and some of the spots are for overnight RV camping.

Offsite parking varies by event location, and the majority of offsite events are for bike rides and bike demos. Riders will meet at either the trailhead or a specific location to catch a shuttle to the start of the trail. Please check the parking options for the event you plan to attend for parking specifics.

Public Transportation

Getting from Teton Valley to the Grand Targhee Resort during the event isn't difficult. It just requires a little bit of planning. If you want to take a shuttle, the Ride GTR has shuttles that operate between Teton Valley and the Grand Targhee Resort numerous times during the day. Riders may pay as they ride or purchase a pass for 12 rides. If you prefer a private ride, opt for a private limousine service or taxi.

Where to stay


The best way to stay close to where the riding action takes places is to reserve an RV camping spot at the Grand Targhee Resort. While the resort doesn’t generally permit RV parking or camping, they do permit self-contained RVs during the Wydaho Rendezvous. If you want to RV, pick up your permit at the front desk of the lodge. Get here early, as this camping area is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

RVers may park overnight in Lot Four in either Wolf or Moose row. Spaces accommodate RVs that fit within the allotted 15’ x 25’ site. RVing at the Grand Targhee Resort isn’t like camping in a campground. Camping is primitive with no hookups or amenities other than porta-potties, and no open campfires or charcoal grills are allowed. Campers may cook outdoors, but only on a gas grill. Remember, you are staying in bear country, so all food-related items must be stored inside a hard-sided camper or a bear-proof container at all times. Campers must observe quiet hours, and generators are only permitted outside of quiet hours. Pet owners, if you plan on bringing your dog, make sure you read the information about dogs in the camping section of the website.


Some of Wyoming and Idaho's most beautiful camping locations are located within minutes of the event location. RVers and campers have many options when it comes to choosing a place to stay. Because the recreation in and around Jackson, Wyoming is popular during the summer, it's best to plan your RV camping ahead of time to ensure you have a place to stay. 

There are US Forest Service camping areas within five miles of the event, and full-services RV parks located within twenty miles. If you don't mind a bit of a drive, try securing a camping spot at the Grand Teton National Park or Yellowstone National Park.

Getting around

If you park your RV at the Grand Targhee Resort for overnight camping, your camping space is close to most of the action. The resort provides you with the tools you will need to get from one point to another. If you need to go into town, take the resort shuttle, and if you want to take the bike trails down from the top of the mountain, be sure to get a lift pass for the weekend. The best way to get around the village, other than the shuttle or the lift, is riding your bike.

What to pack


Mountain biking isn't for people who don't like dirt. Come prepared to sweat and maybe even get a little dusty by bringing multiple changes of socks, bike jerseys, and bike shorts. If you want to take part in any of the yoga activities, bring some comfortable exercise gear with you. Don't forget to bring clothes for the event kickoff, too. Your best bet is to pack clothing that wicks sweat from the body and dries quickly.


When packing for the bike festival, bring what you will need to have a safe and enjoyable time on the trails. Since the event is a bike demo, there is no need to bring your bike with you unless you want to demo bikes on some trails and ride your bike on others. It's a good idea to pack your pedals, a helmet, your safety gear, hydration pack, and your polarized sunglasses.

Health & Safety

Mountain bikers know that an occasional fall is part of the sport. Prepare yourself for minor injuries like bumps and blisters by packing a small first aid kit with antibiotic ointment, bandages, and instant ice packs. Also, because you are riding in bear country, give yourself peace of mind by purchasing bear spray to keep on hand while you shred the trails. Riding in groups is the best way to keep bears at bay, but it's always good to have bear spray on hand just in case. 

Where to eat


RVs staying at the Grand Targhee Resort parking lot are permitted to use propane stoves, so why not spend your downtime preparing food that will give you the energy you need to ride? Propane stoves and grills make it easy to grill up a quick burger, bratwurst, or steak. The protein will give you the energy you need, and the ease of cooking on a gas stove will make cooking a breeze. If cooking isn't for you, bring protein bars and other premade foods like tuna packs and premixed protein drinks. 


The Grand Targhee Resort offers its guests a variety of dining options, so it's convenient to get almost everything you need without leaving the property. In the morning, stop by the coffee and breakfast café, or if you want to grab something and go, opt to visit the General Store. For lunch and dinner, the resort has everything from a bar and grill to fine dining. If the resort doesn't have what you crave, there are several restaurants located in the Teton Valley as close 12 miles away.


The Wydaho Rendezvous Bike Fest is more about the demos, the trails, and then clinics than food, drink, and vendor booths. Attendees will get swag bags as part of their admission, and during opening night, there is a kick-off event and raffles as well as giveaways to local venues. Don't forget to bring your ID card, credit card, and cash with you.



During the opening night, check in to your camping spot for the night, and head to the kick-off event to get your wristband. All participants will need a wristband to get into Wydaho clinics, events, and activities. Make sure everyone riding has their ID and credit card on them so that you can demo bikes. Credit cards are for security deposits on the bikes and gear. 

If you are RV camping, make sure you secure your campsite when you leave. Keep your site clean by disposing of trash and keeping all personal items in hard-sided RVs, vehicles, and bear-proof containers.


The weather leading from August into September is cool and comfortable, especially for people riding bikes and exerting energy. In August and September, high temperatures average between 60° to 68°, and average lows range between 45° to 52°. Generally, the area sees rain between seven to 10 days a month. The weather is ideal for people who crave autumn-like weather.


Wydaho Rendezvous encourages people to participate in the rides and events best suited for your level of experience to help prevent injuries and accidents. If you get hurt and need to visit an urgent care center, hospital, or you need a pharmacy while you are attending the Wydaho Rendezvous, the closest facilities are all approximately 13 miles away.