Texas Cowboy Reunion

Ready for RV travels over Fourth of July weekend? Texas Cowboy Reunion in Stamford, Texas, is where you’ll want to be for three days of amateur rodeo.

Event information

By 1930, it was becoming harder and harder to keep the spirit of the rodeo alive. Pockets of cowboys were few and far between, and it didn’t seem possible to preserve the traditions of the cattle empire. That’s when the Texas Cowboy Reunion was born, offering the opportunity to retain that heritage and bring cowboys from across the nation for what is now the world’s largest amateur rodeo.

Over three days in summer, including the fourth of July, hundreds of spectators and competitors converge upon Stamford, Texas, for an action-packed schedule. There’s breakaway roping and steer wrestling, matched horse races, bareback riding, and almost everything you know and love about rodeo and Texas.

Visitors to the area can also experience a grand parade and plenty of nightly dances and shows to keep you entertained both during the day and at night.

For those who want to explore what else the area has to offer, you'll be pleasantly surprised. You can go walking at Harmon Park, fishing on Lake Stamford, and even golfing at the Stamford Country Club. Your summer vacation to Stamford, Texas, is bound to be one for the photo album. Book your RV accommodation near the Texas Cowboy Reunion and start packing.


Tickets for Texas Cowboy Reunion in Stamford, Texas, can be purchased both online before the rodeo begins, and once you arrive in the city. In the past, kids under four have been free, and those over five (and adults) have been under $15. When box seats are available, these have been of an additional cost.

Once the rodeo has finished for the evening, you can then pay extra to be a part of the night entertainment, with plenty of Texan music to keep your toes tapping throughout the evening.

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Stamford, Texas is a small west-central Texas city on the border of Haskell and Jones Counties. It’s accessible by US-277 and State Highway 6 and is a mere 175 miles from Fort Worth. Due to its location on the Rolling Plains of West Texas, it’s reasonably easy to access at most times of the year by RV. However, those who make the journey may like to keep a close eye on both weather and driving apps such as TxDOT and DriveTexas, as the area is prone to thunderstorms. Stay safe and enter the site of Texas Cowboy Reunion from US-277.

Parking areas

The dirt lot encompassing the Texas Cowboy Reunion facility is expansive and easy to access with a motorhome. There are also plenty of parking spaces within it to offer peace of mind that you won’t miss out. However, if you arrive late or know your motorhome is particularly challenging to navigate, then consider finding a quiet on-street area to park or organizing public transport to get you to and from Texas Cowboy Reunion daily.

Public Transportation

Due to the conservative size of Stamford, there aren’t all too many options when it comes to alternative forms of transportation. You may be able to hire a taxi or rideshare, but you may want to check if your RV accommodation provider offers rides to the Texas Cowboy Reunion. You may like to arrange this in advance to avoid last-minute transportation problems on the day.

Where to stay


The Texas Cowboy Reunion Rodeo Grounds are not large enough for overnight camping, so organizers do not offer this option. However, the City of Stamford does all it can to ensure RV-goers are well accommodated in the area. There are a few different options to consider when you’re looking for somewhere to stay with an RV.


Those who decide to stay in Stamford for the rodeo will enjoy the proximity to the rodeo grounds, with accommodation providers as close as next door. The nearest RV park to Texas Cowboy Reunion is 0.2 miles, and there are also RV villages and parks that are accessible with a large RV within two miles of the rodeo grounds. Those who want to enjoy an authentic camping experience will also take delight in the primitive RV camping opportunities nearby, too.

Getting around

Upon arriving at Texas Cowboy Reunion, parking your RV, and heading into the rodeo grounds, you will quickly learn that there’s no need for scooters, skateboards, golf carts, or any other form of wheeled transport. You can wander over the grass and dirt terrain to get to the grandstand, then access everything you need close by.

What to pack


Temperatures can be scorching hot during the day in Stamford, Texas, so you won’t need to pack your winter woollies for this vacation. Light, breathable layers, your best cowboy boots and hat, and a couple of extra layers at night will be all you need. There may be a couple of days of rain in July when the Texas Cowboy Reunion is on, but it’s unlikely to affect the temperature of the area or your clothing choices.


When you attend the Texas Cowboy Reunion, you aren’t going to want to bring a lot with you. The more you bring, the more you have to carry around and become a nuisance by the end of the day. Pack light with your wallet containing payment cards and cash. Most other things you require can be purchased at the rodeo venue itself. You can also leave all your camping and cooking supplies in your RV for use once the rodeo is over.

Health & Safety

Sun safety products are must-have items for your visit to Texas Cowboy Reunion. The sun beats down throughout the day, and even nighttime temperatures can still be warmer in July. Lather on the sunscreen and lip balm and make sure you have access to plenty of drinking water. Before you leave home, make sure you pack any toiletries and prescription medication you might need in your motorhome.

Where to eat


It can be quite tempting to light a campfire or organize a fire pit when you’re camping, but make sure you check with your host before you light. Even a charcoal grill may be prohibited in the heat of summer when the fire risk is high. If you’re not sure, use your onboard kitchen appliances instead. You can then pick up supplies from the grocery store under three miles away from the rodeo and cook up a storm.


Stamford may be small, but it’s a city that prides itself on being able to offer a whole host of different cuisine options. You can get your fill of pizza, Mexican food, donuts, bakery goods, and even burgers. There are also options to dine-in, takeaway, or get delivery if you don’t feel like traveling from your accommodation. Everything is within a few miles of each other, which also makes it convenient to head into the city center on a whim.


Not only are there vendors ready to serve you hearty rodeo tucker at Texas Cowboy Reunion, but special dinners and lunches arranged as well. There are often nightly BBQs in the Pavilion, BBQ lunches in the Bunkhouse Shed, and BBQ cookoffs for those who want to show off their skills. Make sure you bring both cash and a credit or debit card, as not all vendors will accept all payment types.



Upon arriving at the Texas Cowboy Reunion, you will spot security officials at the main entrance. They will be checking tickets and bags and making sure that whatever you bring into the rodeo is appropriate and safe. Consider leaving behind bags and bringing small clutches or wallets instead. Allow plenty of time to spare before the rodeo begins in case the screening process takes longer than expected.


Scorching hot temperatures are expected throughout summer, and your visit to Texas Cowboy Reunion is likely to be no different. In July, the city often experiences average highs of 96 degrees, which then drop to nighttime temperatures of 71 degrees. There is usually an occasional chance of a thunderstorm or rain in between, but you won’t be in a hurry to reach for a jacket. If you want to be aware of all possible weather conditions, download a weather app and check it before you travel.


Given the type of event it is, you won’t have to travel all too far to spot a medical professional to lend a helping hand for minor injuries or concerns. If, however, you or someone with you is experiencing a medical emergency, it’s paramount to dial 9-11. There is also a well-equipped hospital in Anson 15 miles away, and a pharmacy for medical supplies within three miles of the rodeo.