Texas Motor Speedway

Set your RV in the direction of Texas Motor Speedway for all the fuel-burning, wheel-spinning action you could ever need on a camping holiday.

Event information

If you’ve got more petrol running through your veins than blood, then it might be time to include an RV holiday in your calendar that heads in the direction of Texas Motor Speedway. Whether you’re into NASCAR, drag racing, or something equally as exciting, this expansive venue at 3545 Lone Star Circle, Fort Worth, can deliver.

Texas Motor Speedway boasts a 1.5-mile racing oval spanning over 1,500 acres. It can host close to 200,000 spectators and includes around 660 acres of grass and asphalt day parking. There are various suites, grandstands, and other access points for visitors, not to mention approximately 9,000 asphalt and grass camping spots for reserved and unreserved visitors, tents, RVs, and campers.

Even if racing isn’t your cup of tea, you can’t help but be in awe of your surroundings. You can browse the many vendor stores in the hospitality village, eat at the onsite restaurants, and even get a head start on Christmas shopping with Texas Motor Speedway merchandise.

The Texas Motor Speedway is also a hop, skip, and a jump from the center of Fort Worth, meaning you can divide your time between the racing action and tourist attractions in Texas itself.

If an RV holiday is on the cards, then ensure it appeals to the motorheads in your family and enter Fort Worth on your GPS. A lot of excitement and action awaits.


There are ticket options galore when you decide to make your way to the Texas Motor Speedway. Purchase individual race tickets for adults, children, and veterans from the organizer’s website, or even check out the upgrades available. You can pay for infield access, reserved parking, a pre-race pass, and even driver appearances.

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No matter which direction you come from, you may find that it’s a slow journey. For any event at the Texas Motor Speedway, patrons come from far and wide to be a part of the action. However, if you’re visiting from the direction of Fort Worth, the most direct route will likely be via Interstate 35W, turning under the overpass from TX-114.

If you travel from Dallas, congestion may be a problem, especially in the mid-afternoon. Make sure you’ve got a cool head and plenty of road trip music. The best route will likely include TX-114. Let your GPS lead the way and help you navigate any road construction underway or accidents along the way. Keep in mind that I-35 has two separate sections, one running through Dallas to the east (I-35E) and one closer to the speedway site (I-35W).

Parking areas

Traditionally, to park your vehicle, including RVs, at Texas Motor Speedway has been free. Unless, of course, you purchase VIP parking. You can park in the back rows of the paved lot west of the front stretch grandstand.

Alternatively, there are unpaved parking lot spaces on the west side of the speedway near Victory Circle with another lot across from Lone Star Circle. There will be parking attendants to help you both arrive and exit the speedway venue.

Public Transportation

With tens of thousands of travelers descending on Texas Motor Speedway for any number of events held there, you are going to want to keep your wits about you on the road. If you don’t intend on camping at Texas Motor Speedway, then you may want to check routes and schedules for the time of the event you choose to attend. Since the speedway site is quite a bit north of downtown Fort Worth, you may have a hard time finding transportation from some locations. Many accommodation providers offer a shuttle service to main event sites, but you can also make use of private ride services, carpool with fellow fans, or drive your rig or tow vehicle.

Where to stay


Texas Motor Speedway doesn’t do anything by halves. While you can expect comfortable seating and viewing areas for all the entertainment, you can also enjoy high-quality sleeping arrangements at night.

There are both reserved and unreserved camping facilities available. Book in advance to get your first pick, or try your luck on the day. There’s a family campground for those who want a peaceful night’s slumber, or you can position your RV in the luxury VIP campground, infield campground, or Burnout Alley. There are options galore to appeal to all.

RV-goers are well catered for during their stay. Make use of the portable toilets, shower block, dump station, and even the campground store for last-minute supplies. Bring along your pets too, as long as they are on a leash, and you are more than welcome to use your charcoal and standard grills in most areas. However, open fires and pits are prohibited. If you have any questions or concerns during your stay, there is a staffed camping public safety building.


Not everyone fancies camping with several thousand people in one space–and that’s okay. If you prefer to have a degree of separation between your weekend’s entertainment and your sleeping quarters, then look elsewhere in Fort Worth or near Denton. On the outskirts of Fort Worth, a mere few miles from Texas Motor Speedway sits an abundance of other accommodation providers. RV resorts, campgrounds, and parks are stocked and ready, but make sure you book in advance to get your first pick.

Getting around

There is a lot of ground to cover at Texas Motor Speedway, 1,500 acres, in fact. However, with tens of thousands of spectators, the safest option for navigation is on foot. There are plenty of areas to rest and relax, and no hurry to get from A to B on your leisurely holiday. Texas Motor Speedway also wishes to advise RV-goers that personal golf carts are prohibited during race weekends, but scooters, skateboards, and similar items may be used in the campsites and away from the grandstands.

What to pack


Many different events are held at Texas Motor Speedway throughout the year. One help for knowing what to pack is by viewing your weather app before you load your RV and hit the road. From May until September, breathable, light-colored layers will make you as comfortable as possible. You can also pair your outfits with comfortable footwear. Cool overnight temperatures are common, however, so consider warm pajamas and extra layers as well.


Texas Motor Speedway is so well established that it even boasts a restaurant and its own convenience store. The less you bring into the grandstand area from your RV, the better. You can bring a small bag and cooler, but no glass. You are also able to bring alcohol into the grandstand if you wish.

If you intend on viewing the action from the grandstand, rather than your campsite, then leave bulky and prohibited items back in your RV or even at home. Strollers, umbrellas, fireworks, weapons, drones, large bags, skateboards, scooters, and similar wheeled transport are also prohibited.

If you don’t want to miss any of the action, you can rent a scanner at the merchandise stands and tune into the local stations. You can also withdraw cash from various ATMs around the facility.

Health & Safety

There are many things you can do at Texas Motor Speedway to make sure you and those around you are happy, healthy, and safe. Leave any glass bottles or containers back at your RV, and if you’re a smoker, do so only in the concourse area. You may also like to be sun smart and lather on the sunscreen before topping it off with a hat and a pair of shades.

Where to eat


While there are restaurants and vendors galore in and around Texas Motor Speedway, some RV-goers like to make the camping experience as authentic as possible by cooking themselves. If you’re camping on site, you can make use of your charcoal grill and onboard RV gas cooker. If you’re off-site, you may like to ask your host what the rules are for their establishment. Visit the campground convenience store if you’re short on cooking supplies, or pop down to the grocery store under five miles from the speedway.


There is a sit-down restaurant located on Texas Motor Speedway grounds, but not everyone wants to brave the lines. If you tire of vendor delights and RV cooking, then make the half hour trip into Fort Worth and see what the local businesses have to offer downtown.

If you’re feeding the troops, fast food outlets are a dime a dozen. Otherwise, you can satisfy your hunger with something of substance, such as steak, buffet dinners, or ethnic cuisine. There are more than a dozen eateries even within a short five-mile drive of the speedway.


If you’re at Texas Motor Speedway to camp and catch the latest automotive action, then check out what the onsite vendors have to offer fans. You won’t have to miss a thing or even move your RV. Satisfy your sweet tooth with ice cream, candy, snow cones, and cotton candy, or try a deep-fried delight such as burgers, hot dogs, and chicken baskets. There are even gluten-free food options, as well as both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to quench your thirst.



Security officials aim to take care of all visitors at the Texas Motor Speedway. They impose bag size restrictions for this reason and may need to search your bags and coolers for the safety of everyone. The security team work hard and would love it if you could leave anything you don’t need back at your RV to speed up the admission process.


Given that Texas Motor Speedway is a year-round venue, you will need to check your weather app to determine what you’ll be up against before you descend upon the area. Historically, May to September boasts scorching hot temperatures, making it a peak travel time. If you’re not a fan of the heat, then mild temperatures make up the months of December through until February.


If you need medical treatment, be it for a stubbed toe or another type of minor injury, then make your way to the first aid site near the VIP parking adjacent to Stewart Street. There will also be mobile medical teams on the speedway grounds. Contact a speedway representative if you need emergency medical help. Identify your seat number and section, and someone will be with you soon. There is also a medical center and a few pharmacies under ten miles from the event site.