Three Barons Renaissance Fair

If you love heading to Renaissance fairs in your RV, the Three Barons Renaissance Fair with its unique storyline and flair is a must-visit.

Event information

The Three Barons Renaissance Fair is a Renaissance-themed festival that takes place in Anchorage, Alaska every year. The event is held at the Tozier Sled Dog Track, which is transformed into a fictional village called “Hillshire.” The first fair took place at the Hilltop Ski Area, and it moved to its current location in 2002.

The fair is centered around the legend of Hillthelstan the Bold. In the legend, he was a great warrior who defeated a monster terrorizing the land with his spear. His incredible feat is honored at the fair each year. The Red, Green, and Blue barons compete to win the Spear of Hillthelstan, which is believed to bring peace and prosperity to their lands.

Local actors play the barons, the members of their households, and an assortment of villagers. They perform in multiple shows like the Circus of the Damned, The Fight Show, The Crooked Toad, and the Shakespearean Tomato Show. They will also be present throughout the grounds, entertaining and interacting with guests.

There are daily costume contests, Peasant dancing, Renaissance-inspired games, and other fun activities for visitors to enjoy. Guests can choose to be knighted by the Baron of their choice, indulge in delicious food, or shop till they drop at the large marketplace selling medieval wares.


Tickets can be purchased online, at the gate, or at various locations around Anchorage. Keep in mind that the line at the entrance can be long on the days of the event. If you buy your pass online, you’ll need to take a print out and present it at a separate counter. This way, you can bypass the long lines.

Adult day passes are usually just less than $10 with child day passes under lower. Discounted tickets are available to seniors and military personnel. For more information on tickets and updates, check out the Three Barons Renaissance Fair.

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The event takes place at the Tozier Sled Dog Track in Anchorage. June is a wonderful time to enjoy driving in Alaska. The roads leading to the city are wide and easy to navigate. Depending on where you begin your journey, you may travel through Denali National Park from the north or along the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve if coming from Canada. Travelers to the area may want to consider if it will make more sense to begin their RV journey within Alaska or to take a longer trek and begin in Canada or further south.

Parking areas

Free parking is available at the Alaska Airlines Center, which is a five-minute drive from the venue. Shuttles will be ferrying guests from the parking lot to the fairgrounds and back on the days of the event. They will be operating at regular intervals all through the weekend for the Three Barons Renaissance Fair.

Public Transportation

Busses that are a part of the city’s People Mover fleet have routes that pass close to the venue. The nearest bus stop is less than five minutes away on foot. Patrons with disabilities will be able to use AnchorRIDES, a shared accessible ride service. Ride-sharing services also operate in Anchorage.

Where to stay


Onsite camping or overnight parking is not permitted on the fairgrounds. It’s a good idea to book a spot at one of the campgrounds in the area in advance when planning for the Three Barons Renaissance Fair.


There are several well-equipped options within the city and just outside its limits. Chugach State Park is less than 20 miles away and has campsites that offer primitive RV camping. The main advantage of staying here is access to excellent hiking trails. But if you’re looking for facilities like full hookups, you may be better off choosing another option.

Remember that many areas of Alaska are remote, and you may encounter a good bit of distance between locations. Plan your overnight stays in advance and be prepared to boondock the entire trip if needed. The area welcomes RV travel in the summer months and is not short on places to enjoy.

Getting around

You’ll need to get around the site on foot, so wear comfortable walking shoes. If you’re with young children, taking a stroller is a good idea. Most parts of the site are accessible or have wheelchair navigable pathways. Patrons with mobility disabilities are welcome to use motorized or manual wheelchairs and scooters.

What to pack


Costumes are encouraged, and there is a daily costume contest to reward guests wearing the best ones. Firearms are prohibited even if they are a part of your costume. Prop weapons and bladed items like knives and spears are permitted as long as they are secured and peace bound according to the Three Barons Renaissance Fair guidelines. Summers in Alaska are known to be cool with temperatures ranging in the 50s, so don't leave behind your favorite sweater and jeans.


Carry a small bag or backpack with essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses, a portable charger, a hat, wet wipes, and hand sanitizer. You’ll need a lightweight jacket for the day and warmer clothing for the nighttime. Make sure you take a valid ID for will call and if you plan on purchasing alcohol. Bring along extra items like batteries for flashlights, gear for dry camping, extra drinking water, and extra food in case you have a longer stretch between stops than expected while RVing in Alaska.

Health & Safety

Smoking and e-cigarettes are not permitted on site. Alcoholic drinks cannot be brought into the fairgrounds. They can be purchased at the Crooked Toad Tavern but are not allowed outside it. You must be over the age of 21 to enter the tavern. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Where to eat


Most campgrounds in the area permit campfires as long as they are contained in a ring and supervised at all times. If you’re staying outside the city limits, it’s a good idea to pick up supplies before heading to your camp for the night. You’ll find a couple of convenience stores within a 10-mile radius of the fairgrounds. Anchorage is often the best place to replenish on supplies before heading out to Nancy Lake State Recreation Area or any other locations you want to explore.


The city’s cuisine is a reflection of its diversity and international appeal. Visitors flock to the area to try some of the delectable seafood on offer like wild salmon and king crab. While there are plenty of fine dining restaurants, you’ll also find food stands and casual pubs where you can grab a quick bite.


Apart from the usual fair food, you’ll find a whole host of sweet and savory foods to choose from at the Three Barons Renaissance Fair. There will be food stands at different parts of the grounds as well as roaming vendors. Grab a turkey leg and walk around enjoying the festivities or head to the Crooked Toad Tavern for a pint of beer or a cocktail.



Security personnel will be stationed at the gates, and all bags will be checked before entry to 3 Barons. Any weapons must be presented to them for inspection, and they will be able to assist you with securing them if needed. Be sure to check the list of prohibited items and pack your bag or backpack accordingly.


The weather is typically a bit chilly, so carry a light jacket for the daytime and warmer layers for the nights. In the rare event of severe weather, the fair may be closed for a time. When planning your trip, check if any road or weather alerts have been issued in Anchorage or the surrounding areas.


Medical assistance will be available at the first aid station on the fairgrounds. Restrooms will be present throughout the grounds, including accessible facilities for patrons with disabilities. ADA support can be found at the information tent close to the first aid station. Medically necessary items will be allowed in after an inspection at the gates.