Three Peaks Recreation Area


Three Peaks Recreation Area is located 10 miles northwest of Cedar City, UT. This BLM owned Recreation Area offers numerous activities that can be enjoyed with family and friends or in complete solitude.

The topography and terrain of the Three Peaks Recreation Area are made of rugged volcanic rock formations protruding from the midst of rolling hills. The combination of these landscape features makes the region a center for epic outdoor recreation.

Activities such as hiking, mountain biking, OHV and ATV riding, picnicking, camping, disc golf, model plane flying, and horseback riding can all be found here. In fact, there are more than 27 miles of mountain biking trails and almost 42 miles of OHV trails that one can use to explore the region to their heart’s content.

The 6,500 acres of green land and numerous rock outcroppings allow kids to run around, hop on the rocks, and crawl up over the granite outcropping that can be found all across the recreation site. There’s something for everyone at this recreation area regardless of their age group, expertise level, and interests.

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Three Peaks Recreation Area is located 115 km northeast ofSnow Canyon State Park and just 12 miles northwest of Cedar City.

To reach your destination, drive west on State Route U-56 from Cedar City onto Lund highway. Take a right and head north towards Mid Valley. On the northwest corner, you’ll find a sign indicating that the Three Peaks Recreation Area is 3.2 miles away. Once you reach the road, turn left and drive towards the peak. There are signs all along this road pointing towards various recreation areas and you’ll find Three Peaks Recreation Park among them.

The entrance to the recreation area opens towards the welcome center and then the campground. The last few miles to the recreation area is mostly gravel road.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Three Peaks Recreation Area

Campsites in Three Peaks Recreation Area

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Rocky Peak Campground

Three Peaks Recreation Area has its own campground called the Rocky Peak Campground. It boasts 18 campsites for RV and tent camping as well as two covered pavilions for large group gatherings. The campsites come equipped with trash bins, fire rings, and covered picnic tables. Potable water and restrooms are also available at the campground. You can camp for up to 14 days.

For larger groups, this BLM campground offers an additional ten campsites with fire rings, toilets, picnic tables, and a large parking area. This makes Rocky Peak Campground the perfect place for a day-time picnic or a weekend camping adventure.

Seasonal activities in Three Peaks Recreation Area


Mountain Biking

Three Peaks Recreation Area is renowned for its mountain biking trails. The well-developed 19-mile mountain bike trail loops through the recreation area and is revered by mountain bikers from all parts of the nation. The trailhead accommodates bikers with restrooms and drinking water along the way.

Three Peaks Recreation Area boasts five mountain biking loops that range from moderate to difficult. These trails include; Three Peaks Loop, Big Hole Loop, Race Course Loop, Lost World, and the easy/beginner level Practice Loop that is around a mile and a half long.


Three Peaks Recreation Area offers two marked hiking trails to visitors who fancy stretching their legs in this scenic landscape. Both trails are also pet-friendly.

Rocky Peak Trail is over a mile long and lightly trafficked. It is rated moderate and can be used for hiking, trail running, walking, and nature studies. It is an out and back trail with an elevation of 393 feet.

The second trail is called the Three Peaks Trail which is also over a mile long and offers great views of the surrounding hills and woods. It is accessible year-round and is rated as moderate. It is also lightly trafficked and can be used for walking, hiking, running, and nature studies.


Three Peaks Recreation Area is located within the Dixie National Forest Zone, and wildlife there is plenty. When exploring the surrounding woodlands and rocky outcroppings one can catch sight of bobcats, cougars, blue grouse, wild turkey, mule deer, cottontail rabbit, golden eagle, elk, the Utah Prairie dog, and even antelope. You might even come across some of this wildlife on your drive to the recreation area.



Three Peaks Recreation Area offers visitors a chance to just enjoy a laid back picnic in its beautiful surroundings. The day-use area accommodates picnickers with numerous picnic tables, restrooms, swing sets, drinking water, and fire rings. Picnic tables are located under a small pavilion. For large groups and events, there’s even a gated parking area and one large sheltered pavilions reserved for events and large group gatherings.

Disc Golf

Three Peaks Recreation Area has an amazing Disc Golf Course that offers quite a challenge for golfers of all skill levels. Located in the high desert of Utah surrounded by rock formations and granite outcroppings the golf course offers much longer holes amidst sagebrush and trees thoroughly enjoyed by those who have attained advanced level golfing skills.

Rock Scrambling

When we say Three Peaks Recreation Area is blessed with granite rocks, we mean they are literally covered by them. Boulders of all shapes and sizes make for an amazing and adventurous rock scrambling experience here.

The best part about these boulders is that they are of all kinds, allowing both first-timers and kids, as well as skilled climbers, to enjoy a safe and intensive boulder climbing experience. These boulders are so rounded, that they are simply perfect for rock scrambling.