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Tillebrook Provincial Park


Got an RV adventure on your mind? Plan your next RV stay at Alberta's Tillebrook Provincial Park. It's an outdoor haven in the midst of the Canadian Prairies.

Tillebrook Provincial Park takes its name from the two towns it rests between: Tilley and Brooks. The ideal spot for a relaxing getaway, this recreational area and campground is extremely remote, allowing families the luxury of getting away from it all to enjoy the serenity of rural living. The property is earmarked by its abundance of both trees and shrubs and is characterized by its mostly flat grassland regions.

This park is situated near to some of the area's most popular attractions including the UNESCO World Heritage Site Dinosaur Provincial Park, the Brooks Aqueduct, and Lake Newell, a haven for watersports and swimming. Other on-site activities include hiking, picnicking, horseshoes, and volleyball.

The climate at Tillebrook Provincial Park remains moderate most of the time though it can get chilly in the early months of the year. Whether you visit in spring, summer, winter, or fall, you will find there is lots to do at this beloved recreational area.

If you're ready for your next RV adventure, book your trip to Tillebrook Provincial Park today. You'll have a great time.

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Travel to Tillebrook Provincial Park from the town of Brooks, AB could not be simpler. The entire route consists of 8 km (or 5 miles). To take this route, begin on Railway Ave E/Township Rd 184A. Remain on Township Rd 184 until you reach the juncture for Township Rd 183A, Make a right hand turn here. You will find the park directly on the left. This short jaunt travels on two lane roads that are well-maintained. Road construction occurs only very rarely, and traffic progresses well year-round.

The journey from Medicine Hat, AB to the park covers 100 km (62 miles). To follow this route, take 2 St SE and 1 Ave SW to Transcanada Hwy/AB-1 W. Make a right hand turn onto Transcanada Hwy/AB-1 W. Continue onto Township Rd 183D, carefully following this highway until you spot the park. This route encompasses highways of both two and four lanes. Each of the highways is kept clear of snow and debris and remains in good condition year-round. Traffic moves moderately. Road construction is sometimes seen during the summer months, meaning short delays could be possible.


Parking is found at the entrance to Tillebrook Provincial Park in the provided lot.

Public Transportation

There is no public transportation to this park and campground.

Campgrounds and parking in Tillebrook Provincial Park

Campsites in Tillebrook Provincial Park

Reservations camping

Tillebrook Campground

Tillebrook Campground is open for reservations for RV and tent camping between April 17th and December 1st yearly. The property offers 85 campsites by reservation only with 20 being completely unserviced and 65 offering power hookups. 35 of the campsites are usable for winter camping. Generator use is permitted. Dogs are also allowed on the premises but must remain leashed.

This campground is not able to accommodate large trailers. At the time of reservation, you will be asked to provide the full length of your RV.

Among the amenities found at Tillebrook Campground are firepits, a pay phone, a sewage disposal station, firewood, a playground, showers, flush toilets, tap water, a cooking shelter, horseshoe pits, and a volleyball court.

The most popular activities include hiking, picnicking, horseshoes, and volleyball.

Seasonal activities in Tillebrook Provincial Park



With such an abundance of beautiful prairie grassland to explore, Tillebrook Provincial Park is a haven for families looking for the ideal spot to enjoy a picnic lunch. Wander along the trail to the picnic areas or enjoy your lunch directly from the table at your campsite.

Bring along a packed lunch and some drinking water. Your dog may join you for your picnic in the park, but please do keep them leashed at all times. Park officials also require that you clean up after your pet and properly dispose of their waste.

Lake Newell

Situated just 14 km (9 miles) from the town of Brooks is Lake Newell, a body of water that is considered one of the largest and most moderately temperatured man-made lakes in this region of Alberta. This body of water is ideal for a number of different activities including swimming, sailing, fishing, canoeing, and watersports.

Housed directly on the property is a boat launch as well as a resort.

Bring your sunscreen, drinking water, and snacks along to ensure you have everything you need for a day of fun in the sun.

Dinosaur Provincial Park

Located just a half hour's drive from the town of Brooks is the UNESCO World Heritage site known as Dinosaur Provincial Park. This recreational area rests in the Red Deer Valley and is known for its unique and interesting topographical features.

Dinosaur Provincial Park takes its name from its reputation as being a property rich in early dinosaur fossils. 58 different types of dinosaur fossils have been identified within the park grounds.

An area rich in paleontological significance, the land is also a haven for diverse plant and animal life.


Brooks Aqueduct

Built between 1912 and 1914, the Brooks Aqueduct once served as the main waterway to irrigate farms and deliver potable water to residents in the southeastern portion of the province. The structure is a marvel of modern concrete engineering yet was constructed by early pioneers with a vision for progress.

Take a step back into history to thoughtfully peruse the grounds. Bring along some bottled water to remain hydrated. Your dog may join you on this visit, but do please keep them leashed.


An area that houses one trail that traverses through dense prairie grassland, hiking is a popular attraction at Tillebrook Provincial Park. Grab your hiking shoes, some bottled water, and your best canine pal, and head out in search of adventure.

The land in this region is mostly flat, making it easy to navigate on foot. Bring along a camera to record the breathtaking views glimpsed from the flatlands.


The prairie range of Tillebrook Provincial Park is flat yet incredibly beautiful. The property is home to many breathtaking vistas with far-reaching views of distant mountain ranges. The lone trail on the grounds runs through rich forest which contains diverse plant and animal life that is picture perfect.

You may even want to record some family photos as a memento of your idyllic Alberta vacation.