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T.O. Fuller State Park in Memphis, Tennessee holds a lot of historical significance. Named after a very influential African-American man of the time, Dr. Thomas O. Fuller, this park has been providing people with access to abundant nature and wildlife since 1938, when the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) began to build here. But there is one historical piece that makes this park stand out against all others on the eastern side of the Mississippi River, and that is that it was the first state park in this area to accept African-Americans inside and allow them to enjoy the park as well. In fact, it’s original name was Shelby County Negro State Park, but was later changed in 1942 to T.O. Fuller State Park.

Now, you can come visit this park in your RV and learn more about the historical significance of the park. You can also enjoy the scenic nature and all the wildlife that calls this area home. Many people like to come here to go birdwatching, and others just enjoy the swimming pool. However you decide to spend your time here, you’ll be able to rest easy each night in a campground that can fit nearly any size RV, and gives you electric and water hookups.

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T.O. Fuller is located in Memphis, Tennessee. When you first enter the park, the first place you will come to is the Visitor Center. Here, you can get all the information you need about the park, and even pick up a park map to help you navigate and get to where you need to be. This state park, having plenty of campsites that can hold really large RVs and campers, has made sure that the roadways are easy to get around on. You can expect very few issues regarding tight turns, narrow roads, or low bridges, and you should be able to get to your campsite with no problems. However, once you get there and set up, the best choice for getting around the park would be to either go in your smaller car, or ride your bike around. Not only will this make things easier for and enhance your experience with nature, but it will also help you reduce your carbon footprint, therefore helping to save the environment so that we can all enjoy these parks for many years to come.


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Campsites in T.O. Fuller State Park

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T.O. Fuller State Park Campground

The campground that you will find inside T.O. Fuller State Park features 45 campsites. The great thing about these is that they are all very accommodating to RVs and can fit big rigs up to 85 feet long. Plus, the sites are well shaded, giving you a little bit of rest from the powerful sunshine, especially if you come during the summer when it’s hottest here. At each campsite, you will find a picnic table, grill, fire ring, and a lantern holder. You will also have electric and water hookups made readily available for you. Nearby, you will find a dump station and a bathhouse. The bathhouse consists of restrooms, showers, and even a place to do your laundry. There is also a playground nearby for the kids to play at. With campsites this great, you’ll want to go ahead and make those reservations for your next RV visit. Remember though that you can only stay here for up to two weeks at a time.

Seasonal activities in T.O. Fuller State Park



Birding is a popular activity here, as there are many species that not only consider this area to be their permanent home, but also migrate here from the north during the cold season. One of the best places to go and bring your binoculars to is the Wildlife Habitat Area. Here, you will have no problem spotting different species of waterfowl, shorebirds, raptors, and migratory birds. If you listen, you can even hear them singing.

Visiting the Interpretive Center

At the Interpretive Center, you’ll find a classroom area and have the opportunity to learn all about the nature and wildlife in the area, while also learning ways that you can help preserve all of it for the future generations. This is also where the park’s gift shop is located. So while you’re dropping in to learn a few things, you can also pick up a souvenir to keep in your RV and remember your trip by.

Learning about the Park's History

The park holds a lot of history, much of which you can only really get a feel for when you visit in your campervan. T.O Fuller State Park was the first state park open to African-Americans east of the Mississippi. Much of the park built by the CCC, and you can see the remains of what is now called Chucalissa Indian Village when you visit.



If you are looking for the perfect spot to sit around with the family and share a good meal with a pleasant view, there are four picnic pavilions that are available here for reservation. Depending on which shelter you choose, they can accommodate anywhere from 40 to 120 people, making them ideal for special events. The shelters feature grills, nearby restrooms, electricity, and playgrounds nearby for the kids to enjoy.


There are over eight miles of trails for you to discover here when you bring your campervan to T.O. Fuller State Park. Both the Discovery Trail and Nature Enhancement Area are four miles long, but the Nature Enhancement Area is paved, while the other is not. This makes it a bit easier to traverse. If you want something of a shorter length, the Day Use Trail is only half a mile, but it not paved.


Within the park, you will find an Olympic-sized swimming pool that is just perfect for cooling off and having lots of fun in the summer time. The pool is available from May to August, and is half-price for those that come camping here. A life guard on duty and restrooms and showers nearby for you to use.