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Tok River State Recreation Site


Tok River State Recreation Site is one of the most remote parks in North America but it is well worth your time. Located on the east bank of the Tok River, the area in and around the park is often the first Alaska town that travelers will venture into after the lengthy drive along the Alaska Highway. The park gives visitors their first opportunity to explore the Alaska Range and it is a very popular area for RV lovers to stop and stay the night.

The park is made up of nine acres so it is on the smaller side, however most of the recreational activities revolve around the Tok River. The river can be used for a multitude of family friendly fun times, including boating, floating, swimming and fishing. Along with the water-based recreational activities there are also a walking trail, group campfire area, two picnic sites and a picnic shelter.

Camping within the Tok River State Recreation Site is known to be very comfortable with clean facilities. There are 27 RV friendly sites available for visitors to enjoy and there is a maximum RV limit of 60 feet. All campsites are off-grid and feature no electric, water or sewer hookups. Tok River State Recreation Site is only accessible during the summer months.

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The Tok River State Recreation Site is located around five miles south of Tok off the Alaskan Highway. There is only one entrance and exit to the park and this road is easily found and accessible as it is clearly marked and located right off the highway. Due to the remote location of the park there aren't many other towns or amenities located within close vicinity of the park besides Tok. The next closest small town is Tetlin Junction, which is around seven and a half miles from the park. The park is renowned for being one of the most remote areas of North America as it is around a three and a half hour drive to Fairbanks and around six hours to Anchorage.

Like most parks in Alaska, getting to Tok River State Recreation Site can be difficult depending on the weather. During the winter time you will have no chance of accessing the park with your RV so we recommend that you plan your trip during the summer months to avoid the snow and icy roads. When the weather is good the roads in and around the park are very well kept and you should have no trouble with terrain issues or navigating them.


There is plenty of parking available for visitors to Tok River State Recreation Site.

Public Transportation

Unfortunately there are no public transport options that will get you to Tok River State Recreation Site.

Campgrounds and parking in Tok River State Recreation Site

Campsites in Tok River State Recreation Site

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Tok River State Recreation Site Campground

The campground at Tok River State Recreation Site is renowned for having very easy to navigate roads, clean toilets and plenty of space in between sites. In total there are 27 RV friendly sites available that have a maximum RV limit of 60 feet.

Although there are only 27 sites they are scattered throughout the park so you won't have to worry about being on top of your neighbors. You may have some occasional highway noise if you stay in the southern sites so we recommend the northern sites if you have a choice. None of the sites in the campground have any hookups but there are water collection points and toilets available for you to use. You may be able to get cell phone reception in the campground if you have a phone that is on a major network. Reservations are available via phone and the campground is open during the summertime.

Seasonal activities in Tok River State Recreation Site



Boating is one of the most popular recreational activities to do within Tok River Recreation Area. On the western side of the park you will find a boat ramp that you are welcomed to use during your stay in the park. Along with boating, going for a float down the river is also an activity that many enjoy. If you do want to go boating during your stay make sure that you bring your own as no rentals will be available for you to use.


If you love to fish you will love your stay at Tok River State Recreation Site. Fishing is permitted within Tok River and it is a very popular location that attracts visitors and locals alike. Many different species of fish can be found in the river, including northern pike, rainbow trout, whitefish and burbot. If you do plan on fishing during your stay you must bring all your own fishing tackle and bait as there will be no rentals available for you to use.


Picnicking is always a lovely way to enjoy the outdoors and many people who visit the park enjoy sitting down, relaxing and enjoying a picnic. There are two picnic areas available for use and multiple other picnic tables scattered throughout the park. If you have a big group we recommend getting to the picnic shelter near the boat ramp and using that area. Remember to bring all your own food as none will be available for purchase.



Since the park is quite small there are no major hiking trails, however there is a short nature trail that you can explore during your stay at the park. The trailhead can be found at the eastern end of the park and it will take you around a short loop. On the loop you can expect to see some of the wild life that calls the park home along with trees and shrubs. For those feeling more adventurous you can also take a walk along the riverbank.


Birding is another popular activity at Tok River State Recreation Site. You will have plenty of opportunities to use your binoculars and view the beautiful birds that call the park home. There will be many different migratory birds hanging around Tok River throughout the year. If you are lucky you may get to see migrating sandhill cranes or some of the members of the growing resident population of trumpeter swans. For more information on bird species found within the area contact the park office.

Group Fire Pit

Remember the days of cooking marshmallows over a campfire and telling stories? Near the picnic area and boat ramp at Tok River State Recreation Site you will find a group camp fire area where you and other guests can socialize the night away. There is one large fire-pit that also has firewood provided by park staff for those wanting to have a campfire. For more information on firewood collection you can contact the park office.