Toronto Blue Jays RV Camping Guide

At Rogers Centre, the Toronto Blue Jays are ready to tackle the competition, so there’s no better time for an RV trip to Toronto, Ontario than during baseball season!

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Any baseball-mad traveler may have ants in their pants once March rolls around. After all, it marks the beginning of the baseball season. The Toronto Blue Jays, led by mascot Ace, power onto the pitch at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario looking smart and dashing in their powder blue threads with navy accents.

“OK, Blue Jays” rings out across the stadium, all before "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" ramps up the crowd during the seventh-inning stretch. It’s an unbelievable atmosphere and one that baseball fans flock to 1 Blue Jays Way in Toronto to be a part of every year.

Rogers Centre has been the home venue of the Toronto Blue Jays since 1989 and comfortably caters to nearly 50,000 baseball fans at a time. Before its name change to Rogers Centre, it used to be known as SkyDome, a multipurpose stadium near the northern shore of Lake Ontario.

While the Toronto Blue Jays add much magic to the venue, it also gets plenty of use during the off-season, too. It becomes the venue of conventions, trade fairs, carnivals, monster truck shows, and concerts, to name a few.

It has even played host to Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, WWE’s WrestleMania, and AMA Supercross. It certainly helps that it has a retractable roof that transforms it from being an outdoor venue to an indoor one at the touch of a button.

With the baseball season about to get underway, there’s no better time for Blue Jays fans to start their travel plans. Prepare your border documentation, pack up your motorhome, and hit the road bound for Canada.


Blue Jays fans will love having so many options available to them when it comes time to buy game tickets. If you’re a hardcore fan, then you may see the value in group tickets and season passes. Otherwise, individual tickets cost between USD 21 to 122, depending on whether the game is home or away. If you buy your tickets online, you can scan your mobile ticket at the gate or print it off in advance.

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Driving to Toronto can take a bit more planning than if you were to, say, attend a baseball game in Maryland or New Jersey. As you are crossing over into another country, it’s imperative to make sure you have all your border documents ready, including identification.

No matter which part of the United States you cross from, it’s a good idea to allow plenty of time for delays. It may even prove useful to have an extra day or two up your sleeve so that you also have time to visit local attractions before attending the baseball game.

Upon arriving in Toronto, Rogers Centre is near Union Station, with an abundance of transportation options for those who don’t want to rely on their motorhome for the entirety of their trip. A traffic aid like Waze or Google Maps may also prove helpful for those who are not familiar with Canada and how to get around Toronto.

Parking areas

Rogers Centre is in a built-up part of Toronto near Old Toronto. As a result, there is limited public parking available, especially for larger vehicles like Airstreams and Class As. If you take your tow vehicle, underground parking is limited to travelers with season tickets.

Fortunately, there are several parking lots within walking distance of Rogers Centre, including a bus parking area adjacent, which can be reserved in advance. Allow extra time to hunt for on-street parking, or utilize Toronto’s exceptional transportation system.

Public Transportation

Given how tricky it can be to park a Class A rig when parking is limited, Blue Jays fans may decide to utilize Toronto’s fabulous public transportation system. Rogers Centre, fortunately, is in the entertainment district and is a short walk from the subway and train station, north of Toronto’s Harborfront.

The subway system links with the bus network and streetcars for effortless access to the venue on game days, and a train to Union Station is also a preferred option. Express trains also run at regular intervals between the airport and Union Station.

For those staying in an RV campground near Rogers Centre, bicycling can also seem like an ideal option. Rogers Centre has bicycle stands available for use. Anyone who arrives via skateboard or roller blades can also check these items into the Fan Services area for pickup once the game is over.

Where to stay


Rogers Centre is a multipurpose facility for a range of events, which leaves little space for day parking, let alone overnight parking. Before you arrive in Toronto for a Blue Jays game at Rogers Centre, dedicate time to finding somewhere accessible with a large RV nearby. You can then arrive and spend more time exploring, rather than hunting for last-minute motorhome accommodation.


It can be quite daunting trying to find somewhere to stay with an RV in a new country, but you’ll be surprised at how many luxury options await. Toronto West KOA Holiday, for example, is within an hour’s drive of Roger Centre. Make sure you have extra money for the toll road that offers the most direct route to Rogers Centre.

A little over an hour away toward Barrie is Toronto North / Cookstown KOA Holiday, which will also appeal to the traveler who prefers service hookups and the best place for RV camping.

Getting around

Upon arriving at Rogers Centre, getting around is easier than you might think. All seating areas are clearly marked and align with the information on your ticket. You can also easily spot the Fan Services area for more information.

All vendors, concession areas, and washrooms are proximate to the seating area and have visible signage. If you bring a skateboard or rollerblades, you can check these into the Fan Services area or at the gate for pickup after the game.

What to pack


Navy blue, powder blue, and red will be the colors of choice for anyone attending a Toronto Blue Jays game. If you wear opposing colors, you won’t be doing yourself any favors! Aside from color matching to show your support, it’s also worth paying attention to what the weather is doing. The baseball season runs from spring to fall, which means a mixed bag of weather awaits anyone traveling to Toronto to watch a game.


Particular importance should be placed on what to bring to not only Rogers Centre also to Toronto in general. Read up on customs regulations, and leave behind any fresh fruit, firewood, weapons, radar detectors, and even weapons you might use for hunting and fishing at nearby parks, such as Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park near Peterborough.

Upon arriving at Rogers Centre, you may bring in food and beverages, but no glass. Soft bags are also allowed, but hard-sided coolers are best left in your motorhome. A less is more approach can ensure your comfort at the game, so take the bare basics like money, water, your ticket, and supporter’s gear, and speed up the security screening process at the same time.

Health & Safety

You might not think that sitting in a stadium would require a health and safety plan, but it does. Officials recommend that you’re alert and aware of your surroundings at all times, especially with the risk of baseballs, bats, and bat fragments flying into the seating areas without warning.

Health and safety measures should also be taken while you’re camping and exploring in Toronto. Always carry a stocked first-aid kit, especially during trips to natural attractions like Algonquin Provincial Park toward Ottawa. Water and bug spray should also be at the top of your must-have list.

Where to eat


Given that you’ll be traveling across the border into Canada, there’s no need to worry about camping prep before you get to your RV campground near Blue Jays Stadium. Pick up a few supplies from a grocery store en-route, then haul out your camp cooker upon arriving. Some campsites may allow you to use a fire pit or campfire, but many hosts request that you utilize your onboard kitchen appliances.


Because you’re in a new country, why not treat yourself to hearty Canadian fare? Pizza cake, fried dough, and Montreal hot dogs are a few of the many traditional food items that are worth exploring on your RV vacation. After watching the Blue Jays take on their arch-rivals at Rogers Centre, there’s no better way to end the day than with a dining experience. Even within a short walking or driving distance along the waterfront, you’ll be met with some lovely eateries boasting spectacular views of the lake.


You might think that you’re limited to corn dogs and candy floss at a baseball game, but you’ll be astounded at the offerings at Rogers Centre. Everything from burgers, pizza, fresh fruit and salad to pretzels, nachos, and burritos are available.

Restaurant, concession, and catering services are all available, with options for vegetarians, vegans, kosher, gluten-free, and halal. Bring cash just in case, but most vendors will accept debit and credit cards for payment.



Whenever you attend a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game at Rogers Centre, it’s worth allowing plenty of time before the game begins. The security screening process can take a bit of time but is ultimately there for the protection of all those who attend the game.

Everything you bring in with you will be subjected to a search, and metal detectors will also be present. Hand-held metal detectors and pat-downs are also part and parcel of attending a Blue Jays game.

Police officers patrol Rogers Centre throughout the game, and you may approach them or a staff member at any time if you require assistance. The Toronto Police Division is also a short ten-minute drive from Rogers Centre for peace of mind.


Weather conditions can fluctuate throughout the year, but the beauty of Rogers Centre is that it has a retractable roof. Fan comfort is a priority, so during heat warnings issued by the city, the roof may be closed. At the beginning of the season, Toronto experiences averages between 30 and 41 degrees-Fahrenheit.

By summer, it’s not uncommon for highs over 80 degrees. For peace of mind and a hassle-free journey, ensure your heating and cooling unit in your motorhome is in peak working condition before you hit the road.


Some of the more common problems that people face while attending baseball games in Toronto are related to the heat. June, July, and August see heat-related illnesses skyrocket. It’s imperative to wear sunscreen, a hat, loose-fitting clothing, and drink plenty of water. There are several drinking fountains throughout Roger Centre, and first-aid rooms for assistance should you require it.