Treefort Music Festival

If you love Indie rock music, pack up your RV and head to the Treefort Music Festival, which takes place in Boise, Idaho every year.

Event information

The Treefort Music Festival is an annual indie rock music event that is held in Boise, Idaho. The performances take place over five days at several different venues in downtown Boise. Thanks to its success and the world-class music performances, it has put Boise on the map as a top music destination.

The festival was first held in 2012 and featured some great indie artists. It started as a small, four-day event and was received well by the community. Over the years it has become bigger and better and is now considered Boise's most popular cultural and music event.

Artists like Liz Phair, George Clinton, Jamila Woods, Princess Nokia, Built to Spill, The Dirty Moogs, Leftover Salmon, Magic Sword, Sun Blood Stories, Emily Wells, Youth Lagoon, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, The Brett Netson Band, and many others have performed at Treefort Music Festival in the past.

The mission of the Treefort Music Festival is to act as a platform for emerging local and national artists. In addition to the musical performances, there are plenty of other activities and exhibits for festival attendees to enjoy like modern dance, performance art, art installations, seminars on music and some great food.


There are several different types of innovatively named passes like Bed Head (access to all venues and stages), Zipline (access to the front of the line at any venue) and U21 (access to venues for guests 21 and under). You also have the option of purchasing single-day, main stage only, and venue only passes. They range in price from $10 -$30 for the venue only tickets to around $370 for the Zipline passes.

Children under the age of 12 can enjoy the festival for free. If you act quickly after tickets go on sale, you can purchase early bird tickets at discounted prices. Take a look at the official festival website for more information on tickets and pricing for the Treefort Music Festival.

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Driving in the downtown area can be disorienting since there are several one-way streets. You may want to use a GPS app and scope out the surroundings ahead of time to avoid losing your way. Additionally, downtown Boise can get quite crowded on the days of the festival. You may be better off parking your rig at your campsite and getting to the venue using another mode of transport.

Motorists are likely to encounter some twists and curves en route to the Boise area as it rests at the base of the Northern Rocky Mountains. Watch for road and weather alerts for Southwestern Idaho, Boise, and the Northwestern United States on your way to the Treefort Music Festival.

Parking areas

If you’re going to be at the festival only for a couple of hours, you can opt for on-street parking. Meters are operated by the City of Boise, and you can download an app to manage your meter. If you're there for longer, it's better to book a spot at a garage or surface parking lot, but remember to check the height and length of your rig. These are conveniently located and more affordable for longer stays.

Public Transportation

In past years, guests have been able to get to the venue using the bus system run by the Valley Regional Transit. Organizers often tie-up with the bus system to offer a shuttle service for guests. This is called the Treeline Circulator and is usually free for attendees. Another way to get to the venue is by using a ride-hailing app.

Where to stay


Onsite camping on the grounds of Treefort Music Festival will not be permitted. Book a spot at a campsite or RV park nearby in advance.


The nearest RV park is about 10-15 minutes away from the downtown area. Nearby campsites come with facilities like full hookups, camp stores, and laundry services. Thanks to Boise’s warm climate, scenic mountains and fish-packed rivers, RVers from all over the country flock to the area. Additionally, the parks in the region are quite affordable, which makes them ideal for longer stays.

Getting around

You can walk, bike, or drive around the downtown area to get from one venue to the next. Festival patrons are requested to use public transport or carpool to cut down on their carbon footprint. All the larger venues are ADA compliant, but some of the smaller sites only have stairs. In such cases, every effort will be taken by the organizers to accommodate patrons with disabilities.

What to pack


For the Treefort Music Festival, dressing in light layers is the way to go. This way, you can take something off or put something on to stay comfortable throughout the day. You can also purchase some great festival merchandise like t-shirts and hoodies at the venue and wear them to show your support. Put on comfortable shoes or sandals and carry a jacket in case it gets cold after sundown.


Carry a small bag or fanny pack with your sunglasses, wallet, phone, and other essentials. Some other items that can come in handy are a portable charger and sunscreen. In order to cut down on waste, alcoholic beverages are only served in steel pint cups. So you’ll need to carry your own (that meets the regulations) or buy one at the venue.

Health & Safety

At the Treefort Music Festival, there is a strong focus on sustainability and environmental awareness. Do not litter; instead use the trash, compost, or recycle stations that can be found throughout the venue. Patrons are asked to avoid using single-use plastics and instead carry their own reusable bottle and cups with them.

Where to eat


Cooking is not allowed on the festival grounds. There have been several instances in the past when unsupervised campfires or fireworks have set the surrounding foothills on fire. So, most campgrounds in the area will not permit open flames of any kind. But you will be allowed to use the stove in your RV. Many of the RV parks have attached convenience stores where you can pick up supplies.


When it comes to food, there is something for everyone in the City of Boise. Its culinary scene is pretty diverse, and you’ll find so much more than fast food joints and small diners here. Don’t miss out on iconic downtown eateries and inspired dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. Some locations will be within a five-minute walk of some of the Treefort venues.


The primary food area is usually near the main stage at the Treefort Music Festival. Here there will be several food trucks selling delicious fare like mac n’ cheese, Greek gyros, Mexican Tamales, Canadian Poutine, and Japanese Takoyaki. There will also be an “Alefort” where you can try many different beers and grab some yummy snacks. Keep in mind that some vendors will support the festival's cup policy, and others may use another option.



Because of the rapid growth of the event, security has been stepped up in recent years. There will be increased security in the downtown area during the period that the event is held. Patrons may be subjected to random bag searches and pat-downs upon entering the Treefort Music Festival. Make sure you’re not carrying any prohibited items like drugs, outside alcohol or weapons of any kind.


The weather in Boise can change unexpectedly. It can be warm and sunny one minute and cold and windy the next. There have even been unexpected snowstorms in the past. So it’s best to dress in layers and be prepared for anything. The nights are usually chilly, so be sure to take warm clothing.


There will be a centrally located first-aid area where patrons can get information and assistance. Medications and medically necessary items will be allowed in as long as they are accompanied by a prescription and labeled with the patron’s name. Guests with disabilities can contact the organizers in advance for any requests or information related to accessibility.