Trondossa Festival

Trondossa Festival, a new music event that’s taking the country’s music scene by storm, must be a pit stop on your next RV trip.

Event information

Trondossa Festival is a new music and arts event that was inaugurated in 2018. It takes place at Riverfront Park in North Charleston, South Carolina and features a diverse lineup of musical acts. Performances are spread across two days. The event aims to showcase the best of the local Charleston music scene and everything the city has to offer.

The venue, Riverfront Park is situated on the shores of the Cooper River, making it the perfect scenic setting for the event. In addition to the main stage where the headlining acts perform, there will be a second smaller stage featuring some of the best local bands and musicians.

Artists like Umphrey’s McGee, Widespread Panic, The Marcus King Band, The Wood Brothers, Caroline Rose, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, River City Dixieland Jazz Band, Sturgill Simpson, and Hiss Golden Messenger have performed at Trondossa Festival.

Apart from the world-class live music, there is a whole host of other activities for guests to enjoy. A number of interactive art installations will be set up throughout the festival site. Unique merchandise handcrafted by local and regional vendors will be on sale. There will also be plenty of delicious food and drinks on offer.


Single-day and two-day General Admission tickets and well as two-day VIP tickets go on sale a few months before the event. They range in price from $90 for a one-day pass to $350 for the VIP pass. VIP pass holders will be able to enjoy priority check-in, separate entrance lane, private viewing areas, restroom trailers, and many other perks.

In the past, admission has been free for children under the age of 6 as long as they are with a ticket-holding adult. Take a look at the official festival website for more information on tickets and pricing.

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Riverfront Park is easy to get to from I-26 and I-526. You can enter the park through the Virginia Avenue gate and continue on Noisette Blvd. The McMillan Avenue gate may also be an option. If you feel as though you are on a military base, you may be in the right place; the park is on the site of the old Charleston Naval Base.

You may be better off leaving your rig at your campsite and getting to the venue using public transportation because of expected traffic delays on the days of the event. Review road and weather conditions for North Charleston and the South Carolina coastline via 511 services or your favorite app.

Parking areas

Paid parking is available at the venue on a first-come, first-serve basis. Event staff will be present at the parking areas to direct patrons to the available spaces. Spots are limited, so try to carpool to the event or take public transportation if you can. This way, you can save money on parking while cutting down your environmental footprint.

Public Transportation

Charleston’s bus system is called CARTA, and there are routes that will get you close to the venue. Keep in mind that you’ll need a pass or exact change to ride a bus. Another way to get to the site is by taking a taxi or using rideshare services. A drop-off and pick-up point will be located on Noisette Blvd. indicated by prominent signs.

Where to stay


Camping is not allowed on the grounds of Trondossa Festival or in the parking lots. You’ll need to book a spot at a campsite or RV park nearby.


There are plenty of well-equipped campgrounds and RV parks in the Charleston area. They come with facilities like full-hookups, pull-through sites, pool access, and WiFi. RV parks that are closer to the venue may have more of a city-feel to them. If you want to get close to nature and enjoy a campsite-like vibe, you’ll find this also within a 30 to 40-minute drive of the venue.

Getting around

Personal motorized vehicles like scooters, bikes, golf carts, ATVs, skates, and skateboards will not be permitted on the premises. While a lot of the terrain in Riverfront Park is natural, there will be wheelchair navigable pathways throughout the area. There will be an ADA viewing platform for patrons who require accessible seating.

What to pack


You may not see many costumes or dramatic outfits at Trondossa Festival, and the vibe is pretty chilled out. The weather is likely to be warm and sunny, so you can’t go wrong with shorts and a t-shirt. Carry a lightweight jacket to throw on at night and wear comfortable shoes that you can stand and walk around all day in and enjoy the music.


Only small backpacks and purses are allowed. Carry all the essentials you’ll need to stay comfortable like non-aerosol sunscreen, bug spray to protect your skin and a small refillable water bottle. It’s also a good idea to carry some form of seating like a lightweight blanket or a low-backed lawn chair that meets the festival's regulations.

Health & Safety

There will be a number of hydration stations on site where you can get complimentary filtered drinking water. It can get quite loud, so it’s a good idea to take earplugs, especially if you're with young children. Make sure you’re not carrying anything that’s on the list of prohibited items like outside food or alcohol when you arrive at the festival entrance.

Where to eat


Attendees will not be allowed to cook at the venue or take in food or drinks. From time to time, the South Carolina Forestry Commission issues burn bans. Most campsites in the area will permit campfires as long as there is no such ban in effect. If cooking your own meals and snacks is important to you, it’s a good idea to take a portable grill since these are typically allowed at most campgrounds.


You can find some delicious Southern comfort food in North Charleston. Its culinary scene has really expanded in recent years. Be sure to try some of the tasty dishes that the city is known for like the fried pork chops and batter-fried wings. There is also some excellent Caribbean food on offer in this coastal community.


Guests are likely to find some delicious local culinary delights to savor at the festival. Whether you’re in the mood for a corn dog, wood-fired pizza, or an acai bowl, you’ll find it here. There are also a ton of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options for guests with dietary restrictions or preferences.



Security personnel and front gate staff will be conducting bag checks at the entrances. Guests may be subjected to an airport-style pat-down as well. Any prohibited items will be removed, and there is no onsite storage available for them. Trondossa requests that guests not bring glowsticks, silly string, confetti, lasers, and other items that make it difficult for them to keep the area clean after the event has ended.


South Carolina weather is typically warm and sunny in the spring, but storms can happen. Take a look at the weather report on the day and dress accordingly. Also, check if any road or weather alerts have been issued in the Berkeley, Charleston or Dorchester counties before planning your trip.


There will be a first aid center located in a central part of the venue. You can head there if you or someone you know requires medical attention. Medically necessary items and food will be permitted on a case by case basis. Patrons with disabilities can get help and support at the information booth located onsite or write to the organizers in advance for clarification if needed.