Trough Creek State Park

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Bordered by stunning views of the Rothrock State Forest and Raystown Lake, Trough Creek State Park is an ideal destination for your next RV vacation. The park is a scenic gorge formed as the Great Trough Creek cuts through Terrace Mountain before emptying into Raystown Lake. Trough Creek State Park features numerous rugged and primeval hiking trails, hunting fields, and fishing streams that sit on its 541 acres of land. The park offers many outdoor adventures like hiking, fishing, wildlife watching, and snow sliding, as well as diversified environmental education and interpretive programs.

This exceptional recreational center offers you 12 miles of well-marked and elevated hiking trails. The park offers a variety of warm water and cool water fish like Panfish, Trout, and rock bass. If you are a wildlife lover, the park will give you access to forest lands during established seasons where you can do your hunting, trapping, and dog training. During winter months, the park is very ideal for snow sliding. During the spring and summer, visitors can still experience the chill of winter by stepping down into the Ice Mine.

Once you park your RV at Trough Creek State Park, you can head down the nature trails and view its historical features like Balanced Rock and Rainbow Falls. These are just some of the impressive highlights offered by the park.

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Trough Creek State Park is located down the southeastern banks of Raystown. The park is 16 miles south along PA 26 and five miles east down PA 994 close to the Entriken village and is close to the nearby Huntingdon. It's also within a short driving distance to Altoona and State College. The road network is well laid out, and with minimal driving restrictions, you are guaranteed a smooth ride in the park.

Driving in the park is limited to 25 miles per hour to ensure that you remain safe while driving around. There is no limit to the size of RVs that can access the park. There are numerous parking spaces around the park and they are located at almost every attraction. They are well designed so that they do not interfere with any traffic in the park. There are also special parking spaces designated for persons with disabilities. If you are staying the night, you can park at the campground, as they can harbor any size camper.


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Trough Creek State Park Campground

Available from mid-April to mid-December, the campground at Trough Creek State Park features 29 campsites, all of which offer electricity. These sites can accommodate any size RV and they have a rustic restroom without showers. They offer electric hookups, a picnic table, and a fire pit. Each site also has a tent pad to allow you to erect your tent with much ease. There is a sanitary dump facility adjacent to the park office. Pets are only allowed at selected campsites. Generator use is allowed but should not be too loud.

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Trough Creek Lodge

This is a historic two-story home that was built in the mid-1800s but has recently been renovated. If you're tired of being in the RV and are looking to stay somewhere nicer, then this is the place that you should stay. It’s also open year-round, unlike the RV campground. It has amenities like a fully equipped kitchen fitted with a dishwasher, two bathrooms, four bedrooms, and a wide fireplace. The lounge has spacious yard areas and porches. It has a dining table and a living room with seating for twelve. The lodge can sleep up to twenty people. It is also accessible to people with disabilities.

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Remember to carry your bike in your RV as you visit Trough Creek State Park. The park has three-and-a-half-mile-long biking trails. You can bike down the Old Forge Road all the way to the edge of Raystown Lake. Ride down the cemetery trail and view the historic Furnace ruins and climb to the 17th century Paradise Furnace Cemetery. Cycle down the Raven Rock trail. It is the cliff site believed to have been the favorite nesting site for ravens. This trail will take you by the geologic wonder and the Balanced Rock. You will then turn around and return to the Balanced Rock.


There are five picnic spots throughout Trough Creek State Park. They are well positioned to provide you with a variety of beautiful scenic sites. Some spots are near the stream while others are right off the road. Picnic tables and pavilions are available in the picnic spots as well as spacious activity areas, restrooms, and water. You can have your lunch picnic near the Copperas rocks area which has several tables and grills as you enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings.


Trough Creek State Park has beautiful and scenic trails stretching up to 12 miles. Some of the trails are rocky, steep, and narrow. They vary in difficulty. The Brumbaugh Trail is nearly two and a half miles long and is the most difficult. It begins at the balance Rock through the stunning forest scenery down the hillsides. It gives you a spectacular view of Raystown Lake. The quarter-mile-long Balanced Rock Trail stretches above Great Tough Creek through a suspension bridge and goes past the alluring Rainbow falls. The trails in the park offer a combination of nature, history, and fun. Make sure to put on strong hiking shoes with ankle support.



If you love hunting, Trough Creek Park will provide you with a good opportunity to hunt during the established hunting seasons. You will be allowed to access forest land like Rothrock State Forest which is open to hunting. The park has designated 100 acres of its land for hunting and trapping. Popular game species in the park are deer, turkey, grouse, and squirrel. However, the Pennsylvania Game Commission rules apply especially in the use of firearms. You are advised to use extreme caution when handling firearms.


Trough Creek State Park serves as a trailhead for trails on Rothrock State Forest lands. Parking slots and restrooms are provided for in the park at the pavilion down the Terrace Mountain Road close to the campground. Pick up your snowmobile trail map from the park office to guide you on the best trails. There are heated rooms and warming huts during winter months to keep you warm as you slide on the snow-covered ground. All designated snow sliding areas are well marked with suitable signs.


Stream fishing at Trough Creek State Park is a great outdoor activity during the spring. It provides a range of fish like trout, panfish, sucker, and smallmouth. If you are a fan of lake fishing, you can take a short trek along Terrace Mountain Trail to a covered bay of Raystown Lake. Make sure you pack your fishing rod or net in your motorhome so that you may experience this amazing natural life. However, some regulations from the department of conservation are applied when it comes to fishing.

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