Love trying new food? Love music? Enjoy both on a visit to Washington DC! Get away for the weekend in your RV to the Truckeroo Food Truck Festival.

Event information

Ballparks and their neighboring buildings can be ghost towns when the team plays their away games. To combat that problem, Bullpen bar owner Bo Blair has created a once-monthly event that brings everyone back for some grub and good times.

The Truckeroo Food Festival has been around since 2011 and takes place on one Friday per month between April and September at 1201 Half St. SE, Washington, DC. The event site is a block-long parking lot that runs near The Bullpen bar and its neighbors.

During most of the month, this parking lot sits empty apart from a few other events. However, on Friday afternoon and late into the evening, it roars to life with the energy of dozens of food trucks. The goal of Truckeroo Food Truck Festival is to showcase some of the best food trucks in the DC area. While you eat and sample the wares, you can also listen to live music. It doesn’t get much better than that.

All manner of cuisines await your inspection, so why not get those keys into your RV’s ignition and make your way toward Washington, DC, for the weekend? So far, visitors have been treated to tapas, Korean, tacos, barbeque, and desserts such as Hershey’s Ice Cream, and brown butter bourbon bread pudding. The food truck variety changes every month, so you’ll be hankering to visit more than once.

If you’ve got time up your sleeve and a weekend to spare, make a quick road trip to the Truckeroo Food Festival and fill your hungry belly.


In past years, the Truckeroo Food Truck Festival has been free for anyone to visit. You can turn up, take a seat at one of the many picnic tables, then decide which food and beverages you’re going to buy. You’ll need to pay for food and beverages, and present ID for a wristband for alcohol, but you can put your wallet away for entry.

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If you see the Potomac River, Anacostia River, or Washington Channel, you know you’re in the right place. Highway 395 runs directly across the Potomac River, taking you to the southwest waterfront. If you exit Highway 395 onto Maine Ave. SW, it’s an almost clear run to the entrance of the parking lot. Keep in mind that driving in the DC area requires some added patience. It may be more desirable to park just outside of the area and then catch the train to arrive within a few blocks of Truckeroo.

Parking areas

While there is no on or off-street parking available directly by the Truckeroo event site, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck without a place to park your RV for the evening. Within one block, you may find all manner of parking options with no height restrictions for your RV.

You can reserve a parking space in advance on N. St. SE, or turn up on the day and pay by the hour. This site is well-lit and staffed for your peace of mind. There are also more parking lots available further away from the festival site if you don’t mind taking a short walk to and from the food trucks. Keep in mind these are not overnight parking options.

Public Transportation

M. St. SE, directly by Truckeroo, is a popular bus route. There are various stop points along the way, often including across the parking lot from the trucks. If you prefer to set your RV up at your campsite before heading down to see the food trucks, then you’ll merely need to locate a bus that runs the central route, or head to the train station to end up on the same road as the event. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the district’s many private ride services with competitive rates.

Where to stay


Onsite camping is not available due to the nature of the event. The narrow parking lot has just enough room for the food trucks and patrons, and that’s evening’s entertainment. However, the central location of the festival means you’re not going to have much trouble finding a nearby resort, campsite, or campground to park up at for the night or weekend and make your way into DC by public transportation.


If you plan on staying near Washington, DC, you can look to secure RV accommodations within a 25 to 40-minute drive in Maryland or Virginia. Camping locations in the area include dry camping and service hookups depending on what you choose. Greenbelt Park Campground in Greenbelt National Park, just across the way in Maryland, may also provide an excellent home for you and your RV during your visit to the nation’s capital.

Getting around

The small, conservative food truck festival site will be no problem for guests to navigate on foot. It’s a small, paved strip between two buildings, and has enough space for food trucks, patrons, entertainers, and a few picnic tables. Because of the abundance of day parking in the area, you also don’t need to travel too far on foot to get to the festival site either if you are able to park in the area.

What to pack


Spring, fall, and summer are all nestled between the event dates of the Truckeroo Food Festival. Therefore, the only way to know what the weather will be doing on the Friday you decide to visit is by checking the forecast.

If you visit in April, pack warm clothing as it can drop to the low 40s as night hits. From May until September, you can get away with light layers during the day, but you’ll need warm clothing at night once the temperatures drop to 40s and 50s.


With almost everything provided, food, beverages, seating, and portable toilets, you’ll need to take very little to Truckeroo. If you want to travel light, take a small bag with some cash for the bar and food trucks, and leave the rest of your possessions in your RV. If you intend on purchasing alcohol, however, you will need to show your ID in exchange for a wristband to wear on you at all times.

Health & Safety

Truckeroo mainly runs in the afternoon and into the late evening. Make sure you bring any medical supplies and prescriptions you might need to take during this time and consume plenty of water if you plan on dancing the night away to the entertainment. There are portable toilets located on site for convenience.

Where to eat


If the trip back to your RV has you feeling a little peckish, then it might be time to fire up your onboard RV cooker and prepare a light snack before bed. Check with your campground host to find out if there are any rules and regulations on the use of cooking equipment. You can check for supplies on foot between Truckeroo and the National Mall or pick up supplies closer to your campground.


While you’re unlikely to be hunting down the nearest restaurants at a food truck festival, it’s helpful to know where they are for the remainder of your stay in Washington. Even in the general vicinity of Truckeroo, you may find options galore.

Both family-friendly and intimate dining establishments are within a short walking or driving distance from both RV accommodation and the food truck event. Why not choose something to go and go and enjoy the view from Poplar Point over the Anacostia River? Or maybe your trip’s focus is visiting the nation’s monuments and museums just to the north.


Given the type of event, you are going to love trying out everything the food trucks at Truckeroo have to offer. Satisfy your sweet tooth with sophisticated dessert offerings, or try a new cuisine that captures your attention. Make sure you have both cash and credit and arrive at Truckeroo with an empty stomach.



There will be a security presence both at the gate and inside Truckeroo. Not only will they be checking for weapons or any other prohibited items, but to ensure those who intend on consuming alcohol are over the legal age and have ID. Once you present your ID, you will be given a wristband. Venturing to any of the area's indoor historical locations may also bring you through security lines.


Check the forecast before you attend Truckeroo to find out what you can expect that day. In the event of rain, Truckeroo may be rescheduled. Make sure you follow them on all social media to find out the latest information regarding weather conditions. Otherwise, pack warm clothing and prepare for any eventuality.


If you’re feeling unwell or sustain an injury, then you’re in the right place. The nearest hospital is only a little under four miles away, with a local pharmacy around a ten-mile drive in the same direction. However, keep in mind that those miles are through a very congested area in which public transportation may be desirable. Check with security officials on site to see if they can help with first aid provisions before you head to a medical center. In an emergency, dial 9-11.