Tulsa State Fair

Head to Tulsa with your family or friends in your camper and experience the Tulsa State Fair in all its glory.

Event information

The annual Tulsa State Fair is easily one of the biggest family events in Oklahoma and is central by location for many travelers. This fair is typically held after Labor Day and usually lasts for 11 days. The core pillars of this event are quality entertainment for people of all ages, family values, and heritage. Aside from offering all kinds of culinary delicacies and exotic, refreshing drinks, visitors can also take part in a plethora of fun and educational activities and listen to great music as well.

The first annual fair in Tulsa took place in 1903 under the name "Tulsa County Free Fair." Back then, the fair was just a simple agricultural showcase with no more than a few thousand people in attendance. More recently, the Tulsa State Fair is known to have more than a million people coming each year to enjoy the attractions and relax.

Among the most entertaining features of the fair are educational exhibits, kid and thrill rides, agricultural exhibits, and much more. The Golden Driller statue gives fair-goers a photo-op to remember. With all this in mind, make sure to leave a few days of your summer for a visit to the Tulsa State Fair. Hop into your RV with your dear ones and experience what Northeast Oklahoma has to offer when you camp at the fair or nearby in Tulsa.


When it comes to purchasing the tickets for the Tulsa State Fair, the most expensive tickets are for adults. Discounts will be available for military personnel, senior citizens, and children between the age of 5 and 12. Admission for children under the age of 5 is free of charge.

Fair tickets do not include RV parking or camping. Camping reservations can be made separately. To get current ticket prices, options, and deals, make sure to check the website of the Tulsa State Fair.

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The Tulsa State Fair is held at 4145 E. 21st Tulsa, OK. This puts the fair's location one block west of Yale Avenue. If you are traveling from Oklahoma City, you can take I-44 eastbound, and the drive may take an hour and a half. If you are coming from Kansas City, you will travel via I-49, and it may take you about four hours to reach the fairgrounds.

Parking areas

RV drivers can rest easy knowing that the Tulsa State Fair features a dedicated RV parking lot. Even though this lot is not within the main boundaries of the fair, it is still within the Tulsa Expo Center, thus placing it in very close proximity to the fair.

All onsite parking services operate on a first-come, first-serve basis, and you will have to display your car pass on your vehicle at all times. Day lot parking options are extremely limited at the fairgrounds. Community locations (schools and civic buildings) will often allow for day parking in their lots for a fee; guests can then look to take a free shuttle provided by the fair to the fairgrounds.

Public Transportation

If you don't feel like driving and looking for a place to park your vehicle, you may wish to take public transportation services. Multiple bus stations are located near the fairgrounds, with stops near the Expo Center. Free shuttle services are also offered by the fair from parking lots in the area. Taxi and ridesharing services are also an option in the Tulsa area.

Where to stay


The Tulsa State Fair has a dedicated RV Park. Camping reservation forms for Expo Square RV Park are available online. Booking your spot in the RV Park in advance is best. Dry camping in day lots is not permitted.

A play space, washing facilities, and some wifi options are offered on site. An adult must accompany children 15 and younger at the fair campground. One massive benefit to camping at this event is that it lands you centrally in the middle of the country, offering travelers a bonus for longer state-to-state treks.


There are also plenty of locations on the outskirts of Tulsa, where you can explore the natural beauty of Oklahoma in greater detail. To get the chance of discovering the natural attraction of Tulsa, head southwest of the fairgrounds, where you will find RV camping options near the Arkansas River. Campers can also go north about 15 to 25 minutes and camp in one of several locations.

Getting around

Since the Tulsa State Fair is typically visited by thousands of people each day, it might be a bit of a challenge to find your way through the crowd and reach all the attractions. Guests may want to consider bringing or renting an electric scooter, strollers, or wheelchairs. If you choose to rent an item, you will need a valid state ID or a driver's license. Since rentals operate on a first-come, first-serve basis, you may want to pick your option early in the day or try booking in advance.

What to pack


The Tulsa State Fair is typically held during late September and early October. This means you can expect sunny and warm days, with some chilly evenings as October approaches. Therefore, to keep yourself comfortable throughout the duration of your stay, make sure to bring layered clothing. For daytime, a t-shirt, light shoes, a dress, or a pair of light pants, will do just fine. For nighttime, you may want a hoodie or a light jacket.


If you plan to camp during the Tulsa State Fair, you may want to come with full tanks in your camper, extra pillows and blankets for a cozy stay, and a flashlight. Remember to check the list of prohibited items which includes firearms and pets. To explore the fair, make sure to have your tickets and ID cards with you upon arrival, something to keep you dry if rain is in the forecast, and a camera to capture your crew in action.

Health & Safety

Stay hydrated and try to look for shade or find a shelter in one of the buildings if you or the little ones need a break. If you have a medical condition that requires you to keep medicine on hand, bring it with the original information in case that helps the staff upon arrival and to identify your need in an emergency. If you plan to go out and explore nature while in the area, bring bug spray, a first aid kit, and medicine for allergies if required.

Where to eat


If you plan to camp at the Expo Square's official RV park, remember that you can grill by using fire under campground regulations. Fire regulations may align with current weather conditions during the time of your stay. Dry camping is to be expected in the RV Park, and generator use is not allowed. Pack your RV kitchen with goodies before you arrive or stop by a local store for your campsite favorites.


Aside from having a good number of excellent camping locations, Tulsa also features a plethora of excellent restaurants. So, if you don't want to get your hands dirty in the kitchen, choose your preferred restaurant and get a taste of Tulsa. Travelers can tickle the tastebuds with Mexican, Caribbean, Mediterranean, smoked barbecue, and American dishes and dozens more within 20 to 30 minutes of the fairgrounds.


Each year, hundreds of vendors flock to the Tulsa State Fair to present their products and impress fair-goers. As a result, guests will have no problems finding all kinds of brews, food choices, home items, electronic devices, and much more. While some vendors may accept cards, it is best to have some cash on hand.



The Tulsa State Fair has several safety policies intended to ensure the safety and well-being of all fairgoers. Guests and their items may be searched by security staff upon entry to the fairground. Remember to check the list of prohibited items before arrival. Some of these items include outside drinks or food, drones, sharp objects, firearms, and pretty much any item that can be used as a weapon. Pets are not be allowed, except for service animals.


If you plan to stay in Northeast Oklahoma for the duration of the fair you can expect some changes as fall begins to settle into the area. You may want to plan for sun with a light breeze, don't be surprised by rainy periods as well. To avoid any surprises, pull up the local weather forecast reports before you depart for Tulsa. Temperatures may start in the 80s as the fair begins and drop slightly as the fair progresses into October or it may stay warm for the duration.


Medical and pharmaceutical facilities abound in Tulsa. If you need care, services are available within five to 10 minutes of the fairgrounds by car. The Tulsa State Fair works to provide guests with an Autism Friendly Location. Service animals are permitted on site with current certifications.