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The Twin Bridges Area is a family-friendly and pet-friendly campground for RVers located at the junction of the Neosho and Spring Rivers, north of the Grand Lake ‘o the Cherokees. Only three miles from the closest town, Wyandotte, the campground has 63 acres of verdant forest nestled in between the two rivers in the Green Country of northeastern Oklahoma and filled with a variety of Oak, Hickory, and Elm trees. The views of the water are spectacular from the campground, and many types of wildlife reside in this area including a wide variety of birds, amphibians, and mammals.

Make sure you bring fishing gear in your rig. This spot is particularly popular for those who like to fish and has many amenities geared towards fishing, including a fishing center with bait and tackle for sale and an enclosed fishing dock. There are a number of different sport fish that travel the rivers including large populations of bass, catfish, and paddlefish, many of which reach trophy-worthy sizes. The lighted boat ramps make fishing a safer and more enjoyable experience even when it is still dark out.

There are a few playgrounds suitable for letting the kids blow off a little steam, as well as a volleyball court and several horseshoe pits. Along with the picnic tables available at each of the campsites, there are individual shelters that dot the campgrounds, as well as a few group picnic shelters which are available for larger gatherings.

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The Twin Bridges Area of Grand Lake State Park is located in the northwestern corner of Oklahoma, about 45 minutes from Joplin, MO. In fact, the original famed Route 66 runs right through Main Street in Miami, Oklahoma, which is less than half-hour north of Twin Bridges. The Twin Bridges area is easy to reach by either car or RV as it is just a short hop north from Route 60 to Highway 137, which runs right through the park with campsites on both the west and east side of the highway.

Local roads can take you anywhere in the small park. Navigation is usually simple even when towing a boat and there are no restrictions for driving. It is important to drive slowly and pay attention in this area, as a large number of family gatherings occur here and there are often children playing nearby.

Parking is plentiful in the park, both for traditional cars and for recreational vehicles, and there are many spots available for boats and trailers as well. Traffic noise can be heard during the day, as the highway runs right through the campgrounds, but dwindles as it gets dark, making it easy to catch a good amount of shut-eye.


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Campgrounds and parking in Twin Bridges Area

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Reservations camping

RV Camping at the Twin Bridges Area

The family-friendly and pet-friendly campground at the Twin Bridge Area feature 63 RV campsites, which require a reservation. The campsites provide access to electricity and water, and the use of generators is allowed from 8 AM to 11 PM. There are several back-in style RV sites both east and west of Highway 137, each of which includes a grill and picnic table. You can find the visitor center on the east side, and the park’s lake huts are situated along the water on the west side. South of highway 60 is right next to the boat dock and may be busier than the other spots due to a large number of fishermen who enjoy this area.

The campground also provides several amenities including comfort stations with showers, dumpsites, volleyball courts, playgrounds, and horseshoe pits. Stays at this campground are limited to 14 days at a time. Reservations must be made at least five days in advance and single night reservations are not allowed on weekends. RVs and trailers up to 50 feet in length are permitted.

First-come first-served

Tent Campsites at the Twin Bridges Area

The campground at the Twin Bridge Area offers 100 tent campsites that are available on a first-come, first-served basis. You’ll enjoy access to a picnic table and grill right at your site. Campsites are situated along both sides of Highway 137, on either side of the river. If you’re camping with the family you will be within walking distance of a volleyball court, horseshoe pit, and playground. Comfort stations with showers are centrally located. There is a maximum stay length of 14 days.

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If you enjoy fishing, this campground has all the amenities that you need to pursue your passion. The waters around Twin Bridges have plentiful bass, catfish, paddlefish, and bluegills, many of which are trophy-sized. The docks are well-lit to make fishing safer at night or in the dark hours of the morning. The fishing center that is located in the park boasts a large stock of bait and tackle, along with an enclosed fishing dock for rainy or windy days. So make sure you bring your bait and tackle in your campervan.


The Twin Bridges Area is a great spot for all those visitors who pack binoculars in their campers. There are a large variety of birds that either make this area their home or migrate through the area. On the water, you can often find a variety of herons, egrets, and pelicans feasting on the many different kinds of fish that reside in the lakes and rivers. Songbirds, such as the Orchard Oriole, the American Goldfinch, and the Painted Bunting fill the air with their avian music, and large birds of prey such as Turkey Vultures and Bald Eagles can sometimes be seen soaring up above, searching for a dinner of fish, rabbit, or squirrel.


Whether you are an avid or novice paddler, all the adventure awaits you on the Grand Lake ‘o the Cherokees. Take that canoe, kayak, or raft out of the camping trailer and get ready to make waves on the water. The Twin Bridges Area is located right at the fork of the Neosho and Spring Rivers, so there is plenty of water to explore. A boat ramp is conveniently located on the southern edge of the campground.


Picnicking and Playing Sports

The Twin Bridges Area in Oklahoma is a fantastic place for your next get together. There is plenty of room for eating at the larger picnic shelters that dot the campground and plenty of chances to spot local wildlife in a safe and comfortable area. There are lots of additional activities to keep your group entertained for hours, including horseshoe pits, playgrounds for both older kids and toddlers, and a volleyball court.

Hiking and Biking

Even during the off-season, there is so much to explore on foot or on a bike. You’ll love hiking by the river and soaking in those beautiful waterfront views. Whether you want to get some exercise or spend time together as a family, biking around the Twin Bridges Area is a faster way to get around. For your safety, make sure to wear a helmet and grab a bottle of water before you head out of the RV.

Nature Photography

Not only are there gorgeous views of the forest and stunning shots of the rivers to capture, but this area is also the residence of a large number of interesting animals. Along with prehistoric fish and large numbers of birds, you may be able to find elk, bobcat, and flying squirrels, as well as many colorful and interesting species of snakes and frogs. If you are not averse to staying up past nightfall, you can get some dazzling views of the night sky from this campground, and if you are lucky and patient, you might even secure an image of one of Oklahoma’s many species of endangered bats.