Twin Falls State Park
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Sitting on 3776 acres in Wyoming County, West Virginia, Twin Falls Resort State Park is luxuriously beautiful in its gorgeous landscape characterized by Black Fork and Foley Falls. These cascades, which also happen to be the park’s namesake, are the park’s central showpieces and are located half a mile apart. The park is an enormously popular RV camping destination in West Virginia featuring electric hookup sites and first-class onsite amenities. RV campers are attracted to the park’s heart-stopping beauty of twin falls and an abundance of raw, stunning nature all around. Over 25 miles of hiking trails, outstanding outdoor gaming opportunities, an indoor swimming pool, hot tub, picnic shelters, and a fancy eatery serving aromatic breakfast, lunch, and dinner attract thousands of campers to the park throughout the year. Memorial Day to Labor Day, the park’s peak season, sees the largest crowds of the year. Exciting events take place at the park all around the year allowing campers and visitors to enjoy a wonderful time with friends and families singing, dancing, racing, photographing, and much more.

For those wishing to spend a few nights in Twin Falls’ beautiful natural setting have a wide range of options to choose from. An RV campground offers breathtaking outdoor views, an abundance of nature, and camping facilities to RV campers. The Twin Falls Lodge offers its year-round residential facility, a restaurant, and views of the mountain-top to non-camping guests. Fourteen fancy cabins also extend a comfortable overnight experience. The park is open to visitors every day from 8 am to 10 pm.

RV Rentals in Twin Falls State Park



Twin Falls Resort State Park, located in West Virginia, is nearly 10 miles away from Mullens, Wyoming County. The location of the park is off West Virginia-54 N Highway. The route is quite simple for cars and RVs to reach the park without any difficulty. Inside the park, RVs can easily be driven on the park’s wide, well-paved, level roads offering signage for important locations like the lodge, the lake, and golf course. Also, there are no restrictions for driving RVs inside the park. There are no designated speed limits, but drivers are directed to drive carefully on the roads. Driving vehicles are only permitted on the roads and for going into and out of the campground.

Most campsites are not large enough for big rigs and motorhomes. Maximum RV limit is 35 feet. The campground is in good condition with well-paved, level surface. Grounds may become unlevel due to rain. Do not park your vehicle anywhere else except your designated campsite in the campground. The park’s area is quite large with important sites scattered at distant locations from the campground. So, you may have to drive a lot while your stay at Twin Falls Resort State Park.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Twin Falls State Park

Campsites in Twin Falls State Park

Reservations camping

Main Campground

A 50-campsite RV campground offers a comfortable and joyful camping experience year-round. Reservations are accepted for the peak camping season lasting Memorial Day to Labor Day. After the peak season is over, sites are offered on a first come first serve basis. Tents can also be pitched in the same campground. At least one adult is required with each camping party. The maximum stay of limit is 14 days for the peak season. Two vehicles are allowed per campsite for families whereas non-family campers are allowed to bring only one vehicle inside their campsites.

Out of 50 campsites, 25 offer 30-amp electric hookups. Sites are pet-friendly. Two vehicles are allowed per site. The campground is equipped with onsite amenities like laundry, bathhouses with showers, complimentary picnic tables and grills, and a small camp store to name a few. A nice, little playground can be found nearby. Among pets, only cats and dogs are permitted in the park and its campground. Quiet hours last 10 pm to 6 am.

Seasonal activities in Twin Falls State Park



If you are looking to stretch your muscles in the outdoors, you have plenty of room in the park’s more than 25 miles of hiking trails. The spell-binding scenery of these hiking trails will double the joy of your RV vacation. There are 13 hiking trails total, all of varying length and range of difficulty. These trails explore the park’s undeniable natural beauty including its twin cascades, towering hills and mountains, heavily forested regions, and exotic wildlife. The moderately difficult, more than a mile, Falls Trail, takes hikers on a trip to the twin falls and is an absolute favorite.


Don’t forget to bring your bikes in your RV or if you don’t have one, you can rent one from the park’s concession store for biking through the park’s 12 scenic terrains. The park’s more than 25 miles of hiking trails are heavily used by bikers as well. Imagine biking through the Falls Trail from one cascading waterfall to another. It will surely be an unforgettable experience! Bike through the magnolia trees, oaks, maples, rhododendrons, and a luxuriant array of wildlife and birds.

Outdoor Games

The park has made some outstanding arrangements for outdoor fun. The park’s 18-hole golf, sitting in a mountainous region, is usually open all year round and invites individual golfers and group of players to enjoy one of the best golfing experiences ever. The park rents golf equipment as well. Spacious volleyball, tennis, and basketball courts also invite sports loving campers to park their RV aside and play to their heart’s desire. Or if you are in the mood for treasure hunting, take along your GPS units and look for hidden cache sites among the forested hills.


Indoor Swimming and Sauna

Twin Falls Resort comprises of an indoor swimming pool and a hot tub/Jacuzzi. If you camp at the park in the winter, we recommend you to drive your camper towards the resort, walk over the mountaintop, and delve into the pleasures of indoor swimming or a hydrotherapeutic hot tub bath. The resort does not confine its services only to its guests so campers RVing in the park’s campground can take part in the fun too. And so should you during your next RV vacation at Twin Falls Resort State Park.

Special Events

If you happen to RV camp in the winter, you may not find a lot of winter-specific activities to indulge in. But there is always an event or two happening no matter the time of the year. Spend some gala time with your family or friends in events like Santa in the Park. You will find plenty of recreation, reasons to smile, and have fun. Don’t miss to check for any special festivities in the park before planning your next RV retreat.

Discover Park History

Take a peek into the park’s history by discovering its Pioneer Farm. Twin Falls’ famous historical site, The Pioneer Farm, is an astounding jewel from an era long gone. The farm is situated on Bowers Ridge and offers an insight into the early dwellers of Twin Falls State Park. It is an incredible opportunity for campers to explore the history of 1800s during a nature trip. Explore nature and history together in your next RV adventure at West Virginia’s Twin Falls.