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Two Lakes Provincial Park


Two Lakes Provincial Park lies 140 km (87 miles) southwest of Grande Prairie in Alberta. Its isolated and remote location is one of the many charming qualities of this park that offers visitors a truly remote getaway among Alberta’s prairie wilderness and wildlife. Situated on the east of the North Lake, the provincial park is bordered by water on one side, and by forested foothills on the other.

Outdoor enthusiasts can camp at any one of the three campgrounds and enjoy a fairly comfortable, private and thoroughly entertaining camping experience. All the unserviced sites are suitable for both RV campers as well as those camping in tents. The park has several outdoor activities to offer including hiking, fishing, and wildlife viewing.

The name "Two Lakes" was given to the park in 1952 because the area provides access to two lakes; North Lake and South Lake. The remote location and the natural geology of the landscape make Two Lakes Provincial Park a dream destination for anyone wanting to enjoy a truly private lake-side camping experience.

From the campgrounds, one can look out at the amazing views of the Rocky Mountains, glistening lake water, surreal forests and the picturesque prairie grasslands making Two Lakes Provincial Park one of the most desirable campgrounds in Alberta.

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The road that leads to the park is industrial gravel quality and is often a rough drive. The entire drive is something like a dream though, surrounded by the forested foothills of the northern Rockies.

To get to the park, take Highway 40 south from Grande Prairie and then turn west on Highway 666 which will lead you to Grovedale. You’ll find the highway west of Grovedale completely paved for at least 36 km (22 miles), from there on, the remaining 84 km (52 miles) or so of gravel road is a bit of a challenge and super rough, so be prepared. A spare tire might me a good idea and a 4x4 vehicle is highly recommended.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Two Lakes Provincial Park

Campsites in Two Lakes Provincial Park

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Gunderson Meadows Campground

Two Lakes Provincial Park is home to three large campgrounds with a total of 86 camping sites for vacationers to enjoy. Every campground is big enough to provide privacy to all the camping groups and have amenities divided appropriately so that no one campground is ever too crowded. Every campground comes with basic amenities such as potable water, fire pits, and outhouse washrooms.

Gunderson Meadows Campground has 32 campsites and is located at the north edge of the northern lake. All the campsites are unserviced and they look towards the eastern shores of the North Lake. Along with the basic facilities, this campground also has a boat launch area for easy access to the campers staying here.

The campsites are suitable for RVs and quite a few of them provide a beautiful lakeside view.

Pine Hollow Campground

Pine Hollow Campground is home to 24 campsites. Most of them are shady, well-treed, and private. This campground is on the west bank of the North Lake. There is a small boat launch area and a fish cleaning station at this campground along with the other basic amenities.

Moberly Flats Campground

Moberly Flats Campground is farther away than the former two and located at the west bank of the southern lake. It also has many campsites located right on the shores of the lake. If you stay in one of these, don’t forget to wake up early and catch the magnificent sunrises. Every campsite comes with a fire pit and a picnic table. Like the other two campgrounds, this one too has its very own boat launch near the entrance.

Seasonal activities in Two Lakes Provincial Park



Both South Lake and North Lake are stocked with trout and many other species of fish. At South Lake, cutthroat and rainbow trout are the most common catches for anglers. There are also fish cleaning stations throughout the park making it easy for you to cut and clean your catch after a day out fishing. A fishing license is needed to fish the lakes, so make sure you bring yours along.


All three campgrounds are equipped with a boat launch so that the campers can enjoy this unforgettable experience. Motorized boats are permitted on South Lake only and the lake has a 12 km/hr (7.5 miles/hr speed) limit. Kayak, canoe, motorboat, sail, paddleboard or water ski on these pristine lake waters. The water-based recreational activities are limitless at Two Lakes Provincial Park.


There’s a beautiful self-guided 3.6 km (2.25 miles) long and 1 ½ hour trail in the park between the two lakes that takes hikers through some of the most picturesque views of Northern Alberta. The trail offers the chance for hikers to take pictures and spot wildlife as they take a tour around this breathtaking landscape. Three more trails are also available for more experienced hikers that are challenging treks into Alberta’s vast wilderness.


Wildlife Viewing

In both summers and winters, the park is home to an elk range. Black and grizzly bears are also widely present in the area and often found at the shores of the lakes looking for fish and other food. During the fall, campers can see bears feeding on berry crops. Many other smaller mammals, reptiles and insects call the balanced ecosystem at Two Lakes Provincial Park their home.

Bird Watching

There are plenty of birds to watch at the Two Lakes Provincial Park. Osprey and loons nest heavily in the area and can be spotted in vast numbers. Watching Ospreys dive in the river to catch fish is simply fascinating as they look like missiles hitting the water. Two Lakes Provincial Park has many species of birds that make for some truly awesome bird watching adventures.


All amateur and professional photographers will have a splendid time at Two Lakes Provincial Park thanks to simply majestic views of the surrounding landscape. In the backdrop, one can see the snow-capped peaks of the northern Rocky Mountains, grasslands, lakes, streams, and plenty of wildlife. At night, the light of the moon and many stars are reflected by the lake waters which makes it simply picture-perfect. The sunrise and sunsets are also truly amazing here. No photographer would skip a chance to capture the sinking sun behind the Rocky Mountains as the lake reflects the exact scene in shimmering gold.