Two Rivers State Recreation Area


Two Rivers State Recreation Area is an excellent state park for those of all ages and all interests! There are many different features of this park that make it both versatile for everyone while relaxing at the same time. Two Rivers SRA is perfect for tent camping, RV camping, and even day-use. Within the park, there are seven small lakes, as well as the park being located on the shore of the Platte River.

For those looking for a very unique camping experience, there are ten Union Pacific Railroad cabooses that have been renovated and restored into cabins in the park! These cabooses include bunk beds, modern bathrooms, a kitchen, and a porch area with a fire pit, grill, and table with chairs! This is a great way to enjoy the park if you don't plan to camp, or if you plan to stay in the park during the colder months!

In addition to the very unique caboose cabins, there are many opportunities for camping within the park. There are five campgrounds spread out through the park. Of these parks, several offer all-electric hookups, while others provide water and electric. One of the five campgrounds is considered primitive and is restricted to tents.

Whether you're visiting the park to relax, catch a few fish, or paddle around the many lakes in the park, Two Rivers SRA has much to offer!

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Two Rivers Recreation Area is located in Waterloo, Nebraska. Settled just a short drive West of Omaha, this park is the perfect getaway for those that live in the city, as well as those traveling. The park is located on Two Rivers State Recreation Road, just off the main Nebraska Highway 93.

If you're planning to camp in an RV, you can expect an easy drive, no matter which direction you're coming from. Since the park is located very close to a major city, most roads in and around the park are paved and wide enough to accommodate RVs and camper trailers.

If you are interested in other means of transportation, cycling and walking are both excellent choices within the park. Although the park is large, it is still reasonable to walk from one area to another! In addition to traveling throughout the park, there are restrooms, showers, water stations, picnic tables, and playgrounds spread out around the park, making it easy to access anything at any time!

If you're planning to use the day-use features of the park, there are several parking lots throughout the park that are large enough to park your RV or camper trailer!


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Two Rivers State Recreation Area

Campsites in Two Rivers State Recreation Area

Alternate camping

Cottonwood Campground

Cottonwood Campground is the Northernmost campground within Two Rivers State Recreation Area. This is an excellent campground no matter who you're bringing, whether it be friends, family, and even children!

This campground offers both 30 amp and 50 amp campsites. There are 49 pull-through campsites in Cottonwood Campground, twenty-three of which are first come first served, while the other campsites are reservation only!

Within the campground, you'll find a playground, showers, restrooms, and two drinking water stations! This is an excellent campground if you love being on the water, as campsites #145-163 are waterfront sites!

Fawn Meadows Campground

Fawn Meadows Campground is the Southernmost campground in the park, and offers many amenities for those camping in an RV! While many campgrounds within the park only offer electric hookups, Fawn Meadows offers water and electric at twelve of the sites.

In addition to water and electric hookups, there is much more that makes Fawn Meadows one of the most popular campgrounds within the park.

Located near the South entrance to this campground, you'll find a dump station that is available for use by active campers! You will also find restrooms, showers, a playground, and drinking water stations in Fawn Meadows Campground! Several sites within this campground are ADA accessible!

Riverside Campground

Riverside campground is an excellent campground for those looking to get away from the luxuries of everyday life! This campground offers 37 primitive campsites. These sites vary as some require a reservation, while others are first come, first served.

There are no electric hookups within this campground, but is a restroom located near the entrance, as well as a drinking water station. Situated near the restroom, you'll also find a playground.

Oak Grove Campground

Oak Grove Campground is located between Cottonwood Campground and Goldenrod Campground. While this is one of the smaller campgrounds in the park, it still offers 30 and 50 amp hookups. There are 16 padded campsites at Oak Grove.

While this campground is small, it offers a playground, restrooms, drinking water stations, and very easy access to the swimming area on Lake 4. If you're planning any kayaking, canoeing, or paddle boarding, Lake four, five, and seven are just a short walk from your campsite.

Camping at Oak Grove Campground varies, as some campsites are reservation only, while the others are first come, first served.

Goldenrod Campground

Goldenrod Campground is located directly next to Oak Grove Campground on the shore of Lake #4. This is an excellent summer campground, as it is home to the park's swimming beach! It is also across the street from Lake #5, which offers trout fishing opportunities for a small fee!

Goldenrod Ground offers a mix of both RV campsites, as well as tent campsites. These sites vary from reservation only to first come first served! Within this campground, you'll find showers, restrooms, drinking water stations, the swimming beach, and a playground!

This campground is perfect for those looking for fishing, swimming, and boating opportunities! In addition to the many amenities of this campground, campsite #63 is ADA accessible!

Seasonal activities in Two Rivers State Recreation Area



Swimming is an excellent way to cool off and spend a summer day in Two Rivers State Recreational Area. Located at Lake #4 you'll find a swimming beach. Lake #4 is the only area in which swimming is permitted.

If you're planning on swimming, the beach is open from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend. The beach has no lifeguard, so be sure to bring a life jacket for those that aren't sure of their swimming skills.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a very unique activity that is widely enjoyed in Two Rivers State Recreation area, as equestrian trails are not offered in many state park.

Within the park, there are over two miles of equestrian trails available for use between February and September. In addition to the two miles of equestrian trails, there are 342 acres of wildlife management area within that park that is also available for horseback riding.


Two Rivers State Recreation Area offers many opportunities for boating. Although no boat motors are permitted in the park, there are still opportunities for kayaking, canoeing, rafting, and paddle boarding.

Within the park, you'll find boating opportunities in the Platte River, as well as seven smaller lakes. There are no boat ramps within the park, so you will have to carry your boat to the shore of the water.



Hiking is a great way to see some of the fantastic nature within Two Rivers State Recreation Area. Within the park, there is one mile of designated hiking trail, but there is also a 342-acre wildlife management area that is open for hiking.

You can expect easy to moderate hiking in the park, suitable for all ages and experience levels.


Fishing is a very popular activity in Two Rivers State Recreation Area, as there are opportunities for fishing in both the Platte River and the seven ponds within the park. There is a fee to fish lake number five, as this lake is ADA accessible, and it is regularly stocked with trout.

With the non-motor boat regulations, this recreation area is perfect for both bank fishing and kayak or canoe fishing! Make sure you grab your Nebraska Fishing License before fishing in the park!


One very unique feature of Two Rivers State Recreation Area is that it features cabins in which you can rent that are inside of remodeled Union Pacific train cabooses!

The caboose cabins are an excellent way to experience the park in the winter months, as the cabooses are air-conditioned and heated! The caboose cabins are located just West of Lake Two, and are convenient to the equestrian trails.

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