Tygart Lake State Park

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Tygart Lake State Park is located in the northern part of West Virginia at the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains. The main feature of the park is Tygart Lake, a ten-mile-long lake that covers 1,750 acres and is the source of much of the area's entertainment, including fishing and boating.

Just four miles from Grafton, it's easy to forget how close you are to town when you're enjoying the state park. Hikers will have the chance to explore five nature trails that are scattered around the park. If hunting or golfing are what you're looking for, be sure to visit Tygart Lake State Park. These activities are located just outside of the park, providing even more things to do.

When you stay at Tygart Lake State Park, you have the option of cabins, a lodge, or camping with a tent or RV. There are 40 campsites at the park, as well as eleven cottages that you can rent fully furnished. Some of these areas even allow pets, so make sure to reserve early if you want to bring your furry family member. The park is also a great site for group meetings or company retreats. It has a large conference space, which you can enjoy overlooking the lake.

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Tygart Lake State Park is located on Paul E. Malone Road in Grafton, West Virginia. You'll want to navigate the area carefully as it is in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains.

When you come to the park entrance you'll want to continue slowly down the road. The park's campground is at the very end of the road. When navigating your rig through the campsites, keep in mind that your camping unit needs to be less than 32 feet long. You also need to be capable of tight turns, as there are no pull-through spaces available at the campground.

You can bring a boat to Tygart Lake State Park and utilize the public boat launches within the park. You can also rent boats such as fishing boats or other boating equipment if you didn't bring your own.


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Tygart Lake State Park Campground

The campground at Tygart Lake State Park features 40 campsites. 14 of the sites offer electrical hook-ups. Each site does have a picnic table as well as a fire pit that you can enjoy each day. You will also find a centrally located bathhouse and dumping station.

The campground is open from mid-April through October. Camping units need to be less than 32 feet in length and capable of making tight turns. If you need to stock up on supplies like snacks and firewood you can visit the check-in station.

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While you might not come to Tygart Lake State Park just for the hunting, you will be able to take part in it, if that is your fancy. There are areas to hunt right outside of the state park, in Pleasant Creek Wildlife Management Area. You'll need to have a hunting license, which you can apply for before you leave from home. There are a variety of animals to hunt when in-season, from deer and turkeys to rabbits and waterfowl.


When you come to Tygart Lake State Park, you'll be able to enjoy swimming at the beach. The lakeshore beach is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day on Wednesdays through Sundays. Only designated areas are open for swimming, so you'll want to consult with park employees to direct you where you need to be. You'll also be able to rent kayaks at the beach.


The Tygart Lake Marina is open from May through September. If you don't bring your own boat to the park, you can rent pontoon or fishing boat to relax on the water with from the marina. You can also rent kayaks from the beach.

Many people enjoy kayaking or canoeing, as well as paddle boarding on the lake because it is so tranquil. You'll be able to enjoy the peaceful waters while you paddle across the lake's surface and enjoy the view of the Allegheny Mountains.



When you take an RV trip to Tygart Lake State Park, you'll want to bring your fishing gear and get ready for some great fishing. You can fish from the banks of the lake or from a fishing boat, and you can bring your own or rent one from the marina. The park's fish are plentiful and reproduce naturally rather than being replenished by restocking. You'll be able to fish for walleye, perch, northern pike and panfish.


Geocaching is a fun sport, treasure hunting for the modern age, and you'll be able to take part in it while you're visiting Tygart Lake State Park. The park has numerous caches for you to look for and find the hidden treasure. Located all around the park, these 12 sites can only be found by using your GPS or mobile phone to track the coordinates and find the hidden cache.


When you're spending time in Tygart Lake State Park, don't forget to plan for some hiking. There are five trails with varying difficulty levels, but all are relatively short at less than two miles in length. Most of them start near the park office or lodge, making for easy access to the trailhead from your camper. One of the most beautiful trails is the Dogwood Trail, which passes through a forest of dogwood trees before climbing in elevation to the top of the ridge before descending back down.

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