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Unity Lake State Recreation Site


Nature has blessed Oregon with this gorgeous park that is home to scented juniper plants with their distinct pleasant aroma. Unity Lake State Recreational Area only comprises of 39 acres of land that was built to provide access to Unity Lake.

Imagine sleeping in your parked RV, trailer or tent in a desert setting surrounded by juniper scents and resting amidst a green oasis created by a 920-acre reservoir. What you are imagining isn’t fictional; it is, in fact, Unity Lake State Recreational Area.

Located 50 miles east of John Day, Unity Lake State Recreation Park is the whole package for RV campers out for some fun and adventure. The park’s natural beauty and vast acres of wilderness offer plenty of water-based and land-based recreational activities to keep visitors busy and thrilled. Standing on a hilltop, you can view the green manicured grasslands, rolling desert hills, the shimmering lake above Unity Dam, and the surrounding wildlife for as far as the eye can see.

You are never that far away from nature and adventure. Pack your RVs, gather your mains, and get set for the adventure of a lifetime. Don’t forget to detox from the worldly affairs and spend some quality time with your loved ones in Unity Lake State Recreational Area. At night the high desert skies present a picturesque view as it blankets campers with star-filled skies that are truly magical to look at.

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RV Rentals in Unity Lake State Recreation Site



Unity Lake State Recreation Area is located just off the US highway 26 and is situated 53-miles east of John Day. Follow your GPS’ direction to US highway 26, and from there look for park signs at the intersection. Follow the signs for three miles and you’ll find yourself at the main entrance of Unity Lake State Recreation Area. Wide open roads lead to the park and once inside gravel and tarmac roads lead to the various campsites and facilities with plenty of room available to maneuver large rigs, RVs and trailers.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Unity Lake State Recreation Site

Campsites in Unity Lake State Recreation Site

First-come first-served

Unity Lake State Recreational Area Campground

Unity Lake State Recreation Area has one expansive campground with a total of 35 campsites. All campsites offer electric and water hookups. There are no options for advanced booking and sites are provided on a first come-first serve basis.These 35 campsites are walk-to sites and are meant for tents only and offer partial shade along with a fire pit and picnic table.

The campground is open from April 1st to October 31st. All campsites are kept clean and are properly maintained. For those with RVs, Trailers, and boats can enjoy the day-use parking area located close to the main boat launch area located at the end of the biker and hiker trail.

Amenities and facilities such as hot showers, flush toilets, and RV dump station are located at a distance from the campground. There are several campsites available for campers who like quick access to the vast lake waters or want to spend their summer days enjoying water-based activities.

Firewood and ice are available for sale within the park premises. Two campsites at Loop B are also available for campers with disabilities. Unity Lake State Recreational Area also has two cabins that are fully furnished and can be reserved for a more comfortable and luxurious camping experience. The Bass and Trout Cabin both have electricity, heating, and picnic tables while the Trout Cabin is also pet-friendly.

Seasonal activities in Unity Lake State Recreation Site



Located in the Blue Mountains is the mining town of Sumpter, home to the Sumpter Valley Dredge State Heritage Area that allows for a special hiking day trip for all campers and visitors. The loop runs parallel to the Burnt River and allows hikers to encounter various flora and fauna along the way. The focus area of Sumpter Valley Dredge State Heritage Area is a five-story dredge that was excavated for $4.5 million gold from 1935 to 1954. The park also offers many other trails and paths that lead to magnificent views of the surrounding landscape.


Cool down in the summer and spend your day enjoying the aquatic activities Unity Lake State Recreation Area has to offer. Book campsites closest to the water and enjoy some fun time splashing and swimming in the cool water. If you get tired of splashing about you can enjoy a relaxing boat ride or go for a spot of kayaking or canoeing on the calm lake and river water. For some added thrill and adrenaline rush, try sailboarding or water-skiing to get your blood pumping!


Unity Lake is a hotspot for anglers as the reservoir is stocked with rainbow trout as well as coho salmon, bass, and crappie. The lake is open year-round and allows anglers to enjoy uninterrupted fishing for days at end to hone and refine their fishing skills. Fishing can be enjoyed from the fishing ramp or from the comfort of a boat. Anglers also visit the park during winter months for a spot of ice fishing.


Wildlife Watching

The beautiful wilderness of Unity Lake State Recreation Area is home to wildlife that when spotted is a thrilling and exciting experience and makes for some great photography. The nature trail that runs through to the park takes campers past a couple of ponds and onto the hub of wildlife located close to the waters edge on this vast desert-like terrain. Keep your eyes open for otters, beaver, and variety of waterfowl that are usually spotted close to the lake shore.


The beautiful view that surrounds Unity Lake State Recreation Area is enough to lure anyone into packing some sandwiches and heading out there to enjoy the day. The rest of the picnicking paraphernalia is taken care of by the recreation facilities offered at the park. Every site comes with a picnic table and a fire ring. Firewood and ice are sold in the recreation area as well. You can spend the whole day splashing in the lake, eating snacks, and gazing at the trillions of stars during nights.

Bike Trails

Apart from hiking trails Unity Lake State Recreational Area also offers biking trails for the more thrill-seeking adventurers that want to explore this vast terrain on two-wheels. The gravel trails and hilly terrain offers a challenging experience to both amateur and seasoned bike riders. Bicycles are permitted to ride on the park road along with the flow of the cars. Bike riders below the age of 16 must wear a helmet for safety. Campers must also bring their own bikes if they want to go biking.