University of Tulsa Tailgating

Join Captain ‘Cane and Golden Hurricane fans at Skelly Field for a taste of Tulsa Football. The University of Tulsa offers plenty of great tailgating opportunities that are great for the whole family, so load up and camp nearby.

Event information

After being shocked by a storm when fixing a satellite during a Golden Hurricane game, Colin Cane became Captain 'Cane (short for hurricane), the official mascot for the University of Tulsa. While the team has encountered several names over the decades, the name Golden Hurricanes was voted on by players in the 1920s and it stuck.

Around the time that Captain 'Cane rose to prominence, the University of Tulsa did a major renovation on their stadium, and they changed the name. Skelly Stadium was renamed to Skelly Field at H.A. Chapman Stadium, although most people refer to it as Skelly Field. To make room for club seating and a new press box, the seating capacity slightly shrank to 30,000. While the stadium is newer, its fans are as passionate as ever, and football season in Tulsa is Golden Hurricane season.

Join Captain 'Cane and Golden Hurricane fans at Skelly Field for a taste of Tulsa Football. Despite their lack of tailgating spaces for RVs, the University of Tulsa offers plenty of great tailgating opportunities that are great for the whole family. Apart from football at Skelly Field, you can stop in and see a men’s or women’s basketball or soccer game. The University of Tulsa has many competitive athletic programs.


There are many seating options to choose from at Skelly Field, and you might get a decent seat for $20 to $40. Pricier seats in premium locations or club seating may cost up to $300 or more. Basketball tickets, on the other hand, are much more affordable. Whether you prefer basketball, football, or another sport, the Golden Hurricanes attract the crowds.

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Tulsa is located in the northeastern part of Oklahoma, and it is close to the borders of Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas. Oklahoma City, the state’s capital, is only a two-hour drive away to the southwest via I-44. Motorists can expect to encounter tolls along I-44 in several locations. If driving to Oklahoma in the spring or early summer, it’s worth noting this is the height of the tornado season.

Parking areas

There may be parking available for RVs, but those spots are limited if available. Contacting the ticket office with specifics of your trip might help garner an RV parking spot on campus. Consider leaving your RV at the campground and driving your tow-vehicle to the stadium, if you brought one. You could also use a ride-hailing service to reach the stadium. If not, the school provides a shuttle from the campus to the stadium.

Public Transportation

Tulsa is a modest-sized town, so don’t expect any metro or light rail routes, but there is a bus service with many routes and stops. With the Tulsa Transit system, you can comfortably ride to and from the stadium and even check out the downtown area. For convenience, download their bus tracking app.

Where to stay


There is no onsite camping allowed at the University of Tulsa, but there are a handful of great campgrounds nearby that are perfect for RV travelers. It might be best to leave your RV at the campground and take a bus or ride-share car to the stadium.


Within 15 miles of Skelly Field, RVers are not likely to find a shortage of overnight options, and they’re all a little bit different. If you want hot showers, a laundry room, and Wi-Fi, staying at an RV campground is your best bet. Tulsa NE / Will Rogers Downs KOA welcomes rigs of all sizes and sits about 30 miles from the stadium to the northeast along I-44. Keystone State Park in Sand Springs sits about 20 miles to the west near the Arkansas River and offers RV sites.

Getting around

If you decide to rent a non-RV tailgating spot at Chapman Commons, the stadium will only be a short walk away. You will have to leave your RV at the campground since Chapman Commons tailgating takes place on a field, and vehicles are not allowed. This is the best spot for tailgating, and it takes place in a large field that is perfect for meeting new people and having a good time. The stadium itself, although renovated, is small enough that elevators and escalators are unnecessary.

What to pack


If you’re visiting Tulsa in the first half of the season, pack comfortable clothes that are breathable. From November onwards, dress for cool to cold weather. Tulsa doesn’t freeze too often, but it can drop to the mid-30s. Finally, pack your favorite Golden Hurricanes gear!


Chapman Commons offers tailgating packages that come packed with tailgating essentials. Packages offer a large tent to stay cool in the summer, and there are plenty of add-ons such as a television complete with a satellite box. You’ll still need to bring your own food, so don’t forget that grill and to stock up on supplies. Bellhop service is usually on-hand to help carry your items from your vehicle since they are not allowed on the field.

Health & Safety

It may be unlikely that an accident happens, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you have a fully-stocked first-aid kit in your RV before you travel, and it may be a good idea to travel with a smaller kit that you can put in a purse or backpack. Don’t let a small cut or scrape ruin a good time.

Where to eat


For a great and easy tailgate experience, prep as much as you can the day before. There are even restaurants around town that provide take-out packages, which come with already-prepared food; all you have to do is serve. For any last-minute shopping, stop at the local supermarket. Consider cookies or treats covered in blue, red, and gold, but remember not to over-complicate the menu.


It may not seem like it, but Tulsa holds its own when it comes to cuisine. A quick search of the top restaurants reveals a diverse selection of restaurants that serve anything from oysters to BBQ and Margherita pizza. There are simply too many great places to dine only once during your visit. Ask a local for their favorite restaurant, or go on your own culinary adventure.


The royal blue and old gold colors belong to the Golden Hurricanes, and those colors belong on every fan when visiting the stadium. The stadium is sure to have a merchandise store, but you can also shop online if you want to come prepared. Online stores often have more gear to choose from, and they often have great prices, too.



While tailgating is a fun event that can be enjoyed by all, it’s important to drink responsibly. If serving alcohol, make sure those who are drinking are over the legal drinking age. Once you’re heading into the stadium, you’ll want to place any personal belongings in a clear bag, per Skelly Field’s guidelines.


Be alert for changing weather conditions as this state is known for its tornadoes, which often form unexpectedly. In the case of severe weather conditions, seek shelter immediately. Tornados can happen year-round, but they mostly occur in the spring and summer months. Check the weather before driving, especially if the weather begins to turn.


For major medical emergencies that require the attention of medical professionals, head to a hospital immediately. There are several hospitals and clinics in the area, and the nearest one is a 10-minute drive away. Do not hesitate to seek medical treatment.