Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River
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Ready for your next outdoor adventure? Plan to stop by Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River on your next RV vacation. You'll have a ball.

The Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River is a body of water that stretches 73.4 miles from Hancock, NY to Sparrowbush, NY. The river runs through several main centers including Narrowsburg, NY, and Lackawaxen, PA. Part of the National Parks system, the property still bears the remains of the Delaware and Hudson Canal which was once a vital connection for the transportation of anthracite coal to the Hudson River from 1828-1898.

The area is well-marked by a diverse terrain including rolling hills, lush rapids, and quiet pools of still water. The river travels through quaint villages, making it extremely picturesque. Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River is considered one of the best rivers for fishing in the northeastern portion of the United States. The water is exceptionally clean and has the distinction of being one of the largest undammed bodies of water in the country.

For a relaxing vacation on one of the country's most beautiful rivers, plan to spend some time at Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River. It's a great place to reconnect with nature.

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There are many different routes to get to Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River. All of the major highways travel along the river's edge and consist of stretches of both two and four lanes. The roads are in excellent condition and are kept clear year-round. Traffic moves at a good pace, and there is very little construction throughout the year.


Parking is available via lots at different points along the river's trajectory.

Public Transportation

Public transportation to Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River is available both by bus and commuter train.

Campgrounds and parking in Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River

Campsites in Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River

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High Point State Park

There are no camping opportunities within the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recereational River. To stay for the night, head to nearby High Point State Park. Sawmill Campground is 25 miles from the recreational area and provides both tent and RV sites that can be reserved in advance.

The campground is pet-friendly and offers amenities like flush toilets and drinking water. The sites are scattered around the perimeter of Sawmill Lake and the campground has its own boat launch. Enjoy all the activities here before or after your visit to Upper Delaware.

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Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River is the perfect place to enjoy some water sports. Whether you tackle the river in a canoe, kayak, or try your hand at white water rafting, you are bound to have a ball. The water in the river is remarkably crisp and clear, making it a good spot to enjoy a swim should the mood strike.

Be sure to bring along snacks and drinks to enjoy. Since the river meanders through very picturesque spots, bring your camera to capture some incredible shots.


Swimming is a popular attraction at Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River. The beautifully clear waters are warm and inviting on a hot summer's day. Swimming is not supervised at this spot, so be sure to only venture in when the weather is not inclement.

After your swim, you can enjoy some water sports or lounge along the shore with a good book. Bring along your best canine pal for company if you like but do please keep them leashed at all times.


Zane Grey Museum

The Zane Grey Museum is located in Lackawaxen Township in Pennsylvania. The property was once home to the famed author of the same name and now enjoys its role on the list of National Register of Historic Places. The home and premises are now maintained by the National Park Service. Grey designed the home himself. Today, it contains many artifacts from the author's life.

In 2006, the house experienced some flood damage requiring a closing of the museum to deal with water issues. It has since reopened. For more information about hours of operation and associated fees, visit the museum's website.


Roebling's Delaware Aqueduct

Roebling's Delaware Aqueduct, also commonly known as Roebling's Bridge, is an impressive sight to behold. Built in 1847, this aqueduct is one of the oldest wire suspension bridges still in use in the United States today.

The bridge is 535 feet in length and passes over the Delaware River and stretches from Minisink Ford, NY to Lackawaxen, PA in totality. In 1849, the bridge was used as an aqueduct to connect the Delaware and Hudson Rivers.


Fishing is a popular activity at Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River. You can paddle out in your canoe or kayak, take a power boat, or fish right from the shore. This body of water is considered one of the best fishing holes in all of the United States and teems with a wide variety of different species.

Bring along your rod, reel, and bait, and some snacks and drinking water too. A fishing license is required to fish here.



The route along the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River is extremely picturesque and tranquil, making it a great place for enjoying a leisurely stroll in a peaceful place. Along your travels, you can search for seaside treasures to take home as a memento of a relaxing day along the shore.

Wear your best walking shoes and bring some bottled water and snacks along to enjoy. Bundle up against the cold by dressing in layers to ward off any chill.