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Often referred to by locals as "the community treasure", Vermilion Provincial Park is the hidden gem of the Vermilion River Valley. Located on the south shore of the Vermilion River Valley, Vermilion Provincial Park was first constructed in the early 1950s and officially opened to the public in May of 1953. The park was the seventh that was integrated into the Alberta Parks system.

While there are many great amenities to enjoy, one of the key features of the park is that the Vermilion River was dammed to create an artificial lake that stretches around four miles (six and a half km). During the summer the lake is popular with canoeing and kayak lovers, along with people who enjoy fishing. Other activities that will provide fun for the whole family include a mini-golf course, hiking and a spray park for cooling off. During the winter the park transforms into a cross-country skiing haven with around nine miles (15km) of groomed trails available for use.

Vermilion Campground is perfect for RV travelers as there are a range of suitable campsites available. In total there are 124 campsites that are RV friendly, including a mixture of full hookup, electric only and unpowered sites. While most of the campground does close for winter there are four powered sites that remain open. Peak season at Vermilion Provincial Park runs from May until September.

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RV Rentals in Vermilion Provincial Park



Vermilion Provincial Park is located in eastern Alberta and is situated right next door to the town of Vermilion. The park has one entry and exit point and is super easy to find as the park road links up with Beckie Scott Trail.

Services and amenities are located very close to the park due to the close vicinity of Vermilion. The town will have everything you need to enjoy your stay at the park and you won't have to travel far if you forget something. Other towns close by include Mannville (around 14 miles or 23 kms away), Islay (around 19 miles away or 31kms) and Lloydminster (around 39 miles or 63kms away). Edmonton is the closest major city to the park and can be found 119 miles (193km) to the west.

Accessing the park should be very straightforward as the roads are connected to the town of Vermilion and are very wide. The road into the campground (which is located at the end of the access road) is also kept in very good condition. During the winter the park is still open and you can access the campground, however if you do plan on visiting the park during winter make sure you call the park in advance to confirm that you will have road access.


There is plenty of parking available at Vermilion Provincial Park.

Public Transportation

The town of Vermillion is around a mile from Vermilion Provincial Park so it is walkable.

Campgrounds and parking in Vermilion Provincial Park

Campsites in Vermilion Provincial Park

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Vermilion Provincial Park Campground

Vermilion Provincial Park is a fantastic place to stay the night and is very popular with people of all ages. The park has one dedicated campground with 124 campsites that is open all year round (but in a limited capacity during the winter) that features six different loops. The campground is renowned for its huge sites that are either grassy or flat asphalt depending on the loop.

One of the best parts about the campground at Vermilion Provincial Park is that there are multiple camping options. You will be able to choose from either non powered, electric hookup only or full service sites, which is fantastic! Other amenities found within the campground include toilets, showers, a playground, baseball fields, fire pits, water collection points and a dump station. The campground is also pet friendly!

During the winter time there will only be four sites available for use and there will be no showers or running water until the snow melts. Reservations are recommended as the campground does get crowded and they can be made online or by calling the park office.

Seasonal activities in Vermilion Provincial Park



People who love to fish will not be disappointed by the fishing opportunities that are on offer within Vermilion Provincial Park. There are two different fishing options with Vermilion Lake being the largest body of water that you can fish in either via the banks or watercraft. Claude Brennan Trout Pond is also available for those chasing a rainbow trout. The pond is stocked each year by the ACA, typically before the May long weekend. You will need a fishing license if you want to cast a line during your stay.

Spray Park

For those RV travelers who have some little companions the spray park is a must visit if you are at the park during the hotter months. Located near the campground and featuring many picnic benches for parents to relax on, the spray park is a free activity that has tall water fountains that spray out different pressure levels of water. The spray park is open daily during the summer months from 10:AM to 9:00PM.


Vermilion park lake is a fantastic boating destination for those who are looking to enjoy the water during their RV vacation. The lake is very popular for many different types of watercraft, including sailing, canoeing and kayaking. The lake is four miles in length so you will have your hands full with exploring all of the pockets of the waterway. There is no guarantee of rentals being available at the park but the town of Vermilion should have plenty of options for you.



Vermilion Provincial Park boasts around 14 miles (23 kms) of hiking trails so you will be able to hike to your heart’s content! Three miles (five km) of the trails also feature paved paths so those who like to go rollerblading and biking or have a wheelchair can still explore the park. If you are looking for the longest trail in the park we recommend the Lakeside Trail. As the name insists the trail hugs the lake and will take you all the way to it's western edge.

Wildlife Viewing

Serious animal fans will feel right at home during their stay at Vermilion Provincial Park. The park is home to more than 100 different species of birds, including owls, Canada geese, and great blue herons. There are also so many land critters that you might get to catch a glimpse of too, including white-tailed deer, porcupines, squirrels, and the classic ducks who are seen frequently roaming throughout the park. If you want more information on the wildlife viewing opportunities in the park you can contact the park office.

Winter Recreation

The winter snow transforms the hiking trails into one of the finest cross country skiing locations in all of Alberta. The ski season at Vermilion Provincial Park is longer than most because many of the trails are located along the southern slope of the valley and in turn protected from the sun. If you aren't a fan of skiing you can also bust out the snow shoes or the sled for some other fun winter recreation.