Vermont Maple Festival

Are you mad about maple? Head away in your RV to the Vermont Maple Festival! This three-day festival is perfect for maple syrup lovers!

Event information

The Vermont Maple Festival is a three-day event that has been gracing the township of St. Albans City, Vermont, since 1966. It’s held every year in the last weekend of April during spring, and boasts a full range of fun things to do, see, and experience, all in the name of maple syrup.

Visitors to the area are treated to exhibits, a craft and antique shop, demonstrations, and entertainment. While most festivals take place within one event center, this one spans many streets of St. Albans City. It centers around Main Street South on Highway 7 and begins on the corner of St. Albans State Highway South and Main Street South. Here, the antique show is in full swing.

Up a little further by Church Street you may find a craft and food show, more entertainment, maple beverage tasting, and a barbeque dinner. Stay close to Taylor Park, and you’re sure to find you’re never far from all the action.

Everything that happens during the Vermont Maple Festival is about celebrating maple syrup. The first of the three days usually encompasses the grand opening, while a special pancake breakfast, tours, and the annual Maple Festival Parade welcome the remaining two days.

This event is not one to miss, and it can be the perfect opportunity to bring the RV out of storage for an adventure. What are you waiting for? Check out the event offerings and start your travels to Vermont.


The Vermont Maple Festival is located in the center of St. Albans City, which is open to the public. Therefore, you can put your wallet away upon entry and make your way in free of charge. Vendor offerings and entertainment may cost extra, so check out the organizer’s website for an updated schedule and pricing structure.

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St. Albans, Vermont is a mere 30 minutes by car from the Canadian border with the U.S. and is nestled amid some major highways that lead to neighboring towns. Highway 89, 7, and 105 are all straightforward routes to get you to and from St. Albans City. The isolation from large cities, however, means you may need to pack quite a few supplies for the road. By the time you get to St. Albans City, you’ll be ready to hit the grocery store.

Parking areas

There is a parking garage near Taylor Park, but sizing restrictions may apply. If you get to St. Albans City nice and early, there will be plenty of on-street parking options near the main center of entertainment. You can then walk to the main event, not having to worry about the hustle and bustle of traffic arriving after you.

Public Transportation

If you plan on making the most of your stay in St. Albans City, then why not take advantage of the public bus system? The bus runs a loop of the whole town, with pick-up and drop-off points at many major attractions. You can then leave your RV at your accommodation for the weekend and navigate the town without it.

Where to stay


Onsite camping is not available due to the type of event the Vermont Maple Festival is. There are also limited options in St. Albans itself for RV camping, so make sure you plan ahead to get your first pick. You may need to rely on self-containment for your full three-day stay in the area.


If your idea of paradise is nature, peace, quiet, and few others on your outing, then you’re in the right place. Even though RV camping opportunities in St. Albans City are limited, what is on offer will impress. There are a few different RV camping grounds on the outskirts of St. Albans and a little further afield. Some will require more of a commute to the center of St. Albans City than others, but begin at 15 minutes away in several directions with several locations along the waters of Saint Albans Bay and Lake Champlain.

Getting around

Due to the lack of campgrounds within walking distance, you may need to drive your RV or tow vehicle to the city center every day. Once you park, you can jump aboard the shuttle which takes you to the main attractions for one day of the festival. Otherwise, you can wander through the many major attractions on foot.

What to pack


Temperatures don’t usually reach any higher than 50 degrees during spring in Vermont. As a result, your suitcase should consist of warm layers, jackets, sweaters, hats, and gloves. There’s a definite chill in the air, and you’ll be stocking up on blankets to keep you warm at night as well.


You will only need the bare necessities for the Vermont Maple Festival. Withdraw cash to be able to purchase vendor wares, and carry a backpack to keep your hands free. It also wouldn’t hurt to pack an extra few layers if the weather changes for the worst. This northern community may get snow in April, so remember to leave a window scraper and winter gear in your rig just in case.

Health & Safety

Even though the sun won’t be beating down, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to remain hydrated. Make sure you include a full water bottle in your pack and don’t skimp on the winter woollies. To keep you happy and healthy, purchase a warm drink, keep that woolly hat on, and don’t forget your gloves in case snow does fall.

Where to eat


Opportunities for cooking can depend on where you stay. Some RV parks and resorts offer communal cooking facilities, while others allow the use of your onboard RV gas stove. If you need to stock up on the essentials such as cooking fuel and milk, there’s a grocery store within a half mile of the festival action.


If the vendor offerings are not enough to combat your hunger, then why not head into the heart of St. Albans City and check out what the locals have on offer? From buffets and gastropubs through to quaint restaurants and diners, this small city is not short of options. Try out something new every day to make the most of your stay in the area.


If you love maple syrup, then you’ve come to the right festival. Pay a visit to the vendors near Taylor Park and satisfy that sweet tooth. Enjoy a pancake breakfast, try a few maple beverages, or enjoy a barbeque dinner. The options are endless, but make sure you withdraw cash to have the correct payment type.



While there will be no set place for a security presence, that doesn’t mean you won’t feel safe on your visit to the Vermont Maple Festival. The Vermont Army National Guard is on the South Main Street, and St. Alban’s Police Department is around the corner from the Vermont Maple Festival Council.


There will be no scorching hot temperatures on your visit to Vermont. Instead, you’ll be wide awake in the crisp air with temperatures of around 40 to 50 degrees-Fahrenheit. Wrap up nice and warm, check the coolant in your RV, and seal it up nice and tight at night to trap the warmth in overnight. It may not be winter, but it can sure feel like it in this northern community.


If you need medical attention at any point, then make your way to the local medical center within a one-mile drive of the city center. Alternatively, dial 9-11 in an emergency or pick up medical supplies from the pharmacy a four-minute drive from the center of the festival.