Vermont State Fair

Want to go somewhere fun in your RV this summer? Head to the Vermont State Fair in Rutland! Enjoy five days of entertainment, action, and RV camping.

Event information

The Vermont State Fair is one of the oldest of its kind in the United States. With a history dating back to 1846, it’s clear to see organizers have had ample time to make it into the successful event that locals know and love today.

The Vermont State Fair is held at 175 St Main St., Rutland, Vermont, and has been there since 1856. In the past, the fair used to run for up to ten days in September, but that changed in 2016. It then became a mid-August summer fair, running for five days instead.

The change of date made it far easier for organizers to capture that good weather for visitors who come from across the country. Guests are also more likely to return if rain and adverse weather conditions didn't mar their previous experiences.

It’s clear to see why the Vermont State Fair is one that brings thousands of visitors every year. It’s packed full of entertainment, livestock displays, and competitions for almost anyone to enter. There are exhibits, live concerts with well-known Vermont artists, and in past years, even a demolition derby. What you can always expect is an action-packed event with a full schedule to appeal to all.

RV-goers can take delight in a visit to the Vermont State Fair as well. If you reserve your camping spot in advance, you can camp in the campground section of the fairgrounds on a comfortable grass site.

If you want to make the most of the summer weather while you can, then why not take a trip to Vermont? This beautiful area has a lot to offer, so fuel up your RV and hit the road.


Ticket pricing can vary from one person to the next. In past years, active military members with ID have been free, as well as day parking and children under five. You can also purchase tickets for children between 6 and 12, adults, and seniors.

Your general admission ticket covers your entry into the main gates, but not carnival rides or the main stage entertainment. If you visit the Vermont State Fair website, you can find out more about ticket pricing and schedules so that you’re 100 percent prepared for your trip to the fair.

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Vermont has over half a million people, which means that even on a regular day, there can be traffic congestion in this small state. With the fair approaching, you may find that there are more vehicles on the road from any direction heading into the center of Vermont. Keep your cool and allow plenty of time to get to the fair. You may even enjoy visiting Vermont a day or two before the event to set up and check out the tourist sites.

If you’re visiting from the direction of New York, you can take Route 4 east onto Route 7. From New Hampshire, take Route 4 west to Route 7. The Vermont State Fairgrounds sits just west of the overlap in Routes 4 and 7 in Rutland.

Parking areas

Day parking in the public parking lot has traditionally been free, with plenty of space for vehicles of all sizes. Given the central location of the fairgrounds, it’s also not out of the question to park your RV in town and walk, if you aren’t staying overnight on site. Otherwise, you can make your way to the camping area of the fairgrounds with your permit and secure your grass site for the five-day fair.

Public Transportation

The public transport system in Vermont is exceptional, with many different methods of transport to get you from the city center to the fairgrounds. If you’re camping in the city, a bus or private ride service may appeal. Public buses run throughout the day at different times and from various parts of the city.

Where to stay


There will be limited camping spots available for RVers, but those who wish to stay will need to reserve their spot in advance. Alongside your camper, you also get one extra space for a support vehicle. While your pets are not allowed to come to the fair with you, they are more than welcome at your campsite with supervision.

Here, you also get access to service hookups if you need them, including sewer, water, and electricity. However, you’ll need to keep your generator off and out of sight for the duration of your stay. There’s no time like the present to get in touch with the organizers and secure your spot.


If you plan on taking advantage of all Vermont has to offer, you can choose to set up camp a little closer to all the fair action or set further out and explore the area. Fortunately, Vermont boasts many different accommodation facilities. You can set up camp in an RV camp or resort nearby, or even get back to nature. The nearby Aitken State Forest offers primitive camping, while Rutland City Forest welcomes RV-goers. Make sure you’re familiar with the rules and regulations of each site before you set up camp.

Getting around

The Vermont State Fair is small enough for travel on foot not to be a problem. While you may tire after a few hours of wandering around, there are plenty of seating areas to rest for a while. Wheeled transport is discouraged unless you have a disability. However, the day parking lot and campground are proximate to all the action. Once you exit your vehicle, you’ll immediately be within walking distance of all the fun activities and displays.

What to pack


August boasts some pleasant weather in Vermont, which means you won’t be sweltering hot as you navigate the fairgrounds. You can get away with light pants or shorts, and wear a long or short-sleeved top. What you choose to wear can depend on how long you intend on staying at the fair each day. As the afternoon turns into evening, you may need to pop on a sweater and add a few more blankets to your RV bed.


The Vermont State Fair has much of what you need to explore the site comfortably. There is plenty to eat and drink, and seating areas to rest your weary feet. Therefore, you’ll see value in only bringing a few things. Pack a light backpack with your wallet, cash and credit, and mobile. You won’t even need to bring outside food, especially once you see what all the vendors have to offer.

Health & Safety

While temperatures haven’t historically been too uncomfortable during the Vermont State Fair, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Bring a sunhat, glasses, and sunscreen, and consider the addition of a first aid kit to your backpack to take care of cuts and blisters. Take breaks often, seek shade in the food court, and keep your fluid levels up.

Where to eat


If you want to make the most of your RV-ing experience while you can, then you’ll no doubt want to try out your camp cooker. You are more than welcome to cook onboard your RV at the fair campground, provided you never leave it unattended. While RV travelers are not allowed to use their generators, gas cooking is okay. You can also pop to the shops just down the road from the fairgrounds to stock up on a few essentials as you need them.


Both cafes and restaurants operate within the fairgrounds, selling favorite fair food, and offering a relaxing place to sit and rest. If, however, you prefer to head offsite in search of something different, Vermont has plenty to offer. A short walk in any direction will put you in the vicinity of desserts, hearty steaks, and takeaway options as well. One thing is for sure: you won’t go hungry in Vermont.


Dozens of vendors can stop you from going hungry during your five-day visit to the fair. From fried dough, candy apples, and corn dogs through to popcorn, Italian sausage, and pizza, what’s not to love? Make sure you bring both cash and credit to ensure you have the correct payment method for your vendor of choice.



There will be State Fair security officials patrolling the fairgrounds at all times, as well as local Vermont police. If you have any concerns, they are the professionals to see. There may also be security at the gates to make sure no prohibited items come through into the fairgrounds. Large duffel bags may be searched, and entry to the fair with pets is also a no-go for visitors.


Historical temperatures in August are mild, with both sunshine and cool breezes making your visit to the fairgrounds pleasant. You won’t be sweltering hot, but you won’t be cold either. For most of August, you can expect temperatures a little under 80 degrees-Fahrenheit, but these drop to under 60 overnight. Ventilate your RV during the day, but you may find it more comfortable to sleep with it shut up tight at night.


Accidents happen, but isn’t it nice to know there’s a plan in place when they do? There will be first aid personnel at the fair to help with any minor medical issues. For anything serious, dial 911 or make your way to the medical center a short three-minute drive away. For any medical supplies or prescriptions, a pharmacy is a short 20-minute walk or three-minute drive away from the fairgrounds.