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Verona Beach State Park, located in the scenic Central Region of New York, is a water and nature lover’s paradise. With over 10 miles of trails to explore and the pristine waters of Lake Oneida, there’s always something to explore whenever you visit the park.

The waters of the lake make for excellent fishing grounds. You’ll find over a dozen different species of fish in the lake, so there’s always something to reel in, no matter what time of year you visit in your camper.

The 10 miles of trails weave their way through the forests, swamps, and marshes that surround Oneida Lake. You’ll find hundreds of species of plants and trees, as well as dozens of species of mammals and birds.

The campground in the park has over 40 RV campsites for you to choose from, all of them within walking distance to the lake. Whether you plan on staying for a weekend or a week, you’ll never run out of nature to explore at Verona Beach State Park.

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Located in the Central Region of New York, Verona Beach State Park is not far from Syracuse. If you are driving from Buffalo, take I-90, and you will arrive at the park in a little under three hours. Coming from Syracuse, you’ll take I-90 as well, and be at the park in a little over half an hour. If you are coming from New York, take I-90, and you will reach the park in around four and a half hours.

Once you arrive at the park, there are no RV restrictions on the main roads, and the campground is a quick drive from the park’s entrance. The roads within the park are level and well-maintained. You'll find several parking lots dotted around the park, with the largest one located in between the lake and the park entrance.


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Verona Beach State Park Campground

There are 46 sites in the campground located within the park. All of them have a fire pit and a picnic table, and are within walking distance to showers, restrooms, and water fill ups. Some of the campsites feature electric hookups. There is also a dump station located just outside the campground. Household pets are permitted at all of the sites, but may not be brought into any of the park buildings.

Campsites are open from May to December, and must be booked at least one day before you arrive. They can be booked up to nine months in advance, for a maximum of 14 consecutive nights. If you are planning a stay during the summer or fall, consider booking well in advance, as the sites fill up quickly. Reservations can be made online, where you can also see the details of each campsite.

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With trails that lead throughout the forests and surround the lake, there’s plenty to keep hikers happy at Verona Beach State Park. Explore the wetlands and swamps that dot the park with over 10 miles of trails. They offer hikes of varying lengths and difficulty levels, so there’s something for hikers of all ages and abilities.

There is also a nature trail, which highlights the area’s plant and wildlife. The hiking trails also make for excellent snowshoeing during the winter months. Explore the woods and lake as they freeze over. You’ll find plenty of wildlife that calls the park home during the winter.


Once you head out of the campervan, you’ll find that Oneida Lake makes for an excellent fishing ground. You can catch a wide variety of different fish species, such as crappie, walleye, yellow perch, bass, and bluegill.

Come in the spring as the walleye move into the shallows, or in the summer for excellent bass fishing. You’ll need a New York state fishing license if you wish to fish in the park.


Want a more relaxed way to enjoy the park? Grab your towel out of the motorhome and head down to the beach. The sandy shore has enough room for you to lay out and soak up the sun even during the peak season.

There are picnic shelters located near the beach if you want to have lunch before or after your swim. And there are showers, so you can wash off when you leave the beach.

The beach is also within walking distance of all of the campsites. If you are visiting during the summer, consider getting to the beach earlier in the day if you want to reserve a spot by the water.



Verona Beach State Park is also an excellent destination for hunters. The eastern side of the park is open to hunting, where you’ll be able to find deer, small game such as rabbit and coyote, and waterfowl.

Hunting areas are shared with hikers, so always use extra caution when hunting in the park. You’ll also need a park hunting permit, in addition to a New York state hunting license. As a state park, hunting laws are strictly enforced, so always make sure that you are hunting in season and that you aren’t in the restricted areas. There are hunting maps available at the park office, so you can make sure you stay in the right areas.


If you want a faster way around the park, consider bringing a snowmobile when you visit the park in your RV during the winter. The network of hiking trails turns into an excellent snowmobiling course when the snow begins to fall.

There is also a vast network of trails throughout the Central Region that you can connect to, should you want a longer ride. As the trails are shared with hikers, also use extra caution, particularly when going around corners.

Ice Fishing

Come to the park as the waters begin to freeze over and try your hand at ice fishing. You’ll be able to catch walleye, bluegill, and yellow perch. Just make sure you’re patient. The fish will be much less active, so use a slower bait.

The park does not guarantee the safety of the ice, so always get the latest information on the ice conditions. And you’ll need to have a New York state fishing license.