Victoria Bryant State Park
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Stretching over 500 acres of undulating plains and dense foliage, Victoria Bryant State Park, hidden in the Piedmont plateau of Georgia, offers an unforgettable escape for RV campers. Although small, the park always delights visitors, offering a pleasant outdoor experience, from its gentle flowing creeks to its dense shielding vegetation.

Georgia’s subtropical climates are reflected in the park, so get ready to enjoy large shady trees, a cool, gentle night breeze, and an activity for every temperature. Home to a variety of wildlife, animal lovers will enjoy looking out for what this park has to offer as they hike through eight miles of beginner-friendly trails.

If you are wondering what else Victoria Bryant State Park has to offer, then you would be pleased to know that the possibilities are endless. Whether you are one to prefer a nice quiet picnic by the flowing creek or a bike ride through the trails, this fully-equipped park, and its friendly staff will provide for all the facilities you need. Why not take up archery, take a dive into the swimming pool, or take a whack at one of the most challenging golf courses in Georgia.

Victoria Bryant State Park also prides itself on its ability to provide perfect grounds for RV camping for every kind of group. Peak season at Victoria Bryant State Park runs from April until October, and the park is open all year round.

RV Rentals in Victoria Bryant State Park



Only a short drive from Atlanta and South Carolina off the I-85, getting to Victoria Bryant State Park will be relatively easy in your RV or car with no major reported hassles on the way. The park has one entrance and exit that is located on New Franklin Church Road, and all of the roads within the park are either paved or gravel, so it will be easy to navigate for rigs up to 50 feet long.

If you need to get any supplies before you reach the park, there are plenty of places where you can do so. These include stores in the towns of Royston (around four miles away), Carnesville (approximately eight miles away), and Lavonia (about 12 miles away). The closest major city to Victoria Bryant State Park is Atlanta, which is located around 91 miles southwest.


For visitors to the park who are just making a day trip, there is a large parking lot near the park entrance that you are welcome to use during your visit. You will have to still pay a fee to use the park but since you aren't staying overnight no camping reservations are required.

Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Victoria Bryant State Park

Campsites in Victoria Bryant State Park

Reservations camping

Victoria Bryant State Park Campground

Victoria Bryant State Park is fully equipped for RV camping, and there is one campground that features 27 RV-friendly camping sites. The campground is very well rated by visitors due to the sites being large and relatively private. Large enough for rigs up to 50 feet in length, all 27 sites are equipped with water and electric hookups so you will be able to camp with a little bit of luxury.

Along with having hookups, each site also has a picnic table and a fire. The park also offers hot showers, a restroom, and laundry facilities for the visitors. A maximum of six people are allowed to stay at each site, and pets are allowed if they remained leashed.

Since there are only 27 sites suitable for RVs, making a reservation is highly recommended, so you don't miss out on staying in this gorgeous campground. The Victoria Bryant State Park Campground is open all year round.

First-come first-served

First Come, First Served Camping

There are no first-come, first-served specific campsites available at any of the camping sites Victoria Bryant State Park. Sites that aren't reserved in advance are available for first-come, first-served camping, but since the campground is on the smaller side, it is recommended that you book a site in advance. This will guarantee that you will have a place to stay.

Alternate camping

Bluebird House

Visitors to Victoria Bryant State Park who are looking for some alternate accommodation should consider staying at the Bluebird House. Featuring room for up to 12 people, Bluebird House is a very modern facility with a full kitchen, two bathrooms, and four bedrooms. Within the bedrooms, there are four double beds and four twin beds that come with towels and linens. Outside of the house, you can relax on the screened porch and cook up a storm on the BBQ grill. Bluebird House needs to be reserved prior to your arrival, so if you are considering staying here, remember to book it in advance.

Tent Camping

Victoria Bryant State Park is home to eight tent-only campsites that are located under individual shelters. Known as platform camping sites, each spot has enough room for up to six guests at a time. You'll need to hike to each site since there is no vehicle access. Pets are allowed at the platform camping sites, and there is also a picnic table, fire ring, and grill. If you would rather take part in some more developed camping, you can also pitch a tent at one of the 27 RV-friendly sites.

Group Camping

For groups looking for more traditional group camping, there are two pioneer campsites and one group site suitable for RVs and tents. The pioneer sites are primitive, but both feature water hookups and share a restroom. Site 1 is the larger of the two with room for up to 75 people, while Site 2 is suitable for 50 guests at a time. Some of the other features include multiple picnic tables, fire rings, and grills.

The RV and tent combo group site is equipped with water and 50-amp electric hookups, as well as a gravel pad, picnic table, and a restroom. Up to 12 people can use this group site at any given time.

Seasonal activities in Victoria Bryant State Park



Geocaching is a great family-friendly adventure game that you can take part in during your visit to Victoria Bryant State Park. It requires players to locate hidden containers, or "caches," around the park and trade trinkets as you go along. Once caches have been located, players are expected to sign the logbook and replace the treasure so that the next geocachers will be able to enjoy in the fun as well.


The trails of Victoria Bryant State Park can be enjoyed on two wheels. Rentals are offered to visitors along with helmets for all ages if you didn't bring your own bike to the park. Although it is recommended to stick to the trails while biking with rentals, people that bring their own bikes can choose to go up the hiking trails. Mountain biking is possible on the hilly slopes of the park, however, only experienced bikers are allowed on the more difficult routes.


Hiking is a crowd favorite for RV visitors of Victoria Bryant State Park. Trails run up to eight miles through the beautiful and shady woods and past the creeks, all while taking in the calming sounds of nature. The best part of this activity is that trails are adjustable according to your level. For more beginner-friendly paths, stick to the shorter nature trails. For an advanced hike, take the longer routes through the hardwoods crossing the creeks. Trails are also pet-friendly as long as dogs are kept on leashes, so feel free to enjoy the beauty of nature with your best buddy.



Archery ranges are provided for campers that want to practice their archery skills or give this activity a go for the first time. These archery ranges consist of four-lane Bow Butt targets as well as 3-D trails. This activity is open to just about anyone as long as they are willing to follow the short list of rules and regulations of the range. Lessons are available if you contact the range in advance.


During the warm summer months, you will have to go for a dip in the park pool if you are a fan of swimming. Swimming is a timeless classic activity that all members of the family can partake in together, and the park has lifeguards on duty during the summer months. This activity does come with a small fee, and vehicles driving in must still purchase a park pass. Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen and water bottles in your RV when you pay a visit in the summertime.


For those who love to play golf, the Highlands Walk Golf Course is just a stone's throw from the park office and features a beautiful 18-hole course built on wide and steep hills. Although it is not a long golf course, it is still challenging for the average golfer which is what makes it all the more worthwhile. The staff are helpful and the course offers full amenities, allowing golfers to spend hours enjoying the unique course. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, playing on this course will offer an interesting perspective.